Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Enchanting Notes And A Call For Protest


My ears apparently are failing me. I thought Enchanted Kingdom's newest attraction is a train ride, I realized when our production team got to the theme park that it is an all-terrain vehicle ride.

On its first day, Exodus The Ride was sampled by a select number of press people and several cast members from the movie Exodus.

Among those celebrities was Iya Villania whom I got to interview about her first-time experience with riding an all-terrain vehicle (and practically her first time ever to drive a vehicle).

This was my second time interviewing her, and I gotta say she's more beautiful in person.

Nakakalalake siya. (She makes a man out of me.)

What did I just say? Ewww...ew ew ew ew ew!

I need a little distraction...



You heard that right! Maruja's Hot Men is now revitalized with photos of hot men from all over. I realized that if I post every single hot celebrity in this blog, I might ran out of them in weeks. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to ogle on non-celebrities this time?

So with the help of my mighty fingers, I managed to search for hot non-nude photos of guys on the Net and I stumbled into this Filipino guy nicknamed CB. He is uber-obssessed with bodybuilding, lifting weights 6 times a week. Well, isn't it obvious.

Let's start drooling, sisters!



In recent times, there has been a rise of heinous crimes against gay men here in Manila. By now, you are aware that my best friend was a victim of such.

But unlike Larra, two consecutive murders involving four victims have occurred during recent weeks, one of which was a popular designer. According to police reports, the serial killers are most likely a pair of guys who guise themselves as male prostitutes who prey on helpless gays and rob them off their belongings.

Now, more than ever, I call on my green-blooded sisters to protest this senseless crimes. I petition to boycott all callboys and male prostitutes until these killers are caught and put behind bars.

All together now...





1) This week will be busy for me as I will have consecutive segment shoots for our TV show. My plan replacing the blog renter may take a while, so please be patient.

2) As Scott suggested to me, I am beginning to contemplate on putting blogads for my site. What do you guys think?

3) I tried some rides in Enchanted Kingdom, and all I can say is...

Space Shuttle, you are a curse! Hehehe! That was thrilling.

3) Sorry Iya...

I choose to be beautiful, like these guys.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The 100th Post

This is my 100th post. I was saving this moment for some great momentous blogging, but alas, all I have are these...



I have a shoot today at Enchanted Kingdom as they are unveiling new attractions, particularly a train ride inspired from Exodus, the movie they produced last Christmas, and an early evening parade. Yup, the theme park's beginning to become Disney-eque.

I was informed that the pull-out (meaning the time we are supposed to leave) was at 7 a.m. So, being aware of my constant tardiness, rushed into the bathroom, put on some clothes, took an early bus, and was startled once I got into the office.

No one was there. Well, almost.

Our executive producer was about to leave the office when she spotted me. "Didn't the production manager tell you that the pull out was reset to 1 p.m.?"

I was dumbfounded. "She didn't inform me," I said.

So I have to wait for 6 long hours in the office watching local TV, play spider solitaire, and trying to finish this blog on time (as if 6 hours are not enough).

Where's my worm?...

My technical production assistant just arrived. "Am I late," he asked.



Meanwhile, I was informed that I Love Paris will not be given the green light, so at least that's a sigh of relief for now.

After researching through the net, I learned that the I Love Paris was planned since February, with a different love team as lead. Catch is, it was only a concept of making a movie set in Paris using a tentative title of I Love Paris.

However, my co-writer and I created a storyline that is set in Paris, unaware then of the previous plan.

So if the film company would change its mind and starts with shooting for I Love Paris, I hope it doesn't involve anything our storyline contains.

This serves as a reminder to all aspiring writers (if there are some who lurk in my blog) to copyright your works. I have learned my lesson, but that doesn't mean I would stop pursuing a career in screenwriting. I'll just be more careful this time.



I used to say that whenever I dream of a certain person, he or she would most likely dream of me also.

Well, I dream of you, again.

The situation was quite peculiar. We were in a cafeteria. I was ordering for my food when I looked back and saw you on a table, alone.

You seemed to have changed since the last time I saw you. You looked dapper in your pinstripe folded long-sleeved shirt, while I...well, I was wearing my military training uniform I used back in freshman year. Only that the beret was red.

Seeing you was both a joy and a pain. I wanted to smile and say hi, but was afraid you wouldn't notice me.

And my fears won over. I tried to cover myself as I walked past you. Seems like I haven't changed.

