Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Decision Has Been Made

First of all, thank you for the kind responses to my dilemma posted in "The Tale Of Two Doors". It definitely filled my heart with warmth. Again, thank you.

After posting my dilemma about whether to opt for fame over fortune, it reminded me of how I've decided over the ages. I remember after graduating from grade school, I decided to stick with my school rather than transferring to an all-boys school. Why? Because I wanted to see the school pool being built. When I reached high school, I only got to use the school pool twice. Just twice.

Yup, my decision making was as shallow as the pool itself. Probably that also contributed on why I decided to come back to the Philippines during my stay in the US. (I could have opted to become an illegal immigrant, you know.) I told my parents it's because I wanted to finish college, but deep inside me, it's because I miss Mike. Well, he's a goner now.

Over the years, I grew up hating the process of making decisions. Just the thinking process that comes with it makes my head ache and in the end, it tends to result in a failure. That is why it's not unusual for me to include "making the right decisions" in my prayers to Saint Jude Thaddeus, the patron of the desparate cases.

And now, I am stuck with two option. What should I choose?

After careful thinking and soul searching, I have decided that I would opt for...


I have decided to make the most out of being a scriptwriter/publiscist in the Philippines while it lasts, and by the middle of next year...well, let's just save that for next year. It might end up in failure...again.



1) Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to comment. Sorry guys if I have to moderate the comments in the meantime. Just browse the site and you will understand why.

2) Tell your friends and your blogging friends about me, the multi-tasking multi-media personality who as a child thought that Comedy King Dolphy was his uncle who goes by the name "empress maruja." You'll be reading a lot of stuff in the coming posts.

3) I've finally realized what "maruja" means (after 8 years of being labelled as such). "Maruja" is apparently a Spanish slang for "a good wife." Yeah-yeah, funny. Funny funny to the haha.


Friday, November 25, 2005

The Treasure Hunt For A Blunder

Last week, news went around the Emerald Isles that several 100-peso bills with a the president's name misspelled.

Instead of "Arroyo", it spelled as "Arrovo".

Try clicking the picture to zoom.

The misspelled bills are still legal and can be used. However, people here are on a treasure hunt. Since such bills are rare, why use it if you can keep it for several years then sell it at a higher price?

That's what going around my mind when I first heard the news. I immediately checked out my 100-peso bills if there are any "Arrovo" bills, and what do you know. I have one! Yey!

It's apparent that my treasure bill has changed hands several times, and no one seemed to have noticed it.

I told my dad, well practically everyone in the house, about it when he got home. He was like "Really?" and I showed the bill to him to quench his doubting thirst.

He kept it. I told not to show it around his friends and co-worker.

"We'll inherit that to (my little brother) so he'll be rich once he turned 40," I joked.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Tale Of Two Doors

Just when I thought I am taking the path for the rest of my life, another path is laid upon me.

A crossroad is ahead. My Mom is prodding me to be with her in the US. With the latest memo from the US Immigration that they are in need of 200,000 new teachers every year, they need all the aspiring US citizens they could get.

Yes you are right, I have two doors in front of me. Lucky me, yey... But if I take one from another, I might cannot take the other...forever.

Although I miss Mom and would want to be in the US and work as an English teacher, the promise of Summer 2006 remains echoing in my mind, like a carrot dangling on the rabbit.

I told her that I'll be with her in the US, but she has to wait since I have to finish some errands until next year.

That started another round of argument in the house. "You have US Visa but you still don't use it," my Dad would rant. "There are a million people in the Philippines who would do everything to get what you have right now."

With the points of argument being reapeated over and over for the past months, I have become numb to Dad's take on me sticking in the Philippines.

Don't get me wrong. It's not because of my semi-patrionism. If I could leave the country and settle abroad (legally), I would. But 2006 is nearing, I have to stay here for a couple of months.

I hope Mom would understand, I hope Dad would not mind.

I need your comment on this. If you were to choose, which would you take: an opportunity to mingle with powerful people and eventually become famous, or an opportunity to settle abroad and eventually earn a lot of money. Fame and fortune doesn't mix in my scenario, so take your pick. I'll be hearing from you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Becoming A Butterfly, The Hard Way

I'm trying to be as vague as possible, thanks to the confidentiality agreement.

