Saturday, October 21, 2006

What? An Earthquake?

While working in the middle of the night, a slight earthquake shook Metro Manila and rocked our building. Don't worry guys, I'm still alive.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I Love/ Hate Jologs

LIFE LIFE: I Love to be Jologs

Every once in a while, I make a fool out of myself. I mean, that's not unusual.

One of my kitschiest things I am interested in recently is imitating the EB Babes Dance Number. The EB Babes are the latest members of Eat Bulaga, the Philippines' longest-running variety show (27 years running). They replaced the erstwhile Sexbomb Girls after a series of unfortunate events mostly about infighting among its members.

Anyway, I just love to dance like the EB Babes (well, except the part when they are kneeling on the floor). Just take a look!

Hey! There's nothing wrong with dancing like a girl, is there?


LIFE LIFE: I Hate the Jologs

Last night, I have concluded that the jologs (lower-class people) would laugh at anything that is unusual to them such as call center agents and the way they layer their clothing, or the sight of pretentious patrons of Starbucks, or the Nokia Nseries phone (which they most likely steal anyway).

I have thought of this because some jologs find my unusual talent funny, and to think I wasn't wearing a chicken costume like those contestants in Pinoy Dream Academy.

I was so pressed for time as our children's show head writer wanted me to e-mail some scripts for our upcoming shoot tomorrow. Since my jurassic PC was whacked eversince I downloaded Mozilla Firefox (lesson: Firefox and Windows 98 don't mix), I was forced to type my script at a local Internet shop.

While in the middle of typing, minding my own business, a group of young male jologs rented a PC beside mine. They were probably looking for javascripts to "decorate" their Friendster profiles. I began noticing the guy beside me began to snigger. I thought because he forgot to sniff some glue.

And then he began motioning his hands on the keyboard and began imitating my fast typing skills. WTF?! I didn't know typing really fast can be funny?

At first I let them be for a few minutes until he began motioning his other friends to look at the way I type at the keyboard. I lashed out.

"Ano'ng nakakatawa?" (What's so funny?)

They shut up, ignoring me as if they didn't listen what I said.

Grrrr! Those j-logs! I hate those uneducated bastards!



1) I have finally updated my blogroll at the Links section. I purged some of the blogs that I no longer read (and some that are inactive) and added some sites that I currently read. I encourage you to read them as well.

2) Watch this clip I found online. Galing!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mga Kuwento ni La Maruja

The Token Tagalog Post now comes in a new name. "Mga Kuwento ni La Maruja" delves into the inner thoughts of Empress Maruja, particularly about being gay in this multi-faceted third world (although claimed by the government as "second-world") country. Read on...


MGA KUWENTO NI LA MARUJA: Kapag Tumitig ay Malagkit

Sumuko na ako sa katotohanan na kahit kailan hindi ako makakahanap ng relasyon nang basta-basta sa isang pampublikong lugar. Sa dami ba naman ng tao ngayon sa Maynila, sa palagay mo ba may guwapo't matipunong lalakeng makakakita sa akin?

Pero minsan, mapapaisip ka na siguro may mga tao diyan na naghahanap ng maiibig habang abala sa kani-kanilang mga buhay. Na ang mga simpleng gawain gaya ng pamamalengke o paghahatid ng pamangkin sa eskuwela ay nagiging hanapan na rin ng makakapareha.

Gaya ng nangyari noong nakaraang Linggo.

Nakasakay ako sa MRT mula Cubao papuntang Buendia, papasok sa aking panggabing trabaho. Masikip noon at siksikan ang tao. Dahil wala nang upuan, napatayo ako. Habang bumibiyahe, napansin ko na may isang matangkad na lalakeng tila dumidikit sa akin. Okey naman ang hitsura niya. Siguro kapag nakita ko siya sa isang madilim na sinehan sa Quiapo malamang pinatulan ko siya.

Pero siyempre hindi ito Quiapo, at hindi ko na 'yun gawain noh!