I looked back and saw you again. With your new look, I thought you have moved on, and I'm glad for that.

Don't worry about me. I've always been this silly. I couldn't take off my old military training uniform, and I guess I would still be wearing that in my dreams for days, perhaps years, to come.

But what if we do meet each other again? Would you smile for me? I would try. Would you say hi to me? I would probably smile. Would you come near me? I would probably wait for you to come near me. If not, I would just bow my head and walk away.

You probably have moved on.



Jake Cuenca appears on the cover of the latest issue of X-Ray Magazine. Also featured in the magazine are Alfred Vargas, Arthur Solinap, Justin Cuyugan, Mike Tan, Biboy Ramirez, and Kris Martinez. Available in the Philippines for P380. Where's my salary when I need it most? Grrr...



1) As you can see by now, I have eliminated some links at the sidebar. I just discovered that some of the links are not functioning, and I wanted to feature sites that I actually read. Will update the sidebar with new sites in the coming days.

2) I'm planning to replace my blog renter with something more substantial. In the meantime, don't forget to post a comment or send me an e-mail about my latest posts. Who knows? Baka ikaw ang buena mano.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Concept Stealer/ Dis Is Taglish/ Hot Rafael


I usually don't get mad in my blog, but this time I'm on a verge of being furious.

You see, I became a victim of a vicious monster in the showbiz industry called The Concept Stealer.

First, let me share you an excerpt from "Trip To Quiapo," a scriptwriting manual by renowned Filipino screenwriter Ricky Lee:

"Nothing protects (the screenwriter) no matter how long you've been working in the industry or how expansive your network is. Everything that a novice writer experiences had happened and continues to happen on me. I was dropped from a project in exchange of another writer without my knowledge, a producer changed my script without my permission, The director suddenly shot a different project, leaving my script to the bin."

Concept Stealers do nothing but claim another writer's concept for their own credit. Before you know it, your story is being filmed without compensated, or even acknowledged.

That happened to me just now.

Let's call my storyline "Project Paris." It is a love story about a popular model and a shy photographer whose paths are crossed after an accident.

A fellow writer and I developed the storyline (complete with casting for lead actor and actress) the night before our what-would-become the final presentation with a film company. We had to spend the night at an apartelle because we were developing ten concepts that night.

We presented Project Paris to an immediate superior (a screenwriter, let's call her Aqua). She gave it a thumbs down, but considered some of our other concepts which she would pitch to the executive producer.

To make the long story short, we were not accepted in the film outfit because we did not have an approved concept after a month of trial. But yesterday, my co-writer in Project Paris informed me of a very bad news.

It was published in a newspaper that the film outfit where Aqua is working for is planning to shoot a movie entitled "I Love Paris," with the same actors we pitched as the lead pair.

I did not believe at first. I tried to reason out that it could probably one of Aqua's storyline that is supposed to be shot in Venice, but changed location at the very last minute.

I asked Aqua in a chatroom about this and claimed that she knew nothing about this. I told her that I would present my concepts to other producers, including Project Paris.

Aqua seemed to have forgotten that not all writers are meek in the event of having their precious concepts stolen so suddenly. What she did has opened the gates to her hell.

I'm still sticking my guns to the storyline of my beloved Project Paris. Hopefully other producers would like it.

And I hope Aqua starts to think deeply in creating her own storyline for "I Love Paris," because if she writes the script for it using our storyline, ...she'll see.

Now, repeat after me: Don't get mad, ...



We Filipinos are proud of our English proficiency, considering that Brownlandia was once upon a time an American colony. But that pride would soon be laughed at.

In a recent Social Weather Station survey, only 65 percent of Filipino adults said they understand spoken English as compared to 74 percent 12 years ago. What's worse is that, according to that same study, only three out of ten Filipinos could speak English today.

English proficiency is supposed to be the Philippines' key competitive advantages in the global market. However, English is not much practiced in school ever since this universal language was scrapped as a medium of education in favor of Tagalog-based Filipino language (no thanks to those misguided nationalists who believe that speaking the mother tongue is the only ticket to nationalism). Such stupid mandate, and since non-Tagalog speaking students had difficulty adapting to the national language, paved the way for schools to adapt what we call "Taglish."

Heto ang example ng Taglish. Ipinag-mix ang English at Tagalog kaya instead na naging proficient ang mga Pinoy sa Filipino, struggling tuloy sila sa parehong language. Hirap mag-English, and having difficulty rin sa Filipino.