In my first day of working for my new client, I've always told myself to adapt as quickly as possible since (he/she) speaks so fast. But with my litte effort, I seem to have impressed my client. (he/she) took me to dinner and spoil me like (his girlfriend/ her boyfriend). Although my client would try the best of making me belong, I try my best not to get carried away. I don't want to appear too eager, and apparently the client is noticing it.

But I'm telling you now. My work may seem a breeze but I can smell a storm of stress from afar. Besides, I'm not yet reaping the fruits of this labor (I can't wait for Summer 2006).

Until now, I could only shake my head and exclaim to myself, "What have I done to deserve this? I feel so blessed."

Oh well, in the meantime let me share to you this list that I made during the chrysalis phase...

1) BE HAPPY. Always appear happy even when you are sad. Don't let people realize that you are hiding sadness in your soul. People are happy when they see other people happy.
2) BE NICE. Courtesy is the name of the game. Amiable and gentle people are noticed more in a crowd of craziness.
3) LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH. Even until now, Spanish is viewed in the Emerald Isles of the Philippines as the language of the rich and elite. You can be rich and speak Chinese, but if you're poor yet can speak Spanish, you can go for miles.
5) WHAT SAYS IN THE OFFICE/ CAFE/ VAN/ HOUSE, STAYS IN THE OFFICE/ CAFE/ VAN/ HOUSE. That's my remedy for me not to be so obssessed about the non-disclosure agreement. Besides, I now realized that being forgetful sometimes help.

Now I have a feeling that you are having an idea of what I am going through right now. Comment everything that you speculate, but I don't want to cause further trouble.

But I'm telling you now, whatever happens here...I will not let it go easily.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Enter The Chrysalis Phase

In the coming months you might notice some gradual changes in my blog in terms of content and writing style. It's not that I'm selling-off, but I felt that I'm undergoing a stage in life which I want to simultaneously post it here.

I think I'm in a chrysalis stage, folding up like a coccoon before becoming a magnificent butterfly, as I seem to enter a chapter in life that could make or break me (career-wise).

So right I'm beginning to beg for your forgiveness if my career posts won't be as a tell-all as it used to be. But I will entertain you with what's more from me (you know the empress, his life is random).

How it started you ask? Well, let me tell you a teaser.

It all began yesterday (Friday). A text message from someone I'm familiar with requested me to meet with her (that's a clue there). After several messages and phone calls, I managed to squeeze the meeting despite the hectic Saturday TV shooting. She introduced me to my new client, and boy was I blown away.

Who is he you ask? Sorry, but I've just signed an agreement of confidentiality. And it's nothing to do for me to become some international empress of mystery. It's just another load of work, topped with cherries (note the plurals).

But that doesn't mean I'll be leaving Kids TV from then on. I have a lot of time in the world as a freelance creative multi-media multi-tasker, this third-generation showbiz personality who thought Dolphy was my uncle.

In the meantime, let me say thank you for those who sent me e-mails about their interest in the friend that I'm pimping. He says that he was very elated for the support and knew all along that my legion of minions (err...fans) will not let him down. Again, thank you...that's what he says.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm Pimping My Friend

If I would design a t-shirt for a friend of mine, it would have read as: "Jokla, naghahanap ng jowa"

Fag searching for hubby.

He's been officially loveless since after college. That means that of all the one-night stands and temporary sexual trysts that he had been through, he has never been in a serious relationship.

Probably because he was holding back, hoping that he would get reunited with his "first love". But then again, he has faced the reality that there is no chance in hell that they would ever meet in this metropolis of 9 million people. And if ever they would have a chance meeting, it wouldn't be "cinematic" (as in having a happy ending).

So now he is ready. HE IS SEARCHING FOR LOVE. But it is not that easy.

They say that Virgos like him tend to look for love in the wrong places. Well, if you define a "wrong place" as a danky cinema where gays would frequent to "cruise", then you are probably right. If you agree that getting a potential partner out of text messaging on your mobile phone would be an impossible dream, well, he has done it and he agrees as well. Don't even go about chatting, he has been there too.

And I don't seem to understand why...I mean...

How can you not love this guy?

For one, he's good in conversations (but he veers more on the listening aspect); he likes to read and write prose and plays; he likes to hang out or chill out; he doesn't smoke, and most of all, he doesn't put up a false front. What you see is who he is.

Although he tends to get timid; he drinks to the brink of numbness (although he only drinks occasionally); he doesn't put the seat down; he is a slight chub; he can be flamboyant at times, and most of all, has a terrible nasal allergy.

