Monday, February 27, 2006

The Final Four/ Philippine Idol/ Sailor Warrior Faeries

Meet The Final Four!

This is it, pancit! The Final Four candidates for StarStruck's third season has been announced. And this time, it's more dramatic than ever.

One finalist is called in every gap, and the audience (as well as the TV viewers) are going crazy as to who are the two boys and two girls who will make it.

As for Iwa Moto, she gets a lot of flak from the judges because of her "lashings" that she threw last Friday (watch the video on my previous post). But I guess she is true to her words. She is "just too beautiful to be beaten."

Before the end of the show, only two boys remain in contention for one slot and the tension is already brewing. Both Gian of Iloilo and Chuck of Davao have a huge fanbase and have performed well in their previous tasks.

But the announcement was heart-breaking for one of them...

Honestly, it is a huge upset on the part of Gian.

Congratulations to StarStruck's Final Four! Marky, Gian, Iwa, and Jackie! Far from my prediction of Marky, Vivo, Arci, and Iwa.

More videos of the elimination and the heart-break can be found on
Pinoy Rickey.


Oh My! Philippine Idol!

After years of negotiation, ABC-5, currently third in the Philippine TV race, has acquired the franchise of a local version of American Idol.

It was announced yesterday during the finals of Shall We Dance: The Celebrity Dance Challenge (the local spin-off of Dancing With The Stars) through a video of Paula Abdul saying, "Prepare to get wowed!" and there it was...a logo of Philippine Idol!

Here's the news.


Sailor Warrior Faeries

It's not too obvious that I've been addicted to youtubing for the past posts. Please tell me if you find it too annoying.

Anyway, I saw in Yuri's blog, Flight Manual For Dummies, of a series of transformations of the live action version of Sailor Moon. Well, Philippine TV also has it's own Sailor Moon-esque transformation. Here's a short and sweet video of "Sailor Sang'gres" of Encantadia.



1) I was actually supposed to post about a trend in Philippine showbizlandia, but I ran out of free time and I was so lost for words. Writer's block, I suppose.

2) I learned from Direk Jon that some of the actors for my play "Si Jewel At Ang Kanyang Dalawang..." underwent a "gay workshop." Two of the actors are straight guys, so playing gay roles are considered a "challenge" for them. I hope they followed my advice and watched To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything. Julie Newmar

3) State of Emergency. What State Of Emergency? I went around and people didn't mind that there is such a thing as "State Of Emergency." People were busy falling in line for WWE Raw Tour, a jazz band is playing in a mall near where I type. It was a happy time to go out.

4) JUST ASKING: What is your favorite TV show?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

From The Media/ StarStruck Breakdown/ Coke Ko 'To

"I'm From The Media..."

This phrase is very useful to make a lot of excuses here in the Philippines.

If you got caught by a traffic enforcer while driving at the opposite lane, just show your media ID and say, "I'm from the media and I'm rushing to get a scoop about a fire nearby." Even though you are actually late for your dinner date.

Wanting to cut the line to have your documents xeroxed? Just tell the photocopier operator, "I'm from the media and I need to have these documents xerox because it's an emergency."

Call it power of the press, call it press abuse, but it works (most of the time).


The Breakdown Of Iwa Moto

StarStruck will announce the Final 4 this Sunday, but what is this I'm seeing? Yesterday, female front-runner Iwa Moto let out a barrage of hate against her fellow competitors and even said a lot of jaw-dropping quotes like "I will quit from StarStruck," "You're all a bunch of plastics," "I might do something bad against them," and "I am too beautiful for them to beat." I think this move could jeopardize her ten-million-peso dream.

If Iwa will not make it to Final 4, I won't be surprised.


The Coke Ko 'To Game

This is one of the most popular advertisements the Philippines has created. It didn't win any ad award as far as I know, but it did create a cult following two years ago. The two girls are playing patty-cake using the slogan "It's My Coke."

It took me several attempts to have finally perfected the gestures, but watching it now, my hands are fumbling again.



1) Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my previous post about the People Power Revolution. We may have different opinions about it, what we agree on is that this non-violent government overthrow was a highlight of Philippine history.

2) Just arrived from shooting our pilot episode of Kids TV for ABC-5 at Manila Baywalk. It was hot and sunny, I had to pour on cold water to heal my burnt skin.