Now, our neighboring countries are beginning to improve their English proficiency at a very fast rate, since it is the language of cyberspace and international business. And what of us? If the government does not act quickly, they would kiss those outsourcing call centers goodbye.

I'm not saying to eliminate the use of Filipino. That is not the case. What we need is to encourage bilingualism, standardize the Filipino language, and develop the local languages.

I used to tell my Dad that if the whole of China learns to speak English, our overseas labor force--and probably the whole Philippines--is done for.



Summer's gonna be hot hot hotter with Rafael Rosell. Ouch! My fingers got burnt!



1) Thank you so much for your the great e-mails I've been receiving, especially to a new-found blogging friend Scott of Crazy Jungle. Check out his site, which presents life in Costa Rica.

2) As you can see, Maruja Radio playlist has been updated again. Press play for the hottest summer tracks, perfect during long hours of driving or having a production number by the beach.

3) How I wish I could go out some more and mingle with new guys. If only my salary is paid regularly...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Post-Easter Fun


The four-day weekend (also known as Holy Week) has ended and its back to life as we know it. Back to politicking, back to traffic, back to rampant crimes, back to work. How I wish everyday is a Holy Day here in the Philippines, commemorating Jesus' death every Friday, waving palm fronds every Sunday, so we won't have to worry much about politics and crime that litter in this part of Southeast Asia.

But what's better is that it's back to normal blogging of your dear empress, that's a good thing Filipinos should be proud of.

Here in the Philippines, Holy Week is equivalent to American Spring Break. I know, I know that statement would raise some eyebrows, but the throngs of visitors to the sunny beaches of Boracay and Subic during this weekend are so undeniable. Tell me, how many of you attended the Pasyon these past days? I didn't.

While my Dad and younger brother went to Pampanga to attend a birthday party, and my younger sister went to Subic with her boyfriend, I was left here at home reading books and playing PS2.

I became the household's designated security guard. How degrading for an empress.

Now that they're all back for Easter, it's my turn to go out starting today (Monday). I'm also in need of some summer fun, of course.

I'm planning to watch a local movie titled Moments Of Love, which is a mish-mash between Somewhere In Time, Frequency, and two Korean movies. It's about a guy from the present and a girl from the past communicating through the means of an old rotary phone. I've heard that the movie is great, never mind if the plot's taken from certain foreign movies. After all, ALL movies have similar plots anyway.

So how did you spend this weekend?



You have probably heard of commercial spoofs, more notably on Saturday Night Live. Here in the Philippines, spoof advertisements are the highlight of comedy shows, most notably on Bubble Gang.

What makes Filipino ad spoofs unique is that we don't have to invent a product, we spoof an actual product.

In fact, companies would pay huge amounts just for their products to be spoofed.

I wanna illustrate an example. Here's an actual commercial of Pop Cola, a popular soda brand. The story is about a woman who is coming home from a very long journey.

Here is an actual spoof of Pop Pola, as seen in Bubble Gang. To understand the punchline, just listen to the last line the "daughter" would say here.



He has got to be one of my favorite local actors, and one of the underrated in my opinion. I actually watched his debut movie (Gangland), which he played a street gang leader. Now, this bad boy has become badder as he posed for the first issue of X-Ray Magazine. Drool and enjoy.



1) THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Yup, I'm out of the film project. No, I'm not sad about it, considering the people that firm tried to retain. This means that I'm concentrating on my TV job once more, although how I wish our producer would not delay our salaries (and end up earning only an episode's worth every month...grrrr).

2) Just downloaded the forms need to join a nationwide literary competition. This would be my third time to join, and hopefully I'd win this time. Crossing my fingers (and toes) on that.

3) Your empress is, technically, sick. I'm suffering from tinnitus, a constant buzzing in my right ear. I've researched about it and found out that it's because of my cerebral aneurysm. Sigh...what a bad time to get sick.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Headlines, Judas, and Arthur (UPDATED)

UPDATE: In observance of the Holy Week, your empress will take a break for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday. Regular blogging will return on Easter Sunday with revision of maruja radio playlist and certain random lives.