He only seeks for an older guy (26 to 35) who is mature both in mind and spirit, looks presentable, a good conversationalist, likes to cuddle (and be cuddled) while watching TV or playing video games, a good kisser, and most of all, who could love him and would be so damn unashamed of it.

So I'm pimping this guy. His name is Kris. If you wanna know more about him, or you want to pimp him to your guy friends, you can contact him through +639157411909 or you could e-mail him at andres.kris@gmail.com. He hopes that love would not be so hard to find.



1) Thank you to all those who have read and commented on my blog. I would try my best to read you blog and comment it as well. That's my way of showing my appreciation.

2) Tell your friends and your blogging friends about The Empress. Spread the word, make them read the site and leave comments. Easy, isn't it?

3) What do you think about my posts? Do you think I should concentrate on one aspect? If so, please state which. I am improving my posts and my style of writing so it would appeal to a broader audience. Please help me to achieve such feat.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Living In Pinoy TV

The staff of Kids TV is near its end.

No, I don't mean that our TV show is about to get cancelled. But our vacation week in Kids TV is about to end. You see, our cameramen were hired to cover a pre-event for the
South East Asian Games 2005 which will be held in capital city Manila (and several cities as well; the events were so scattered among the lush tropical isles that I'm sensing a logistical disaster in the making, but that's another story). That means that for a week, we couldn't shoot an episode or even segments.

So while the cameramen were so busy, the staff in the meantime were engrossed in other activities like editing for last Saturday's episode (where we featured Enchanted Kingdom which my sister has been bugging me to take her and her boyfriend and our brother as well for a pre-Christmas vacation), setting up appointments for upcoming segments (we are cooking up a National Heroes Day episode), and of course watching Eat Bulaga while having lunch (I read somewhere on the Net that nobody will ever beat the longest-running nootime show of the Philippines unless if God Himself makes a variety show).

Here in the Philippines, television is the main medium of communication (what used to be radio but now even far-flung mountain tribes have TV). It is an exciting medium to work on because of the vast audience where you can reach out and the limitless creative output you can present. Even local celebrities are aware that they can become more popular (and more profitable) through mere TV appearances than landing a lead role for a movie (since Filipinos watch less and less local movies over the years).

In Philippines TV, competition is at its fiercest. Unlike in neighboring Asian countries where the leading station is most likely state-run, here it is a battlefield of two networks: ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7. The former had dominated the airwaves for over a decade, but recently it has been taken over by the latter both in terms of overall ratings and profit. The war is so fierce that most of their celebrities are exclusive (they are not allowed to appear at the other network except for a few exemptions), they don't feature other networks for their entertainment news (which American TV does not do), and they change timeslots in a blink of an eye (ABS-CBN is guilty of that primetime shuffling).

Add the other networks and cable TV, the battle for a majority in the audience share is starting to look like a chaotic food fight, and I'm loving to observe it (and to work in it as well).



1) Thank you for the comments you sent for "TAGALOG IS A 'BAD' LANGUAGE". I'm glad that you have also aired your opinion about the waning of the Filipino language.

2) Tell your friends and your blog friends to read my blog and leave a comment. It would be very much appreciated.

3) If you wanna link up, just ask me. My arms are wide open for my minions...hehe. :)


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tagalog Is A "Bad" Language

I was supposed to post this a long time ago, but finally here it is:

I remember watching a boy pageant on TV. It's like a beauty pageant, with talent and Q&A portions and all, but the contestants are boy age 5 to 9. Anyway, one of the contestant of the eliminations told the hosts (on cam, mind you) that he wanted the question asked in English. The hosts asked why, and this is what he said:

"My grandmother said TAGALOG is bad."

What the...? Since when speaking in the local language becomes a taboo?

Apparently, the boy belonged to a rich family (judging from where he lives).

The boy's case is not unique. Several rich kids speak in English and, in our culture of extreme contrasts, rich people are not supposed to speak in Tagalog since it's "the language of the masses." They could only speak Tagalog "when talking to their 'yaya' (babysitters)."

Being a semi-patriot (I love the country, but I hate the government), my heart bleeds for the Tagalog language. With Filipino pride waning with every crisis and every working opportunity abroad, it's not unusual that Filipinos themselves begin to shun everything that is "masa" (masses) or in other words, anything "Filipino", from movies, songs, consumer products, and yes, even the language that sets us apart from other people.

