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Monday, September 12, 2005

"What's Your Name And School?"

Today is the first day when tickets for the annual inter-university cheering competition are on sale. Just like in the US, college cheer is taken way seriously here. All the debate, name-calling, and predictions as to which of the 8 universities under University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) will win the much-hyped cheering championship.

Our university has won last year, and the year before that. Basically, we won most of the titles eversince the cheering competitions was conceived. That is why it is always expected that we gather the biggest crowd, from students to alumni to sons and daughters of alumni.

This year, two of my friends have decided to go with me and watch the competition, which will happen on Saturday (September 17, my birthday). They were Millet and Paulie, the same people in my "We Are A Dying Breed" blog.

Thinking that the ticket office would open at noon, I casually prepared myself as I ventured to the venue, Araneta Coliseum, fifteen minutes before noon. When I reached the office, all but one section was sold-out, and it was the cheapest section before you would get settled with the SRO tickets. Those tickets were the ones I'm supposed to buy, since it gives you the best view of the cheer dancers' formations.

When it was my turn to buy tickets, the ticket lady reminded me that I could only buy two tickets. I asked her if I could return later. "If there are still tickets available," she replied.

That prompted me to inform Paulie through my cell phone after buying the tickets if he could buy one later in the day. Since he was too loaded with work that he might not get there before the tickets were sold out, it was left to dear old me to do something.

I stood at the sidelines, asking people if they could buy one ticket on my behalf. They all say...

"No, sorry."

"We can't"

"I'm buying two tickets, too."

As I was getting nervous and jittery, a guy sitting near me spoke softly to my direction.

"Do you wanna buy another ticket," he asked.

He seemed pretty decent. I could mistake him as a law student with his "barong" top and khaki pants. I nodded.

"You could just go back to the line and buy again," he tipped me. "I bought ten tickets already."

The word SCALPER flashed in my mind. I told him, "I might try that. Thanks." I smiled faintly.

Just then, a lady younger than I am walked towards me. "Excuse me, you wanted another ticket, right? Well, I bought one for you."

"Oh bless you, bless you," I exclaimed as I handed to her my payment for the ticket. "Thank you so much. What's your name and school?"

In UAAP, school is a big issue.

"I'm Melissa from La Salle."

"Maruja, UST graduate."

"But I studied high school in UST."

"Oh no big deal. I only just asked," I replied as we parted ways.

I smiled as I headed for work. Now, it's school-bashing time again...nyehehehe....


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