3) JUST ASKING: What do you like best about my blog?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Can of Worms/ Confession


Today is the 20th anniversary of People Power Revolution that stirred the heart of many Filipinos. This is the first ever bloodless revolution that toppled a dictator gave way to democracy.

Or so we thought.

Until now, the hopes of those who attended the revolt are still yet to attain. Corruption after Marcos is still rampant, if not worse. That's why we had to create another bloodless revolution to topple another greedy president, but was replaced by a greater evil.

People are still poor, if not poorer, after Marcos. Our pride in our race is waning, the streets are littered with lack of discipline (a sign of democracy, some people would argue)and crime (no thanks to poverty).

Today I question: Are the Filipinos better off without People Power? Did this "brief shining moment" actually opened a can of worms full of personal interests?

It's been 20 years, and we still demand for answers.

UPDATE: A foiled coup attempt a few hours ago prompted La Presidenta to declare a "State Of National Emergency". Another bad news for CNN and Fox News to feast on.



I'll let you in on a secret.

Promise you won't tell...

There's a ghost in my bedroom.

Really, there is a ghost in my bedroom.

I couldn't see it, but I could feel it.

Months ago, I was sleeping on my back inside my dark bedroom when I felt a heavy pressure against my shoulders and my groin, as if someone is trying to hump me dry.

I couldn't move one bit. My mouth was shaking, trying to utter words. But it felt like I'm being gagged.

However, my will is stronger. "God," I shouted.

The pressure vanished.

I thought it was the end of it.

You're right. I was wrong.

Two weeks ago, I was...again, sleeping on my back when suddenly I was grabbed at my balls by some unseen force.

That heavy pressure had returned. My breathing became constricted, my mouth trembled as my balls were being carressed.

I tried to shout "Pa!", calling my Dad, but I could only let out a soft "Poooo..."

It was gone again.

It got me thinking, "What would have happened if I didn't shout?"

Was this presence trying to get into my body?

Would this ghost attempt to rape me?

Would that make me spawn a Devil's Child?

Oh my, would that make me the Virgin Maruja?

If the ghost tried to molest me for the third time, would I let it?



1) Most of my blog friends are beginning to podcast. It's the new cool thing.

2) My Dad came home last night, worried about an impending coup d'etat against the current president. I doubt it would happen.

3) Turn on my maruja radio and let the music guide you through my posts.

4) JUST ASKING: Is there a limitation to democracy?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Finally! The Launch Of Maruja Radio!

After so many trials and errors, I have finally re-launched my mp3 player here in my blog. Now, maruja radio features the best Filipino music both mainstream and underground.

First on the playlist is "Playground" by Cardinal Zen. This Filipino chill-out musician used to compose & make downtempo tracks after a long day at the office and consider it as meditation. His free tracks (available at are so numbing if you ask me. This guy really has talent. Asked if he wanted to sign for a record label, he said, "Yes, of course! That'd be okay as long as they don't violate my rights." I do wish him the best of luck.

Next on maruja radio is the theme song of a hit fantasy TV series "Etheria." It is the prequel/ sequel of an even bigger TV hit Encantadia." Known ethnic singer Bayang Barrios gave out her haunting, Enya-esque rendition, using lyrics that only the people of Etheria (and its viewers) can understand. You can't help but be enthralled by the music, never mind if you don't understand what the singer is saying.

Another Pinoy underground DJ, Makkina is one of the original raggamuffin & junglehead of the Philippine electronic music scene. He's been patronizing and promoting jungle and drum & bass since 1999. I downloaded his free track "Cold Fusion" out of curiosity. It sound good. I do hope that the efforts of these Filipino DJs get recognized amidst the flood of rock and novelty (popular genres in Las Islas Filipinas).

I know that my last track for this issue of maruja radio may be a bit kitsch, but you gotta admit that this girl has talent. Filipinos remember Yasmien Kurdi as the over-confident runner-up of the first season of celebrity search StarStruck (I didn't even like her at that time). But when she released her debut album, people changed their minds at the instant they heard her tracks. Hmmm...maybe she was right when she insisted that she deserved to win that reality-based contest. Her songs, mostly in English, are cute and pleasing to hear. The title track, In The Name Of Love, became the local theme song of popular Taiwanese series "Frog Prince."