Sad but true, what used to be a cool language to speak during the post-WW2, what used to be the revolutionary language of the Spanish era, what is the standard language of the Filipino lexicography, is beginning to dwindle down as the language of the poor and the uneducated.

That does not mean that Filipinos should insist on speaking Filipino amidst the globalization of English. What I want to say is to hone the Filipino language. Put it in our minds and hearts that it is through the Filipino language, through Tagalog (and all other ethnic languages for that matter) that we become Filipino. Without the Filipino language, we are like babies without names or students without IDs.

Our identity is slowly being lost and we Filipinos are becoming two nationalities: The Rich and "Ang Mahirap".

Friday, November 11, 2005

TAG: The Alphabet Game

I have been tagged by a great blogger ribbiticus and I will play the Alphabet Game. Every letter of the alphabet has a significant meaning in our lives; now it's my turn to bare my soul (well, some of it) in this post. Read on:

A is for ANGELA -- She is my best friend back in high school. My "sorority" sister, my confidante, my advise couselor, my critic. I haven't got the chance to get in touch with her recently, but what I know is that she is about to get married. Best Wishes!
B is for BAGS -- I tend to carry bags with me wherever I go, kinda like a security blanket filled with "abubot", "papeles", etc. I prefer messenger bags sine I tend to carry a lot of stuff.
C is for CROSS -- I tend to do the sign of the cross. No, not because I'm too religious, but for safe travel. They say 2005 is a crazy year (you've seen the disasters did you?) and I don't wanna take it for granted.
D is for DAGDAG -- It's my mom's maiden surname. It means "to add". Weird huh?

E is for ENCANTADIA -- One of my fave TV shows. Almost every Pinoy watches this fantasy drama series. The show is about to end, but it's Book 2 (Etheria) will be premiering soon.
F is for FLU -- No, not bird flu. I had a terrible case of influenza back in college and I was in school when I got all shaky and warm. Good thing some concerned classmates took me to the campus clinic which was manned by a tall and cute intern. I slept in the infirmary for to hours before my mom arrived to fetch me.

G is for GAY -- I have never been ashamed of me being gay. Lightning may hit me right now, but I will remain gay. I may be crucified upside down, and still insist on being gay. I may be drowned on a drum full of water, and I might turn into a mermaid.
H is for HUMIDITY -- That's the one thing I hate living in the exciting country of the Philippines. Sometimes it get so hot, you feel sticky like glue. And it's not a good feeling.
I is for IVY -- My favorite character in Soul Calibur 2. It is a critically-acclaimed weapon-based fighter video game. As you can see, Isabella Valentine (more popularly known as the wicked Ivy) wields one of the most bad-ass weapons ever conceived: the sword-whip. When dad got home from the US, he got me a SC2 game for our PS2. Boy was I delighted! But now I got one, I will beg my mom to send me Soul Calibur 3 which was released last month.
J is for JAPAN -- I have always been fascinated about going to this country. I would watch on TV some video features about Japan such as their traditional festivals (like the exposition of dolls made of flowers), their innovative artwork (like an artificial tortoise shell made from beer), and unique personalities (like a vocal coach who teach people how to sing correctly by repeatedly making them sing the Birthday Song). Someday, I will have the chance to visit Japan and have fun.
K is for KOREA -- No, it's not because I want to go to Korea. It's because I'm a sucker for Korean dramas. Koreanovelas, as we call them here, are all the rage in Philippine television. When I first shed a tear for the first time while watching television out of watching Endless Love 1: Autumn In My Heart, that became the beginning of a beautiful TV habit. While the rest of the Philippines were addicted to Taiwanese boyband F4, I was one of the blessed few who became addicts for Koreanovelas, my latest of which is Jewel In The Palace, which garnered the highest ratings in every Asian country it airs (even reaching 90% in Hong Kong). It just had its first week of airing here in the Philippines and it's definitely showing some promise.
L is for LOVE -- I still seek for that one true love. Never mind what I have been through.
M is for MARUJA -- The Empress, of course! I thought of Mike, but, nah...
N is for NANO I-POD -- Oh, how I wanted to have one, but my parents discourage me from owning expensive things, since I tend to lose them.
O is for OFFICE -- I hate office work, that's why I always settle for jobs that I would be away from the confines of a cubicle. Good thing I tend to find some.
P is for PINOY BIG BROTHER -- I HATE Pinoy Big Brother. Yes, I've finally said it. I HATE PINOY BIG BROTHER. That feels so good to say. The show's obviously fixed, people already know who will win (because they favor the poorest housemate who could out-dish the "choco-rice porridge for Christmas" story), it's rigged. Oh, and did I say fixed?
Q is for QUEEN -- Synonym for Empress, well, almost have the same meaning.
R is for RANT -- I only rant on the internet. I am a type of person who doesn't say my anger towards a certain person. I just try keeping a friendly face and be civil. Hey, that's showbusiness.
S is for SHOWBUSINESS -- When I was a kid, I have learned to cope of living in a showbiz environment. My dad works as a TV director, while his father was one of the sidekicks of Dolphy, a prominent Filipino comedian. But the learning process was not an easy one. For one, I was camera shy. My first TV appearance was in a children's show where I was supposed to be cuddled by the host while he was singing. I could only cover my face out of fright. But now, I'm working in it, and boy, it was a blast!
T is for TV -- Despite my multi-media careers, I think I would make a name out of TV (aside from blogging, of course). I think I might end up doing dad's job as a director. That would be cool.
U is for UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS -- Its full name is Pontifical And Royal University Of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University Of The Philippines. It is here where I spent my college years (the most enjoyable years of my life). This is where I gained fame/notoriety when I was baptized as Maruja. This is where I met Mike. This is where I honed my writing skills. This is where I learned that life is spent best happily.
V is for VELVET ROPE -- Errol's events and modeling agency. I started here as a model agent/ writer/ production coordinator. I am proud to say that I helped him (in my own little way ) and the company rise to where it is now. I mean, I still accept his job calls even if I don't work for him anymore, including the latest as writer for Elite Model Look Philippines 2005.
W is for WORLD PEACE -- Why nots? Honestly, I couldn't think of anything in me that begins in W.
X is for X-MEN -- Old gayspeak which means "former men". In other words, gay.
Y is for YELLOW -- My favorite color. It's cheerful.
Z is for ZOOM -- From this moment on, I am zooming forward. Forget the ugly pieces of the past, foresee the triumphs and glory ahead of the obstacles. Take the first step toward achieving the goal of establishing my queendom.

