Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sacrifices, Frustrations, and Gay Childhood Ambitions

I know what you're thinking. What took your empress more than a week to update his blog?

The answer? I was so engrossed with my upcoming project, and I'm still working on it.

At least, I've collected some interesting random lives for all of us to digest upon. You can breathe now...



No, I was not offered to the gods for the rains to come. At least, not yet.

The past few days have tested my principles and I have made some of the most difficult decisions so far.

First is the obvious. I have changed (you can say downgraded) my template into a simple default blogger wall paper. Although I love my former template, the downside is that it loads slower. Hence, I got what I wished for: faster loading, even for jurassic dial-ups.

Second is the deeper one. I have changed (you can say downgraded) my Kids' TV job and became a segment producer once again. Although it is nice writing for the show, my film writing career is eating up my TV shooting schedule (not that it's a bad thing). Besides, the environment in Kids TV has become volatile so to speak. Now, I only report to Kids' TV to facilitate segment shoots, assist during editing, and receive my weekly salary, which is between twice to thrice a week.

Will these choices benefit me greatly? I'll let you know when that comes.



I learned that getting into showbizlandia is not as easy as it seems. I am learning it the hard way.

My meetings in regards to writing for film are fun actually, but there's a rub. If we don't get to submit a concept that gets a green light in a month, we're out of the company.

And aside for my project (which isn't my concept), I have yet to present a good concept. I have pitched four so far and nothing gets past the rejection stage.

Not that my concepts are awful, the problem lies on the marketability of the concepts. For example, writing a Philippine movie about a blogger would not yield blockbuster appeal since only 2% of the population is computer-literate.

So while I was throwing some crazy concepts to my superior over the YM chat, I came up with a concept that she got interested in. I can tell she's interested once she started helping me in developing it. She told me to research about the topic so I could pitch it to the producer on our next meeting.

Let's just say that the concept is something new and it is not much explored in local movies (because it's SCARY, even while I was researching it). I hope this one gets a go. I'm crossing my fingers...and my toes, and I ask you to do the same.



Our theater org had a general rehearsal of our 25th anniversary presentation last week. I was supposed to document the five plays performing using my mini-DV camera. But then, just as I arrived at the venue, I realized that my camera was on the whole time, and the lone battery was out. Sigh...buwisit...

Anyway, I was also looking forward to meet fellow alumni. Even though we have met often during the course of the auditions and pictorials, it was only that time when all of the five plays were rehearsed in one venue.

After the rehearsals, I joined with fellow blogger Paulie as we went to a co-alumni's apartment to spend dinner...and watch gay porn.

We watched Detention, a stud-filled extravanganza directed by ChiChi Larue. ChiChi is like the goddess of gay porn in the US. She is a producer and a director at the same time, not to mention possessing a stable of hunky molas out to gratify your fantasies.

Oh how we envy ChiChi Larue! Imagine, hundreds of guys are at your mercy. It's like every gay man's dream.

Paulie and I exclaimed like children as we watched this sixteen-man delight, "When I grow up, I wanna be like ChiChi Larue. The ultimate mama-san!"

We all laughed at the quote.



I honestly not too keen in chatting, but I would like to introduce you to my new-found chatmate for over a week now.

His name is Luis and he's from Venezuela. I chanced upon him at the chatroom one time. I was drawn to his intriguing nick name, so I introduced myself (in a friendly way, mind you).

So now, everytime I am online during the wee hours of the morning revising my storylines and dabbling on the net, I talk to him over the chat while he's working at an import company. What I like about him is that he's a very warm person. We always find something to talk about. His lovelife (his boyfriend is also a hottie), my lovelife (if there IS one), his 15-year-old next door neighbor (whom I have the hots for), my chaotic career, anything.

I only introduced my blog to him last night, and so far he was impressed. He waiting to see this latest entry since I told him that I would feature him.
And why not? Any normal imperial blogger would feature a guy this hot.