So sit back, relax, have a glass of lemongrass tea and listen to what the Philippine music sounds like. Happy lounging!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

3rd Times A Charm/ Tourism Booster/ Jewel Preview


Check out my newest blog renter, 3rd Times A Charm. Her site, Stumbling Through Life With Grace, is a personal diary of "a psychologically, analytical, neurotic, closet bitch" (I didn't say that!). A journey and babble of a mother of three, this is one good example that mommy blogs are not a bore to read (and apparently, my humor appeals to mommy bloggers, thank you!). So after you had your fill with my random lives, why don't you check her site as well? Just click on the screenshot at the sidebar.



Pinoy Diva Regine Velasquez has recently launched another stunning campaign on Philippine Tourism. This TV commercial tie-up of Smart Communications and Department of Tourism featured tourist sites even I haven't heard of. Who would have thought the Philippines is beyond Boracay and Siargao?

Every time I watch this on TV, I couldn't help but sing in her effortless falsetto rendition...

"Let's have fun, Let's travel
Know even more
Of the difference
That is Philippines..."



Due to insistent fan demand (I love my readers), I am posting an excerpt of "Si Jewel At Ang Kanyang Dalawang..." play. Apologies to my non-Filipino readers, but the script is a mixture of English and Tagalog. This scene features Jewel's entities arguing over Jewel's crush Edward.

JEWEL: Ano nga pala nakita mo kay Lita?

EDWARD: Bakit mo natanong?

JEWEL: Well, hindi ko pa siya nakikilala. Hindi mo pa naman siya pinapapunta dito sa university--

EDWARD: (sasabat) Selosa siya.

JEWEL: 'Yun ang gusto mo sa kanya?

EDWARD: (matatagalan bago makasagot) Maganda siya. Mahaba ang buhok, seksi ang legs. Noong una ko siyang nakita...tinamaan na ako. Minsan nga, noong birthday niya, niregaluhan ko siya ng kumot.'Yung mga friends niya diring-diri sa regalo. Cheap daw. Sinabi ko na para kapag malamig ang gabi, parang niyayakap ko siya. Tinanggap niya ang regalo. Saya nga niya, o baka sinubukan lang niyang maging masaya. Magmula noon niligawan ko siya...Tama na nga 'yan!

JEWEL: Ay! Lagpas na pala ang recess! Baka ma-late tayo. Tara!

(Tatayo sina JEWEL at EDWARD at tutungo sa pinto. Hihinto sa pinto si EDWARD at haharap kay JEWEL.)

EDWARD: Alam mo, bagay sa 'yo na mahaba ang buhok.

(Aalis si EDWARD at maiiwan si JEWEL sa pintuan.)

JEWEL: (bubugtung-hininga) Ang sweet niya, ano? Ginusto niyang magpahaba ako ng buhok.

UNA: Kasi gusto ni Edward na gumanda ka lalo. Malamang kung mahaba ang buhok mo noong una kayong nagkita, pinalitan na niya ang Lita'ng 'yan.

JEWEL: Minsan nga kinantahan niya ako. Hindi ko lang maalala kung ano’ng kanta 'yun, ang naalala ko lang 'yung "I didn’t know how" sa lyrics. Basta, naka-focus lang kasi ako noon sa ganda ng kanyang boses...Siguro 'yun ang theme song niya sa akin.

SEGUNDA: Edward has a girlfriend for crying out loud! You're ruining their relationship all because of your delusions!

JEWEL: (tatakpan ang tenga) Hindi ako nakikinig...

UNA: (kay SEGUNDA) Kailan ba naging hadlang ang girlfriend sa paghahangad na mapusuan ng iyong minamahal? Hindi pa naman niya asawa.

JEWEL: Makita lang ng Lita'ng 'yan. Madaan lang siya sa campus, magsho-showdown kami. Magpapaligsahan kami sa harap ni Edward. Makikita niya kung kaninong mukha ang mas maganda at kung kaninong katawan ang mas maalindog.

SEGUNDA: You just don't seem to get it, do you?

UNA: Ano pa ba ang hinihirit mo? Hindi na nga siya nakikinig sa 'yo.

SEGUNDA: Edward is just using you.

JEWEL: (mapapakinig) Ano?

SEGUNDA: Edward is using you. You are just his assignment answering dummy as far as he knows. He is taking advantage of your delusions for him.

JEWEL: Hindi mapagsamantala si Edward. Kahit ilang buwan ko palang siya nakilala, nararamdaman ko.

UNA: (kay SEGUNDA) At saka, huwag mo naman masamain ang pagtitinginan ng dalawa. Ayaw mo ba'ng maging masaya si Jewel?