And on that note, I shall pass the legacy of creating their own Alphabet Game to the following bloggers:
* FuzzBuck Fuzz
* Sexy Bradley
* and Mandz


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"20 Things": The Answers

After a brief period of waiting and speculating, here are the answers to the "20 Things About Me" post.

Hold you breath...

1) TRUE. I do not do this on purpose, but for some reason I feel lazy on Sundays, that includes taking a bath. I know, ewww. But sometimes I "break" that cycle, if I'm either going out or I have a shooting.

2) FALSE. I was called "maruja" starting on my college freshman year as a nickname seniors in our theater org give to my when I was an apprentice. My childhood nickname is actually "Big Boy", since I was born with a bigger head (which might encase a bigger brain, but I don't use it right sometimes).

3) TRUE. Hate may be a heavy word, but yes, I hate smokers. Maybe that's what you call "less tolerant" in American standards, but where I am right now, it's considered hatred. I repeat, I hate smokers, especially those who smoke inside a public vehicle. As I always mumble, "smokers are evil; they deserve to die."

4) TRUE. It happened during a game of truth or dare back in freshman year. When it was my turn, my friends asked me which guy I liked. I bluntly answered that it was Mike. And as a consequence, I was supposed to kiss him. After much guts gathering, I managed to kiss Mike...on the forehead.

5) TRUE. I've been in the USA, California to be precise. I spent a vacation there, but most of the time I was bumming around.

6) TRUE. I've written one-act plays before. I've finished around six plays, two of which ("Ilusyonada" or The Disillusioned and "Friend") I won awards at our college literary competition.

7) FALSE. But even though I've written plays, they have yet to be staged. Both of my winning plays have gay themes in it, particularly about gay love (a big no-no in our Catholic university).

8) TRUE. It was part of our college parade with "fiesta" as a theme. Communications majors are known to go all out when it comes to decorating our float, so I was dressed like a roasted pig, while another gay guy dressed in traditional female costume with a knife and fork in hand. Guess what? We won first prize.

9) TRUE. I will elaborate on that one once I have enough guts to tell about it. And the guy I waited for was not Mike.