1) First of all, if you have friends over at the Emerald Isles called the Philippines, do tell them that Artistang Artlet's 25th Anniversary Presentation will be tomorrow, March 26 at PETA Theater Center, 5 Sunny Drive Street, behind Quezon City Sports Club, E. Rodriguez Avenue, QC. The show's only run will start at 6 PM. All original five plays featured (including the one I wrote) deal with the touchy-feeling subject of love. Ticket only costs P150. Text me at +639157411909 for more info.

2) I got a very touching message over my mobile from a reader who claims as a relative of StarStruck finalist Gian Carlos. The message reads:

"Just wen through you blog. I loved the visuals and apparent intelligence. Thanks for the kind and honest words for Gian. This is his tita (aunt), which is not to say that the compliment is meant to be patronizing. Just want to say keep it up. We need more bloggers like you. More power! From Biko Mabilog." +63917301****

Wow, thanks for noticing my blog. I always bear in mind to be honest in my blogs. I don't put up a front (well, not anymore). I don't patronize things in this blog that I don't patronize in real life, stuff like "drugs are cool." But do expect a lot of craziness in this site in the coming entries.

3) Meanwhile, StarStruck 3 Sole Survivor Marky Cielo was called to work right after the show's finale. Aside from being part of Love 2 Love Season 10, he is also included in the cast of Encantadia: Love Until The End, where he plays as King Ybrahim's son from Odessa, who is suspected as the future killer of his own father (as prophesied by a fortune-teller). Catch is Ybrahim has three children from three different women. Here's a preview of his first TV project.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Brain Storm/ The Ghost/ StarStruck Final Judgment

I have so many random lives to annotate in this blog. You better get a cup of coffee (or tea if you want) before reading this. I'm sure you'll gonna like this, pwamis!



Last Saturday, I skipped one shooting day of Kids TV in order to attend my first brainstorm meeting as part of a story development group for an established film company.

I'll spare you with the nitty gritty details (besides, it's confidential). Instead, let me share you with what I've learned in this meeting so far:

1) SUMMON YOUR TALENTS AT WILL. There is no such thing as a "writer's block." If your producer (or the director) asks you of an idea, you have to answer right away.

2) HAVE A MUSE IN MIND. Think of an actor while writing the story for your project. Imagine him (or her) playing the lead role.

3) LEARN TO COMPROMISE, A LOT. Everybody in the film making process (from producers, directors, and the actors) will have a say about your work. If major adjustments are needed in the script, learn to yield a little.

4) SCRIPTWRITING IS NOT A SELFISH WORK. You can share concepts with other writers, but it is a gentleman's agreement that you are not supposed to use other writer's concepts for your own use.

5) ALWAYS FRY YOUR IDEAS. How would this concept be received by an minimum-wage worker who wants to be entertained when he enters the cinema? How would kids react to your work? Always bear in mind that you are making scripts for blockbuster movies, not art house films.

I have a project that I am supposed to submit tomorrow, and I'm halfway with my research.

I hope I'd nail this one. I'm so close to enter this industry.



Remember when I confided to you that I have a ghost in my bedroom? Well, it's back.

I went asleep Tuesday past midnight. I was aware that if I lie on my back, it was as if I was inviting the ghost to get intimate with me. So instead, I slept on my side.

Minutes later, I felt my bed shaking violently from side to side. I swear it wasn't an earthquake.

It was as if the ghost is pleading that I would lie on my back, but I fought back.

"Stop," I murmured.

The shaking stopped.

And I thought I was the only one who had experiences like this.

I just read in a magazine about a woman's repetitive intimate encounters with a male ghost. She felt the same way as I had: difficulty of breathing, the feeling that you were being touched.

Apparently, they have a term for that spirit. It is called Incubus.

After reading the article my thoughts began to swirl. What if I entertain the incubus for once? How would I feel? What would I feel?

I'll tell you when that happens.



I am so glad that Marky Cielo of Mountain Province won the Sole Survivor title in the third season of StarStruck. The Ultimate Male Survivor had to battle with Ultimate Female Survivor Jackie Rice for that crown by answering one question from a representative of GMA Network.