In the meantime, do feel free to browse around my blog, press play on maruja radio for the freshest Filipino tracks, and also check out my latest tenant, Full Metal Photographer. This is the photo blog of
Full Metal Attorney, a heavy-metal loving, anime-adoring law student from Nebraska. This photo site features his attempts at amateur photography, which he takes as a hobby. His photos are great, I'm still browsing at it as I type this update. I'm sure you'll love his photos as well, and do check out his blog as well.



If you happen to live in the Philippines for the very first time, chances are reading the local newspapers could take you a bit squirmish.

No, it's not because the local press would tend to treat heinous crimes with front-page caliber. It's not because they put showbiz news on centerfold.

Just look at the headlines.

The Philippine press is known to use terms that only Filipinos (and their tongue-in-cheek humor) could understand, not to mention to save space.

I have today's edition of The Philippine Star and its littered with a bunch of headlines that foreign readers
would say "Wat Da Pak?"

JDV: 'Pork' restored, not padded

For the untrained reader, you would think that the country's holy man insists that the holy pork has been restored to its original shrine of worship and not a imitation consisting of padded styrofoam, especially that the Holy Week is nearing.

Filipino press have a penchant of using initials of prominent names. For instance, our current president is known by her initials GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo), while Pope John Paul II is headlined as Pope JP2.

In this case, JDV stands for House Speaker Jose De Venecia, who clarified that the 20-million peso "pork barrel" (fat funds that politicians here use to fund their projects, and make them rich at the same time) pad for congressmen only restored what was slashed from their allocation last year.

This alone is an obvious reason why my country never goes anywhere. Politicans here are so concerned over their earnings...I mean, their fundings.

How about this headline...

Labor group calls for Cha-cha debate.

We Filipinos are crazy. Why would we want to debate about a Latin dance?

Not really. Cha-cha means "charter change" or moves to amend the decade-old constitution. I for one would want the government to amend the constitution, but knowing the politicians here, such amendments
would tend to sway in their favor and interest.

'Batas an 5' ask DOJ to dismiss rebellion case

Robot-superhero team "Batasan 5" accused of rebellion? Why?

The "Batasan 5" are actually five congressmen housed in their own offices for fear that they would be arrested for rebellion if they step out of the Congress building.

This style also applies to the "Hyatt 10," "Big 3," and "10-17."

I'll leave this final headline to you...

House leaders still eyeing con-ass -- Jaraula

Wat Da Pak?



All members of the imperial household gathered round last Sunday to watch National Geographic's documentary about The Gospel Of Judas.

Ah, nothing like good old Sunday family gatherings. We sacrificed not watching the monthly finals of Shall We Dance (our country's spin-off of Dancing With The Stars, which my Venezuelan chatmate Luis abhors) only to see for ourselves what the fuss is all about the newly-discovered Gnostic document that was supposed to shake one's faith.

Among the country's Catholic majority, Judas (or Hudas in local vernacular) is not only considered the traitor of Jesus, but also a butt of jokes. It is not uncommon to see jeepneys plying around the metro with a sign bearing the words, "God knows Hudas not pay" (God knows who does not pay).

And now that Easter is nearing, Judas will play a major role in Pampanga Province, the country's cradle of
the Catholic faith (and my mom's home province). Aside from parades of men flagellating themselves on their backs and actual crucifixions, Pampanga is known to highlight Easter with a doll resembling Judas--always painted red--twirl around a pole fronting the church and explode with hundreds of firecrackers wrapped around its belt.

But among a select group of early Christians, Judas is not a traitor.

He actually did Jesus a favor.

The gospel contains what was stated as a secret conversation between Jesus and Judas days before "The Betrayal. What was startling was that, according to the text, Jesus said to Judas: "You shall be cursed for generations, (but) you will come to rule over them," and that "You will exceed all of them. For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me."

The writers of this document (since it was certainly not Judas Iscariot) believe that Judas was the most favored among Jesus' disciples and that he made Jesus a favor by liberating Him from the flesh.

After watching the documentary, my little brother commented, "I thought it was something so shocking."

I guess his faith was not shaken.

As for me, I think the document complemented the four Gospels that we have accustomed to. It can be said that Jesus was already aware of Judas' betrayal and that He understood its impact in generations to come.

For one, His life became a stepping stone of a major religion in the world.

Through this document, we have heard another side of the story of Jesus.

But Judas is still Judas. Hero or traitor, it all boils down on what to believe.



Here's a hot photo of Philippine actor Arthur Solinap (who plays Moros in Encantadia). This is one of many steamy male photos that will be shown in the upcoming issue of X-Ray Magazine. I better save up for that one.