10) TRUE. I tend to get attracted to guys older, or more mature, than I am. I hate the idea of me taking care of my man, including giving him allowances and "hospital bills" for his "sick" mother (note the quotation marks). I would rather get taken care of like a baby. Mike is two years older than I am.

11) TRUE. I do collect autographs, but not the common celebrity autographs. I got autograph from scriptwriter Ricky Lee, DJ Anton Ramos, and college basketball player Chris Tiu.

12) FALSE. I was "deflowered" at a young age.

13) TRUE. I've been to Taiwan as a stopover to my trip to US. I saw the land as far as the walls of the airport could permit.

14) TRUE. I have a weird fear of cargo trucks, for its load might fall on me when it turns. I'm also afraid of LPG tanks because it might explode in front of me.

15) TRUE. I was part of the "EDSA 2" rally demanding former President Erap Estrada to resign. I now regret of being part of it because the president who replaced him is way worse.

16) TRUE. My yahoo e-mail address was registered in 1997 during the early years of Internet, back when geocities was cool.

17) FALSE. I've been to a gym once, but I think I pushed my body to the limit. Hence, I got a terrible pain on my abs. Still, I still planning of going back to the gym.

18) TRUE. My other two blogs (one in myspace and the other is in friendster) are no longer active.

19) TRUE. Back in 2000, I coordinated in putting up an underground gay beauty pageant featuring gay students of our Catholic university called "Royal Tigress". Boy, was it fun, even though we ended up overbudgetted. Five years later, one of the contestants (Armella Esguerra) won the title of Miss Amazing Philippines, who will represent the country in the world gay pageant in Bangkok.

20) FALSE. Obviously.


Amiah got the most number of correct answers with four. That was so close.

And on that note, I shall pass the tag to three bloggers to continue the meme:
* and

hope you have fun! :)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Attack Of The Buried College Memories

I have two posts for today. Hope you have the time to read both of them. :)


Two Saturdays ago, I was doing a TV shoot for Kids TV at a local mall to cover a Hallo-"tween" Costume Party hosted by
W.I.T.C.H. Apparently, the people manning the event are the people whom I'm familiar with. They work for Saga Events, where Errol (my ex-boss) used to work.

While the event was setting up, I met Sherwin after several years.


Meet Sherwin. He was Mike's close friend back in their high school, but their friendship began to fall out a bit when they entered college. Like me, Sherwin's a communications major, while Mike chose pre-law.

OK, you can breathe now.

When Sherwin spotted me, he was a bit surprised.

"Maruja, what on earth are you doing here?"

"I'm doing a TV shoot!" I happily replied.

He then introduced me to an unamiliar colleague.

"This is Maruja. He's like head over heels over my friend."

I tried to shrug his comment off.

"Aw, come on. That was like a long time ago."

But he didn't stop.

"He actually planned on buying him a car."

His female colleague was floored.

Really. She fell to the floor when she heard that.

"You really thought of giving him a car?" she asked.

"I didn't really 'plan' of giving him a car."

"But really, you planned on giving him a car, right?" Sherwin egged on.

I took one deep breath, and...

"He asked for a Honda Civic."

The girl fell to the floor. Again.

That part of my chapter with Mike was blur to me, I actually forgot all about it. Until Sherwin reminded me.

I always hate that when it happens, when you suddenly get reminded of a past that you are supposed to have forgotten. Because bringing them back to memory does not yield good results, like renewed trauma, panic attacks, etc.

I think Mike had security problems then. Whenever he has a new friend, he would tend to give him/ her some "tests" to win his trust. In my case there were several. First he wanted me to dip the fishballs that we were eating in vinegar, a thing that I disgust. Second was when he made me carry his heavy bag while he went away from the campus hallway for a while. Third was when he asked me to give him a Honda Civic, aware of the fact that I liked him that time.

I know what you are thinking: gay benefactor. Gosh, I was too young to act like an old gay matron flashing lavish gifts to dashing young men. I'm not rich enough to pay for his studies, or pay for his sister's hosptal bills, or other things gays would do for their man. That is not my style.

But if you ask me today on whether I would give Mike a car, maybe I would have second thoughts.

Larra's Murder Update: What The Medium Found

Our TV production manager informed me about the latest twist in my friend Larra's murder.

Apparently, the other TV network he used to work with did a Halloween feature where they hired a "medium" to ask Larra about the circumstances of his murder. The medium did some rituals in Larra's apartment, still unoccupied since it's still a crime scene.