"How will you prove your staying power as a celebrity after StarStruck?"

Marky simply said that he will remain true to himself and will continue to hone his acting and dancing crafts. Enough said for the crowd fave.

The Final Four looked so divine last Sunday, together with the Avengers (the eliminated candidates), as well as the candidates and winners from the search's two previous seasons.

I am very confident that the third batch of StarStruck will have a beautiful showbiz career ahead of them, even the hard-headed Iwa Moto.

Watch Marky's Finale perfomance. Definitely a must-see. Notice that he was dancing in the middle of the song without his left shoe. That's a trademark of a professional performer.



1) I was contemplating of resigning from Kids' TV because my meetings with the film company will always fall on a Saturday during my TV shoot. After talking to my boss, she allowed me not to attend during shoots as long as the scripts are prepared on time. On that note, there is a huge chance that I would catch my play's only run this coming March 26. I'm planning to videotape it just in case.

2) I finally found a great host for maruja radio. Thanks Talamasca.

3) JUST ASKING: Do you think I need a new template? If so, would you make one (or recommend one) for me?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebrity Spotting/ Multi-Media Multi-Tasker


I'm still cracking my way deep into the Philippine Showbizlandia and because of my early exposure to this industry (I hugged Dolphy when I was five), I have become used to spotting local celebrities in public places.

Filipinos, especially the masses, love to spot celebrities. And when they do, it is as if they have found a long lost friend. Shrieking in delight, screaming the name, and waving towards them, with matching "Can I have an autograph?" even at the celebrity's private moments like malling or watching a movie.

Not all celebs take this over-fascination with a grain of salt. One actor (should I mention the name?) got so pissed after a teenager repeatedly shouted the his name while walking in a mall. The actor went near the lad and grabbed his neck as if trying to wring the poor guy's life dry.

A female TV host got a bit insulted after a random lady waved at her. Since the female celeb wants to unwind with her coffee at an outdoor cafe, she didn't noticed the female fan until she heard the comment "She is snooty in person!"

People should realize that celebrities are people, too. They work so hard (or so little, depending on how you view things) and they need to relax just like the rest of us bourgeois. So whenever they are in a public place, like a restaurant, just treat these celebrities like other strangers.

Ignore them.

Or at least pretend you ignore them.

I was standing in line to buy a ticket to watch Memoirs of a Geisha at the posh Gateway Mall (near Araneta Center) and I spotted StarStruck Finalists Jackie Rice and Gian Carlos (together with a fat gay handler) walking out of the cinema after watching Big Momma's House 2. So as not to give the impression that you are too eager, just follow what I always do whenever I spot celebrities in public places, using this scenario as an example.

Stare at them for about two seconds.

Close your eyes.

Then look away, while lingering that brief moment in your memory.

Simple, right? Not necessarily.

Fast forward. After watching Memoir's last full show, I calmly walked my way out of the closing mall. Just as I stepped on an escalator, a couple had just stepped out of the moving staircase. As they turned around, the guy looked up to me and I almost froze.

Because the guy stared at me like this.




It's Dennis Trillo!

At that moment, I just looked away so instant that his face almost failed to linger in my mind.

Aaaaargh! I can't help but be nervous at that situation.

But I still kept my calm as I looked away and minded my own business desecending on the escalator. When I saw that he wouldn't see me, I let my jaw drop and checked my heart if it was still there.

Yup, it stayed there.



I guess God did not want me to be confined in just one job. Just this week, I got another freelance work as a story development team member for an established movie outfit. We would meet for at least twice a month for storylines to be used in television shows and movies. I freaked out when I learned that I got the job. Imagine, my venture into Showbizlandia is slowly getting clearer, and I get to work with "Queen Mother."

But here's the rub. My first brainstorm meeting will be tomorrow, just as Kids TV will travel to Pampanga two shoot for two episodes. I told my Director/ Dad and Production Manager that I would follow to the location just after the meeting.