SEGUNDA: Jewel?! Since when did you call yourself Jewel?

JEWEL: (ngingiti) Noong isang araw. Kilala na nga ako sa campus bilang Jewel.

UNA: Alam mo, bagay na bagay sa 'yo ang pangalang 'yan. Jewel...Jewel in the Campus...ang Jewel sa puso ni Edward.

SEGUNDA: I say, it means...Jewel, The Glittering Fool...delirious yet gullible...obsessed about a love that never was.

JEWEL: Hmph! Inggit ka lang!

SEGUNDA: I'm not envious, especially to someone who wears (tatanggalin ang wig ni JEWEL) fake hair!

(Tatakbo palayo ang SEGUNDA dala-dala ang wig. Hahabulin siya ni JEWEL.)

JEWEL: Uy! Akin 'yan!

SEGUNDA: It doesn't fit you!

UNA: (sasama sa habulan) Ano ba? Pinapaiyak mo si Jewel!

SEGUNDA: His name is Joel!



1) Until now, I do wish that the killer of my friend Larra be caught. It seems that the investigators are having a hard time catching the culprits because Larra was a secretive fellow. But I could feel that the killers will have their end. And if that happens, I'll throw out a party.

2) JUST ASKING: How do you treat your blog haters?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Gagged...Fu*k It!/ The First Maruja Hater


For the record, let me state that I am proud that I studied in University of Santo Tomas, but there are some things that make me hate this institution.

This event is one of them.

Just this morning, I got a call from Jon, my play's director, and told about a sad sad news.

Our theater org's Silver Anniversary Presentation has been postponed.

All five scripts have been rejected by UST's Office of Student Affairs and Community Service (what I like to call the University Censorship Board) because the plays do not live up to their imposed standards. Two of the plays have gay characters (especially mine), one script has an impoverished district as its setting (they hate showing poverty). Overall, they find the plays "not wholesome enough."

They still allow the groups to perform, but our original venue will not be provided, as well as any venues within their jurisdiction.

Our presentation is rescheduled on March, but will only be performed on two days. I still don't know where our new venue will be, although I suggested to the Production Manager of a location near the University to make it accessible to the students.

Did I cry? No.

Was I frustrated? Slightly.

Was I mad? Hell yeah!

This is the reason why many great Thomasian writers would rather flourish their craft in "liberal universities" like UP (sad, but true), Ateneo, La Salle, Silliman or anywhere else but this school with a bunch of medieval grannies deciding whether this or that should be published, or which should be performed on stage.

I feel sad about my group, as well as the other writers. They have worked so hard only for our work to be delayed for some weeks just because they don't like it.

Okay, I know I have to look on situations like this on a bright side. After all, it's only postponed. Yeah, I think everything will be okay.

I sure hope so.

And if we about to perform the scripts onstage, I wish the UST students would come and watch it.

This presentation will become a slap on those oompah-loompah bitch grannies from hell. To hell with censorship, dragging those Hitlerites along.



I believe in democracy. I believe in free speech.

I just opened my Yahoo Messenger and I found out that I have a hate message from an irate UP student.

No, I'm not angry. I don't go into "shut the fuck up this is my blog and I will do anything I want" defense mechanism, or command my loyal blog readers to smite the fool like those Muslim imams over the Mohammed cartoons. I just calmly typed a reply. I know for a fact that not everybody will like me. But I know that those who like me, they really like me. Check this out...



1) For some strange reason, this has been a season of delays. Not only our theater presentation was delayed, so too is Kids TV's transfer to ABC 5. It will pilot on March 18, a week after the target date.

2) For the record, I don't write poorly. I JUST TYPE FAST.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bryanboy and Borkeback...oops!


Bryanboy recently launched his podcast and he asked his readers to post some questions for him to answer in an "interview." And guess what? One of my questions was featured in his latest podcast. I asked him "If you would become Imelda Marcos for a day, what national project would you initiate" or something to that effect.




As my post-Valentine wish, I decided to watch Brokeback Mountain. Alone, as usual.

The cinema was almost filled when I got in line to buy tickets and had to force myself to be contented on watching a movie from the sides. Not a good place to watch a movie (but watching it way in front of the screen is worse).

(Sub-note: This movie was shown in almost all major cinemas in Metro Manila except SM, the largest cinema chain, because of its ban on R-18 films. HOW STUPID IS THAT, SM?)