According to the medium, Larra was killed by an 18-year old drug addict whom he knew. My friend let the killer in and, upond realizing that he was about to get stabbed, tried to escape from the apartment but it was too late. Larra begged the killer to take everything from his room to spare his life, but the merciless drug addict didn't listen. Larra was stabbed 11 times on the body, an act ot extreme hatred.

I forgot the name of that guy who the medium claimed killed Larra, but he has told me about the guy several times. Let's call him "Charlie" in the meantime. Charlie met Larra through random text messaging. They had met several times, and had sometimes slept in Larra's apartment. Charlie would call Larra "Beautiful" in his text messages.

Charlie was put into rehab by his elder sister, but months later he sent Larra a text message saying that he had escaped. I do not know anything about Charlie after that.

I have been praying to Saint Jude for the heartless killer of Larry A. Estandarte to be caught. With this strange twist of events, it seems my prayers are starting to work.

Sigh, if only Larra's still alive, he would have been happy that his Filipina namesake won Miss International this year. We would have watched the UAAP Cheering Competition togetheron my birthday, although we belong to rival schools (Larra's from University of the Philippines, yup, the school I've bitched about in my past posts). I would have asked his opinion about the candidates of Elite Model Look Philippines. We would have been having foot spas and haircuts by now. We would have pigged out at a local pares restaurant. But it isn't going to happen.

How I wish Larra's life did not end this tragic. He was loved by so many people and touched so many hearts. He didn't deserve to die like this. His killer is surely being bothered by his conscience, making him feel sorry for such selfish act. He should have taken everything from Larra's dorm, his mobile phones, his purse, his television even. But taking the life of a nice person whom you have befriended is too much. Just too much.

I'm still grieving. I'm still praying.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Empress Is Penniless


1) The Empress apologizes for the brief hiatus. I didn't blog for about a week because of a load of work. Last Thursday was the culmination of the Elite Model Look Philippines 2005 and it was a success! Thank God for that. Congratulations to

Kim will represent the Philippines in the Elite Model Look International in Shanghai this November 11. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for a win (or at least a top 3 finish, aware of the fact that Asians don't usually win in international modeling competitions). You can do it Kim!

2) I don't think my 20 Things Challenge (the blog below this post) is a tad tough, but I'll give out a teeny clue about spotting the wrongs among the facts. There are 5 false statements in the 20 listed, that means no.20 is automatically one of the answers. Try fishing out for the other four statements that are not true about me.

Now, back to regular blogging...


My brief away period carried a mouthful of random lives to blog. The Elite Finals/ Kids TV in
Enchanted Kingdom was a tiresome and exciting time to live and cherish. But after all that hard work, I got the saddest news.

My payments are delayed.

Uh-oh. The Empress is penniless. I got my cheque from Kids TV but I couldn't encash it until tomorrow, no thanks to this 5-day non-working Halloween/ All Saints Day/ Eid Al-Fitr holiday our president imposed. While Errol, my ex-boss who directed the Elite Finals, told me to get my remaining fee last Friday. Great, when I have a whole day devoted to do a segment shoot at Enchanted Kingdom where they treated children with cancer a day of unlimited rides. Bummer.

So I hope it would not be too demanding on my part if I ask a teeny tiny favor from you. Could you tell me an advise on how to earn money on the internet aside from putting advertisements? It would mean a lot for me and my wallet.

I'll be posting the highlights of the past days in the coming posts, I'll just let this post age a bit.


The Empress is grateful.

1) Thank you for those who browsed my blog last week. I hope I get to know you and, if you have a blog of your own, post a link to my site to increase traffic between us. So if your are browsing from Singapore; Japan; Saint Kitt and Nevis; Independence and Warrensburg, Missouri; Lisbon, Portugal; Jakarta, Indonesia; Elizabeth, New Jersey; Ruheim, Germany; Batavia, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Delhi, India; Mountain View, California; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and in the locales of San Juan, Quezon City, and Taguig in Philippines, stand up, comment, and be recognized. I....loveyouall!

2) I received a message from C. Jordan of Oslo, Norway, saying that my site is hard to view on Firefox. Sorry to hear that sweetie, but I only got Internet Explorer in my home and I only base the template according to IE-compatibility. But I hope that little glitch won't get in the way of good old blog reading.

This is Empress Maruja. Someday, I will rule this queendom.