Pagdating sa Ortigas Station, nagkaroon ng bakanteng espasyo para makaupo ako. Sa patuloy na pagbiyahe ng MRT, napansin ko na 'yung lalakeng matangkad na katabi ko kanina ay panay ang titig sa akin. Sumusulyap ang kanyang mga mata at paminsan-minsan ay kinakagat pa ang kanyang labi.

Okey na sana siya sa akin, kaya lang parang pakiramdam ko kapag naging kami, ako pa ang magiging lalake sa relasyon. Ako pa naman, pinapanindigan ko talaga na ako dapat ang girl. Aba natural!

So ayun, lumipad na lang ang aking mga mata sa kung saan man kahit na panay pa rin ang malalagkit na titig ng lalake.

Hindi na niya ako sinundan paglabas ko sa Buendia Station. Ang haba naman ng hair ko kung ganoon ang nangyari. Pero in fairness, napagtanto ko na taglay ko pa rin ang aking kakaibang kapangyarihan na nagpapabaliw sa mga lalake.


MOVIE TRAILER LIFE: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

"The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros" (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros) has been chosen as the Philippine representative for the Best Foreign-Language Film Category of next year's Academy Awards. To refresh your memory, "Maximo" is about a 12-year-old gay boy from a family of petty thieves who fell in love with a policeman. The movie had its second round of screening at major cinemas in Metro Manila, while the DVD is scheduled to be available next year.

For those who have not seen it, do yourself a favor. Here's the trailer and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FUN LIFE: Miss Universe 2006, the "Real" Coronation

I found this somewhere online. This is a funny scenario during the 2006 Miss Universe Coronation. Read what they actually said.

NATALIE GLEBOVA, 2005 Miss Universe: To the rightful queen.

KURARA CHIBANA, Miss Japan: He...he...he...hehehehe!

ZULEYKA RIVERA, 2006 Miss Universe: No!...My precious...



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2) Don't forget to visit Philippine Idol Updates for the latest on anything about the best talent show in the country ever (well, if that is if those "rich" and awful contestants like Jan and Miguel get eliminated).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Project One Post A Day

To make up for lost time, I have decided to blog one post everyday even while working. Enjoy.


INTERMISSION NUMBER: Sign Language Lessons

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still Alive

The rumors are simply untrue...

Empress Maruja was not pinned down by a falling billboard during the raging storm weeks ago.

The reason why I haven't posted for three weeks now is that I have so busy these past few days. My apologies to my dear readers who have been anticipating week after week for a new post, but alas, nothing.

Anyway, enough is enough...


HOUSE LIFE: In this corner...

I've always insist that I am thinner than I am supposed to be. I wore tight pants to show off my seemingly-slender legs, never mind if some of the pants were popping off the seams. I bought medium-sized shirts because it "fits" me.

Realizing that my opinions about my weight is a bit outdated (even my resume says I'm 130 pounds), I tried weighing in this device that a local pharmacy put up. Not only it measures your height and weight, but also your BMI, your ideal weight, and even your blood pressure. After several minutes, I got the printout and went home.

Once I got home, I left the printout at the kitchen counter and took an afternoon nap.

I got up hours later and as I walked out of my bedroom, I heard my sister saying:

"On the red corner, weighing 182 pounds and 6 ounces..."

Yup, it was a reality check indeed.


WORK LIFE: Something new

It was only in recent days that I realized that I was a one-empress team in my night shift. There were no other group mate that I could talk to or approach me and ask on work issues. Well, it's a thing of the past.

In just one week, I had three new teammates: a fellow writer, a web designer, and a team leader. Adjusting to the new members of the team was relatively easy for me, as long as they have the initiative to talk to me.

Starting Monday, two new members will be added.


INTERMISSION NUMBER: Philippine Idol's Drae Ybanez

Would somebody tell me why Drae was the first to be eliminated in Philippine Idol Finals?