Now I have three different jobs in three different illustrious industries: Events (with my ex-boss), Television (with my current boss), and Movies, all of which have extremely flexible skeds and I hope I could manage to fit everything in.



1) Still sad (no, devastated) by the fact that I wouldn't watch my play's only run this March 26 since I would be in Vigan by that time. Now I would have to content myself watching a run-through on the 24th and will watch a video of the play a week after. Kainis!

2) I'm also sad that Blogexplosion is on sale. I hope this company will fall in good hands.

3) After telling my sister about me spotting Jackie and Gian, she asked me if Jackie's beautiful. I told her, "Yes, she more beautiful in person, no doubt." She asked again, "More beautiful than Iwa Moto?" I answered, "I only said she's more beautiful in person."

4) Currently searching a good (and free) file hosting site where I can put maruja radio into good use. Myfilehut has been having problems with its server recently, and it's no fun that you browse my blog without some good tunes. Any suggestions?

4) JUST ASKING: How do you manage your tight schedule?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

StarStruck: The Road To Finals (UPDATED)

WARNING: My StarStruck post is laden with videos that can cause addiction and sleepness nights. You have been warned. For maximum experience, it is recommended that you play the video first before reading the preceding texts. Ready?


Two days from now (make that three days from now; I thought I was blogging on a Friday), StarStruck will unveil its Finale and announce the Sole Survivor for its third season. This is different from its two previous seasons when they used to choose one male and one female winner.

It has been four months since StarStruck 3 introduced to the public 14 teen survivors from all over the Philippines, from a pool of over 40 believers and from thousands of dreamers.

And as the final days draw near, only four teen superstars, all talented (well, that can be debated) and having huge fanbase, remained in contention for the grand prize totaling ten million pesos worth of management contract, endorsements, and other perks showbiz personalities get.

A lot of speculators think that Marky Cielo would win this celebrity search, not only for his ethnicity (being a member of the Igorot Tribe) but for his talents in acting and dancing, which I think is his top asset. His "Machete factor", this unexplainable animal appeal, has slowly endeared a lot of girls (and definitely several males). And since he has not been "pasaway" (hard-headed) during the whole season, he did not stir hatred or apathy towards the viewers, who will make a bulk of the Final's decision.

Jackie Rice is the newly-celebrated poster girl. She has earned new appreciation from the press, and has shown to the viewers that she can battle Iwa Moto head on. In the latest live presentation, she said to the judges, "Iwa may be beautiful, but her personality is a different story." This half-American, half-Filipina lass from Olongapo has struggled through the difficult-to-please Douglas Nierras, the computer leakage controversy, and her seemingly-unsupportive father. But with the recent praises from the press, and since a lot of viewers got turned-off to Iwa's recent "tantrums," she may steal the Femal Survivor Title from the early favorite Iwa. Who knows?

Gian Carlos had been criticized for having one talent: playing the guitar. But what had him continuing the StarStruck journey is that he is improving, especially in acting. From a shy boy in Iloilo who strummed his way to Final 14, viewers have witnessed his evolution into a teen heartthrob worthy of Marky's competition, especially when he (and his fans) pulled out an upset Final 4 slot over Chuck Allie of Davao. However, his chances of winning the Male Survivor plum is close to nil. I think he is facing a wall that he would not crumble.

Iwa, Iwa, Iwa. What have you done Iwa? You display one hell of a fit when you were interviewed in Davao. You were supposed to be asked about your Stepdad's house that was burned. Or why you cried when your sister gave you a card? Why the sudden lash of emotions? Why the shower of hatred towards your competitors? Before you, or any of my fellow Iwanatics, answer, let me say this: In showbiz, plasticity is the best policy (grabbing a quote I found recently). You get to work with people you hate, and mingle with them, too. Now, you got flak, a lot of flak actually. If you will lose this Sunday, I know why. I won't question the judges' decision. I won't question the viewers' voting. I won't even question the network's seemingly conspiracy theory to put you down. I'll just ask you: Why? Despite all that, I still support you. May you have a flourishing showbiz career, but I doubt you could bring back the trust of over 50 million Filipinos who watched the interview.

