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Saturday, September 10, 2005

What Is Maruja (post 3)

My events boss has explained it well...

During a meeting, he commented a new guy in our events team when he said that he has never heard of me in the university we all schooled in.

"Don't you know who maruja is? He is the legendary maruja, the infamous maruja. Ask anyone around the university and they will tell you everything about maruja."

Although the popularity thing did not stick to my head, I was actually baffled as to why I would get such adulation...or ridicule.

Probably it's because of the way I would make a fool out of myself. I remember one time during our college parade, my whole body was painted orange and wore a pig snout out of papier mache. I was supine on the pick-up truck, pretending to be a roasted pig surrounded with banana leaves. Beside me was another gay classmate, dressed in traditional Filipina clothing, holding a knife and a fork.

"Please don't eat me," I pleaded as I squealed for the whole university to be heard. I didn't care if the Science students were having their final exams or the Engineering students were having their dissertations as long as we, the Liberal Arts students, would get noticed. Our float won first prize.

Not to be outdone, I pulled off an even nastier cross-dressing scene of all time. It was during a university-wide baccalaureate mass when ten selected students, each representing a course in Liberal Arts, dressed up in costumes as professionals in our chosen fields. Since I was representing the Communication Arts, I dressed up as a Russian female correspondent named Nadia Karamazovski.

When our college was called, all ten mascots went up on stage, with me pretending to deliver a live broadcast of the mass. And not to mention I kissed the hand of our Dominican Rector.

I also remember a time when a student from Education College asked a Liberal Arts students as to who maruja is. The Educ gay guy, according to what I've heard, was intrigued by the way I settled a certain "grudge" against a classmate. You see, as this cute guy classmate began saying sorry to me, for reasons I have forgotten, I told the person beside me, "Please tell (that cute classmate) that I will not accept his apology."

To which he replied, "Please tell maruja that I will make up for what I have done."

And I countered, "Please tell (that cute classmate again) that he will have to talk to me after five days. That is when my head will cool off..."

Man, those were the crazy times. Although I have cherished most of them, I have regretted some, thinking that I was stupid that I did some things (if all those cherishable moments are not stupid enough).

Among them was the time I was caught up by the security guard in a girl's bathroom of the Architecture Building, brushing my hair with a female Archi friend. He thought that we did some "time-off".

The guard was adamant to arrest. And because I was also adamant not to be charged with "moral wrongdoings" (and the fact that my face might be printed on the university paper with the headline, "Maruja caught in girl's CR, becomes lesbian"), I ran inside the Architecture building, climbed up the stairs and ran straight to the open balcony below.

The guards, now there two of them, caught me by the arm before I would even make a jump of my life and suffer broken leg bones...and a broken ego.

After much explanation, the Archi friend and I were off the hook.

"I'm gay, stupid," as I hintedly lashed out at the vanguard as we left the security office.

Before I forget, Friday (September 16) will mark the 5th anniversary of the stupidest thing I have ever done, but at the same time it was the most pivotal moment of my lovelife. Yes, I have a love life, too.


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