New on Maruja Radio. I have concocted of a playlist consisting of the Brownlandia's hottest tracks from different music genres. Please leave a comment of your best and worst picks.

I'll be detailing the songs in my next post.

So what yah waiting for? Christmas? Passover? Election? Take your pick now.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Opiated Sherpa/ Get This Party Started!/ Maruja's Hot Men

I was supposed to do a marathon of revisions in my blog (including a game involving my maruja radio), but since I'm using a dial-up connection (prehistoric at 45 kbps that repeatedly gets disconnected...stupid i-republic prepaid) it would be better if I'll do some of those at a later date.



Meet my current blog renter. Tales of the Opiated Sherpa is a journal of a hockey-loving Canadian that tells his life as it is. No histrionics, no literary allusions, just a life that is interesting. So if you love, if you really love me, you would not mind clicking on the screenshot, would yah?



I'm starting a conga line and dance for joy!

Because finally, after eight months, the primary suspect for the murder of my friend Larra has been caught!


Start slaughtering the pig!

Or better yet, let's slaughter chickens instead. They're cheaper!

Okay, before I get carried away. Here's the rundown.

Last August, all of us in Kids TV were stunned to learn that our then-head writer Larra was stabbed to death by an unidentified killer. This was also the same month when I started blogging.

The investigators were facing a blank wall since they have no leads towards a suspect. (Investigators here alway fumble at evidence findings, so don't expect a CSI: Manila here.)

The only evidence that has a potential in pinning the killer was not found at the crime scene. (I told you this is not CSI: Manila) It was mailed several days later.

It was Larra's mobile phone bill, the unit of which was stolen by the assailant.

The investigators found out that the cellphone was still being used and it was dialing a certain phone number most of the time.

To make the long story short, the investigators have concluded that the suspect lent the stolen phone to his niece who in turn had a phonepal whom she dialled constantly. It was through this phonepal that the investigators were able to trace back to the suspect.

At the same time, one of the three accomplices surrendered to authorities, claiming that his conscience had been bothering him. In his statement, there were four of them who visited Larra's apartment. He was the one remained outside while the other three entered. One of their companions, Rolly, a tricycle driver, asked Larra for some money. Larra said that he does not have any.

So Rolly took out a knife, had his companions hold Larra's arms, and began stabbing him.

Days after his face was featured in the evening news, Rolly was captured in Cebu.

He insisted that he was innocent.

Innocent, my S...

Wanna have some roast chicken?



Here's one of the added bonus in my blog starting today. Every post features photos of a particular hot guy I receive through my e-mail (special thanks to truebluegay yahoogroup).

My first Hot Man is Victor Basa, a well-known model here in the Philippines.

Start salivating...



1) Kids TV just had a shooting last Tuesday in Corregidor Island, a prominent World War 2 battle ground, and I joined with them for the first time since I become absentia during Saturday shoots. It was a lot of fun venturing through the ruins of former Fort Mills and our kiddie hosts learned a lot about World War 2 history and the importance of the Philippines during that momentous event.

2) I'm contemplating on getting a part-time job in a call center, a career I honestly resented at first. What made me swallow my pride? Monetary, of course. I won't be hypocritical about it. I want to pay the house bills and let my dad spend his salary on mahjong. What do you think?

3) God, give me a love life.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

LAAAAAB And Other Highs



It feels good that after months of preparation, frustration, and anticipation, you witness the fruits of your hard labor being seen on the big stage.

Last Sunday, a collection of five plays--including mine--was presented as the culminating event of our theater organization Artistang Artlets' 25th Anniversary. The official theater guild of Faculty of Arts and Letters in University of Santo Tomas presented the love-themed plays in a collective title "THIS MUST BE LAAAAAB!"

My script was the first in line. "Si Jewel At Ang Kanyang Dalawang..." (Jewel And Her Two...) tells the story of Joel, a gay student who goes by the name Jewel, who falls in love with a college heartthrob Edward. Trouble lies in Jewel himself, since his thoughts are being challenged by two contrasting "consciences."

Years pass by and Jewel's feelings for Edward have diminished because of certain conflicts, but he realizes too late that all along, Edward harbors deep romantic feeling for him as well. Jewel now must make up for the lost years of miscommunication, but at what cost?

I managed to take some pictures of the presentation, although it was against theater rules. Well, I don't want this once-in-a-lifetime event only be stored in memory.