If you ask me my overall perception of StarStruck's third season, it can be summed up in three words: EXCITING, RUTHLESS, HEARTLESS.

It is an EXCITING time to watch 14 teenagers become the third batch of phenomenal teen stars. No doubt that they will be as famous as most of the candidates of first season, which include...

FHM cover girl Katrina Halili.

Product endorser Nadine Samonte.

Teen comedian (and F4 clone) Rainier Castillo.

Hitmaker Yasmien Kurdi.

And the most popular love team (then separated then reunited then re-separated then starting to reunite) that is Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado.

Forget about the second batch. Even the winners were bland, just my honest opinion.

StarStruck 3 is RUTHLESS. They spare no-one when it comes to eliciting controversy, beginning with one candidate tearing a rosary apart after being eliminated from the Top 40. This season has the most controversy, the most tabloid frenzy, and the most cutthroat competition.

And finally, this season is HEARTLESS, ironic from the network's "Kapuso" tag. The show spares no-one when it comes to giving punishment to erring candidates. The judges gave Iwa and her controversial interview a score of 0 during the Final 6 judging. The show dug really deep into the computer leakage controversy, resulting to the elimination of Arci Munoz. After Iwa's interview, the show featured a lot of dismaying footages of the Las Pinas bet. But then again, that's Reality Television. It's bare, daring, no hold barred, crazy at times, still patronized overall.

I can't wait for this journey to end, but I am reeling to witness these fourteen stars venture their showbiz careers outside StarStruck. Questions begin to pop in the viewers' head: who will have the first endorsement? Who will have the first movie? Who will have the first hit record? Who will become more famous than the other? The competition of teen superstardom does not end in StarStruck. It's only just beginning.

Many thanks to Pinoy Rickey.



1) I can't believe that I blog for three hours. And now that the mall where I'm blogging is about to close, I forgot what to put in my footnotes. I hate when things like these happen. Basta just keep on reading my blog and tell me your honest comments. I'm democratic naman eh.

2) Now I remember what to say...I feel so sad after learning that Kids TV's Vigan shooting coincide with the day my play would be performed. No, sad is not the right word. I was devastated. I had to ask the director to videotape the play for me to watch on a later date.

3) Congratulations to University of Santo Tomas for again bagging the overall championship at UAAP Season 68. As a tribute to my alma mater, here's a video of one of UST's pride: The Salinggawi Dance Troupe. This is their winning routine in last year's UAAP Cheerdance Competition (I was there at the stands!). A reminder to the US readers, Philippine Cheering is somewhat different to the American style of cheering. Ours focuses less on difficulty but more on flair and dancing. I'm sure fellow Thomasians Yuri, Geng, Rain, and Paulie would like this.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Maruja Radio ver.1.21/ He's Gay/ Kiss Me

Maruja Radio ver.1.21

At last! I've found my banner song for this humble (and sometimes humiliating) blog of mine! This will be my battle cry in many days to come, as long as it is not being played on Love Radio and become a staple tune among cab drivers and housemaids.

Sandwich is one of the most successful cross-over bands in The Emerald Isles. Last year, their lead singer/ guitarist/ songwriter Marc Abaya (who is also an MTV VJ), left the group and was replaced by former Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan, whom I thought was an excellent choice. The band recently released their fourth album entitled "Five On The Floor" and its carrier single, Sugod (which means "attack"), is a catchy one. I couldn't help but to stand up, raise my hands, and start a revolution.

"Brothers, let's attack
Let's stand up and unite
Wave the banner high
Rock and roll 'till the early morn'!"


Okay, He's Gay. So?

I know this news bit is about Pinoy Big Brother (and you know I don't like Pinoy Big Brother), but this is worth your interest...