Ironically, there were more girls watching the movie than gays. Probably because Heath Ledger is a hottie, nevermind the thick accent he does in the movie.

I don't want to spoil the details for those who haven't seen the movie yet, or for those who would rather not watch the movie, but Brokeback Mountain (I tend to mistype that title as Borkeback..., which sounds odd) is a heart-wrenching work. It's too painful for me to watch because the story crushes my heart, broken on several scenes.

The audience were carried away in watching. We would scream at the same instant, swoon on the same quotes (especially that "God, I wish I knew how to quit you" part; I was stabbing my heart on that one). That, my friend, meant that we were watching a good movie.

All that Oscar buzz about the movie was well worth it. Would it win Best Picture? Most likely. Would it make Heath Ledger win Best Actor? Definitely!



1) I promise to stop buying from e-Bay for at least a month. I think I've purchased too many items (including a Spice Girls cassette tape). It's not time to sell.

2) Ever wonder why I haven't posted pictures about my play? My dad doesn't trust me in bringing the min-DV cam without him around. I might lose it daw, but he allowed me to bring it next week. You wouldn't miss that!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Clark-Away, Jewel-Inspired

First and foremost, I would like to greet each and every one...


Yes, it's that day again when we singles are reminded how "boring" our lives can be. How we welcome the day without a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates coming to our doorsteps.

Yes, this is OUR DAY. A day when we need to congregate and frantically jump on the love wagon as we shout, "Hey! I'm single. Love me!"

Okay, back to normal blogging...



Last Saturday, the Kids TV team left the office at 2:30AM. I didn't sleep just to get to office on time. Why such unholy hour, you ask? That's because we were catching some balloons to take flight.

Hot Air Balloons to be precise.

We were doing a feature about an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Field, Pampanga Province. Clark Field is a former American air base.

You can tell that I was not getting enough sleep when this photo was taken, and I badly needed a haircut.

Also in the event were Army skydivers and a pair of cute English paragliders. My co-writer managed to get an e-mail address of this Brit hottie on the left and until now he refuses to share it.

Part of the shoot includes a demonstration of the Tinikling by two of our hosts. What was ironic is that while American and Canadian kids are beginning to appreciate the Tinikling, most of the Pinoy kids we asked have no idea what Tinikling is. I had to feed them the answers so they wouldn't be embarrassed once they see themselves on television.

By the afternoon we went to a popular "Halo-Halo sa Corazon". We were treated to platefuls of palabok noodle dish, dinuguan (pork blood stew), puto (rice bread), and halo-halo.

Halo-halo is roughly translated as "mixed sweet sludge," a concoction of spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of mixed sweetened fruits and beans topped with shaved ice and milk. In Pampanga, its version of the halo-halo only consists of five main ingredients: caramelized bananas, white beans, corn, candied coconut strings, and carabao milk curd.

During our afternoon shoot I asked my co-writer to take pictures of me while lounging at the air field.

It looks ridiculous, I know. But it's lovely. I mean, for once I felt like a mermaid.



Ever wonder how I got to write my latest play?

"Si Jewel At Ang Kanyang Dalawang..." is a revised version of my first theater script, "Ilusyonada." I always say that "Jewel" is "a semi-autobiography."

I wasn't kidding.

It was inspired from a significant chapter in my life: College Freshman Year (1997). It was when I met a person named Mike.

He's the guy in the middle. I'm seated at his right side.

Meeting him was both elating and agonizing. I was very happy whenever I would spark a conversation with him. I was also agonizing deep inside on what he thought about me. Was I a friend? His confidante? His karma? Or something else?

Those struggles in my head became the basis of writing a play entitled "Ilusyonada" (The Disillusioned), a gay guy battled by two opposing forces. My first attempt at playwrighting made me win third place at a collegiate literary competition.

Many years have passed. My relationship with Mike became one hell of a roller-coaster, and ended bittersweet (or somewhat). And when an opportunity for Artistang Artlets (my theater org) to stage a 25th anniversary presentation, I decided to update "Ilusyonada," added some scenes and revised the dialogue in such a way that the sensitivities of the Catholic priests running the University would not be offended.

Consider it as a form of closure. In a way, I am ending my hopes for Mike. I want my memories of him to be as faded as that faded photo. I am ready to start again. But how? I don't know.

In a week from now, a play of mine will be performed for the first time.

I am so excited.

If Mike watches it, he might laugh.