Also in the presentation is "Memorandum Of Agreement" by fellow alumni (and blogger) Geng. It is a reunion gone bad. Really bad.

Arlene (the pregnant woman in red) realizes that his fiance has been keeping a homosexual relationship with their common friend Cromwell (played by fellow alumni and blogger Paulie).

And with all the complexities in their relationship, and as to who would keep the baby-to-be, the group creates a memorandum of agreement that Chickie (the other girl in the play) would take care of the baby.

(I personally think that this is the best script, but mine is the best play, kidding. This is not a competition, anyway.)

Third in line is "Abuloy" (Offering) directed by photo-blogger Rain, in which Geng played the lead role. It is about a woman who receives help from a mysterious man in order to pay anough money to release his dead husband's body from the cudgels of the funeral parlor.

What they do is they bring out the mystery man's "brother's body" and roam it around different villages as a front for illegal gambling (a classic Filipino tradition).

(Sorry Geng if I don't have enough photos for Abuloy. Most of them are blurred.)

Next is "Baraha" (The Cards), which is about a fortune-teller in her late 30s who tries to manipulate the predictions she makes for her love interest Emil, a policeman who is a skeptic in love.

The play is set in Quiapo, where you can find a horde of fortune-tellers and an array of quirky personalities.

Last is "Bilisan Mo" (Make It Faster), a flashback of the loves and lives of a clinic attendant who has difficulty finding the right guy for her.

And when she finally finds the one, she is the one who lets go.

Boy, it was fun! We were happy on the audience's reception of the five plays. Their laughters and applause are proof that we did a great job.

POSTSCRIPT: Reading my playwright's note today, I find it lacking that I failed to express my appreciation to the people behind my play.

To director Jon, I truly thank you for bringing my play into life. Actually, it is more than alive. What was intended as a simple "fictitious anecdote" becomes a struggle of a gay man's psyche. Your creative interpretation was well-received by the audience, and with that, I thank you and your wisdom.

To the cast (Stephen, Gret, Fudz, and Tope), thank you guys for giving justice to the challenging roles of Jewel, Segunda, Una, and Edward. I know portraying the characters were too physical and tiring, but you guys still managed to end the play with beating a sweat.

Stephen, I heard that you had most of your body waxed to personify Jewel. I hope it was not too painful (which I doubt). Gret, your talent stands out but does nto upstage your fellow actors. You are the perfect actor for Segunda. Fudz, I've heard that you and Stephen had to go a "gay" workshop in order to move and talk like a gay person. I wonder how hard it was? Tope, the incoming Artistic Director, your performance was delivered smoothly and superbly. I admire your concern to justify Edward's role, and I hope you and the rest of the incoming officers of AA would continue the tradition of theater and camaraderie, and inculcate the minds of future members to keep the AA flame burning even as far as its 50th year. Thank you all.

To Jewel's artistic group, thank you for infusing your talents with my play through on-time musical scores and sound effects. The audience and I truly appreciate it.

Lastly, to AA. Thank you for acknowledging my writing talents. Thank you for providing me shelter in my college days and shower me with friendship and camaraderie. I am truly proud that I am an AA member, and I am looking forward for our 50th Anniversary Presentation.



1) My dad let out this quote last Friday while confiding to him about my film project:

"My son, your fate is trying to bring you to America, but you are trying to make your own fate with no avail."

I thought it was funny. That's why I'm sharing it to you. As about my status, well, let's just say that I survived another week. I am not yet eliminated.

2) SHAMELESS PROMOTION: Yezzz! The hair-teasing, nail-clipping parlorista-ng-bayan-superheroine isBACK!!! ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL is back by popular demand! Asus! ORIGINAL CAST pa!!! Now in a bigger, better venue ---THE NEW PETA THEATER CENTER at Sunnyside Drive, Bgy. Kristong Hari, E. Rodriguez QC (directly behind the QCSPORTS CLUB) from April 21 to 31. For reservations, call Tanghalang Pilipino Office at 8323661. Original Cast Recording CD also available at the Tanghalang Pilipino Office and Top and Bottom Nakpil cor. Orosa, Malate Manila. DONT WAIT TILL THE LAST DAY! BUY YOUR TICKETS and CDS NOW!!!

3) Here's another funny Filipino commercial. I remember watching it back in college and I couldn't stop laughing (and learn a valuable lesson at the same time).