Finally, Rustom Padilla, former action star turned husband turned game show host turned annulled turned US exile turned skin care products owner turned Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition contestant and lead actor in the movie Maruja (with his then-future wife Carmina Villaroel), has admitted on the reality program about a bunch of has-beens locked in a house for 50 or so days, what we have suspected all along.

He is gay.

This would have been okay, if only the show didn't exaggerate its reaction or treatment to his admission. He was branded by Big Brother as a hero, his brother Robin (another action star) called him "more macho".

Wow. Good for him. I hope they build a monument for his "heroism."

I opened up to my Dad and I'm still a fag who is not treated seriously in showbusiness. Here in showbizlandia, gays are the supposed comedians, the supposed laughing stocks, the supposed molestors of aspiring male stars, the supposed screaming drags and fags, the supposed beauty gurus, the supposed tabloid talk show hosts. We are always branded as someone else we are not.

Sorry for those PBB fans, but not everybody likes that show, your Empress included.

Since this is about coming out of the closet, let me tell you on how I came out.

My family is somewhat aware that I am different even when I was a child. I acted effeminately, I like to wear my Mom's high-heeled shoes, things like that. But my being gay was not discussed openly. I remember an aunt of mine telling me when I was 12 to take care of my white legs because "those will be your assets."

Well, I didn't become as beautiful as him.

Despite that "flaw," I still managed to wear short shorts and tease on the boys in our neighborhood back in my teenage years. Some guys fell into my charm, I guess I was irresistible then.

One night my Dad came home drunken mad. I was the only one awake since I was supposed to wait for him before I close the doors. He kicked the dog from the doorway, held my shoulders tightly and said, "If you flirt around like a slut, I swear I'll kill you."

I wasn't crying, just shocked that he said that.

The next day he asked me what happened when he came home. In all bluntness I told him word for word that quote. He said sorry and hugged me.

Wait, I didn't tell him I'm gay yet.

Years later, when I was in college, my Dad and I were watching a local talk show and its topic was "My child, are you gay?". During the commercial break, Dad asked the same thing.

"Son, are you gay?"

I stared into his and told him with all honesty...

"Yes, sir. Why?"

He laughed.

No, he didn't laugh out of disgust for gays. He laughed because his favorite son might not give him a grandchild.

Until now, our relationship is tight. People around me are quite baffled that I'm closer to my Dad rather than my Mom, like most gays are. Well, I don't know how to answer that.

At least I opened up to him. That alone, without much hype, pomp and circumstance, is enough.


Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Me!

As the finals of StarStruck Season 3 draw near, the Final Four underwent a baptism of fire in showbusiness. Each finalist was paired with a previous winner of StarStruck 1 and 2 whom they will kiss on-screen. These short features, aptly called "Kiss Flicks," were the Final Four's first kiss on the small screen. Iwa Moto locked lips with Mike Tan (male winner of StarStruck 2), Gian Carlos smooched with Ryza Cenon (female winner of StarStruck 2), Marky Cielo pecked Jennylyn Mercado (female winner of StarStruck 1), and Jackie Rice gave an intimate kiss to Mark Herras (male winner of StarStruck 1).

In my opinion, the best kissing scene would be that of Jackie's and Mark's. They look so good together, aren't they?



1) I'm really really tired after our Kids' TV press conference. (Notice the aposthrophe, as commanded by our Executive Producer.) It was a blast. I never expected that some prominent entertainment writers attended the event. I hope this would generate new interest among our audience.

2) Since StarStruck 3 Finals is near, I am planning to compile the best and worst of this exciting yet ruthless competition. If you'll see it in other blogs before me, you know what that means.

3) JUST ASKING: What do you want to see more in my blog?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Maruja Radio ver.1.2

I just updated maruja radio, still keeping true to its line-up of Filipino music, mainstream and underground.

Press PLAY and nod your head a little with
Radioactive Sago Project. Their brand of spoken word/ rap/ jazz/ punk was not sacrificed on their journey to mainstream pop and had become a staple in local movie soundtracks. Of all their songs, my favorite is Astro, which is an expression of love towards a cheap cigarette brand.