1) A bunch of shameless plugs. Watch "Si Jewel..." along with four other plays on "This Must Be LAAAAAB!" a 25th Anniversary Presentation of Artistang Artlets, the official theater guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, UST. February 21 to 23 at Rizal Conference Hall, St. Raymund Building, UST Manila. For more information, contact Richard Uy at +63917-5777490.

2) ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Musical is now perfoming! For playdates, contact Tanghalang Pilipino at (632) 832-3661 or (632) 832-1125.

3) Starting March 11, Kids TV will be seen on ABC 5. Hooray! From a Siberia Channel to No. 3 Station!

4) I just bought a nice shirt on E-bay. It has an image of the Shoe Lady Imelda Marcos fashioned a la Che Guevarra. Isn't it neat?

5) Take a visit of my tenant, JoiseyGirl, at her blog "Thought Bubbles". She's an American living in Scandinavia and she details the humor and life in her eyes. Lovely read, just click on the screencap at the sidebar.

5) Thank you, Mike, for everything.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh Tagaytay, The Jitters, Calling My Sugar Papa


Oh goodey! Now we can forget the Wowowee Stampede for now. Why? I've got the pics from our Tagaytay shoot, of course!

The production team checked in at a modest hostel in the City. The hostel is fine (we didn't stay too long since we shot the whole day), but I have only one critique.

Why would they put a swimming pool in a town that is so cold all year round? That's two of our hosts, by the way.

After we had our breakfast, our hectic day started.

The hosts were welcomed by the city's tourism office.

They did some spiels.

Kids TV! Our TV!

Tagaytay is a cold mountain city, famous for its majestic view of Taal Volcano, which is the smallest in the world. When we arrived last Sunday, it was so windy not even my hard hair wax could hold.

As you can see, I did some extracurricular activities while the rest of us were shooting. I took some pictures together with my co-workers.

We ate lunch at RSM Lutong Bahay. It has a beautiful garden setting and we were serenaded by their in-house band.

They sang the theme song of Pinoy Big Brother, much to my dismay.

Dad and the crew were enjoying the warm reception.

Much to my delight, we were served with a bountiful selection of fried pork rind, sizzling barbecue, fried noodles, chopsuey, grilled tilapia, beef bulalo, and rice wrapped in banana leaves. Yum...

After lunch, it was back to work.

While we were at the Picnic Grove, I asked our production manager to take a picture of me.

It was windy. Hair was messy. Garland was flying. Beautiful.

Too bad my batteries ran out when dinnertime came. We ate at a beautiful restaurant called Viewsite. It has the nearest view of Taal Volcano, and it has a wide array of fresh seafood to choose from.

This Saturday, we'll be leaving at an ungodly hour of 2:30a.m. just to cover an event. I'll tell you what that is next week.



As scheduled, I went to my alma mater UST (short for The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines) to check out the progress of the rehearsals for my play "Jewel and the Two..."

As I've said, my play is one of five productions celebrating our theater organization's 25th Anniversary.

Director Jon did not attend that night so the stage manager took over. The rehearsals were done at the parking lot using temporary props. The run-through was one actor less, so his lines were being uttered by another actor "offstage".

I personally liked the director's treament of my script. I didn't meddle much to my director's creative license during the meetings because I wanna see how he envisions my play, and it was all good.

What I liked the most were the two dance numbers incorporated in the script. The choreography was hilarious.

Looking at the actors and the lines that they utter from my script, I felt like a mother seeing her baby for the first time. It was so overwhelming.

I guess they were jittery by the fact that the playwright was monitoring their rehearsals. They tend to forget their lines, especially the lead actor (whom I still find cute).

After the run-through, the lead actor admitted that he was a bit nervous because I was there (as a scriptwriter, of course, stop that! hihihi). I told the actors that I felt really happy of your performance, and those jitters were forgiveable since they were halfway through. They were glad and relieved.

I will attend again this Sunday for a pictorial and a "critic's night". Hope they do well.



I'm making a photo game for everyone to enjoy. It's called "Love Me, Sugar Papa/ Mama"

Show your expressions of love to your invisible Sugar Papa/ Mama. Include a funny or raunchy message to your lover.

My co-writer and I will start...

I know you can do better. So show your affection and express your love and gratification. E-mail your pics at Photoshopped pics are accepted for now, but it would be adviseable if you write your message on a piece of paper together with that sexy pose.

I'll be posting more of my amourous showings in future posts.