Next in line is
Christian Bautista with his latest track, Invincible. Undoubtedly, he is currently the most successful young singer in the country. His songs became uber-popular in Indonesia and since then he had appeared in the finals of Indonesian Idol, countless talks shows, a musical TV special just for him. And now, he is becoming popular in Thailand, slowly crawling his way to Asian superstardom.

We begin to slow the pace a bit with another relaxing Filipino lounge track courtesy of Elkiko's Way. Little is known about him, except that he is a "student of life." But what I know is that he makes good, mind-numbing music, perfect for after-office hours. Check out his track, Should We Always Have To... .

And we suddenly highten the ante with DJ MiRU and his trance track Dark Heaven. He first dabbled in creating electronic music in 1998. Back then, he uses MTV Music Generator for the Playstation (who says video games are not educational?). His musical influences include Everything But The Girl, Moby, Alice DeeJay, Basement Jaxx, Telepopmusik among others.

I hope you like the line-up. I'm currently looking for some Pinoy rock songs I've heard lately and will put them in maruja radio once I've found them.

In the meantime, make yourself a cup of tea and relax.

Just relax.



1) I had a terrible headache these past few days, prompting me to become a bit lazy in work. I mean, even typing words in this post required a lot of will power on my part as if I'm pushing a rock. A big rock.

2) I've been also scaring myself these past few days. For a while, my endless bout of sweating was a symptom for AIDS. I prayed to God before going to sleep and promised him to be monogamous and practice safe sex. Uhm, on the second thought, I might ditch the former.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Different random lives, one word. Carry on.


Bitchy Mikey Mike

Don't forget to visit my latest blog renter, Bitchy Mikey Mike. This young fashionista hailing from the Island of Cebu (home of renowned Hollywood designer Monique Llulhier) leads a colorful life that deserves to be viewed.


An Open Letter To Mr. L

Isn't it weird how one night could make you forget your senses, including common sense?

I admit that I have done something wrong to you: I only viewed our moment as casual, you saw it in a different perspective. After you rubbed your mouth against my shoulders, you whispered some words. I didn't answer.

You whispered it again, "I love you." I was motionless. I don't feel your same sudden libido-charged sentiments.

Those were the words I don't want to hear in such brief moments.

I told you that I will always come back to you. Yes, it's true. On that moment we shared sweat, kisses, and skin, I felt like I was a woman. Honestly, I've never felt that before. Oh, how you strategically placed your lips against my flesh, how you held my hand so tight, never letting go until it was over.

After that, you thought I loved you and I missed you. I say yes on the latter.

Please, don't be mad. I only thought it is the best option for both of us. You were trying to forget your lost love. I was trying to feel what love was like.

In case we go out again, we should drop all our burdens and relive the moment without raging emotions. And everything we have done will only remain there.



The Supposedly Woman

A Sunday conversation with friends gone charged with curiosity and teasing. A guy friend of mine asked me a lot of questions about my sexual habits. I tried to answer with the lowest tone possible, aware of the elderly couple looking towards our table topped with sundaes.

To sum up my sexual behavior, I lay my cards on the table and smeared some on the sundaes.

"I'm a traditionalist. When it comes to bed, I'm supposed to be the woman..."

"I don't do P&S..."

"I don't do S&M..."

"I don't do golden showers, even rainbow showers..."

"I don't do rimming since it causes hepatitis..."

"I don't like to be forced, especially if I know that I will feel extreme pain afterwards..."

"I only kiss, suck, and, if I like the guy, f*ck as well."

So, still interested?



1) The people behind Kids TV are busy preparing for a press conference this weekend, welcoming the show to its new channel. I was assigned to be one of the hosts along with my co-writer and our associate producer. We were already forewarned about the use of green jokes, but I don't know about that.

2) I will be updating maruja radio in the coming days with hot tracks for your listening pleasure.

3) JUST ASKING: Would you feel offended if people ask you about sex?