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Monday, August 29, 2005

I Lost A Friend (part 2)

I went to Larra's funeral alone. Since there aren't much public transport on Sundays, I settled for taxicab. It was too late for to realize that the driver took the long road and had to pay as much as forty pesos. I saved the plate number on my mobile phone. I'll deal with that creep some other time.

I entered the chapel not knowing what to do. I've always been aloof at funerals, sometimes feeling uneasy. Larras was surrounded with her neighbors, colleagues, and relatives. I was approached by one of Larra's sisters, whom I knew before. After greeting me, she pointed out to the marble urn above the white altar.

"There's Larry," she said while holding her emotions.

It was just an uneasy feeling. I'm not used to being introduced to an urn before, especially if it contains someone you befriended dearly.

Some of my workmates arrived later. Tita Malu sat beside me as we recollected all of our happy memories with our head writer. Larra is the comedian in the office, a happy-go-lucky kind of person who always bring joy to other people. Her death was sudden and an unexpected ending of her beautiful life.

Minutes later, a special mass was celebrated at the chapel in Larra's memory. I couldn't help but to shed tears at one time. I couldn't even dare looking at the marble urn.

The homily discussed about two fears Filipinos are afraid of: suffering and failure. These fears should be faced with faith and determination.

After the mass, I had assorted conversations with Larra's friends and colleagues in the chapel. We were able to piece together the events that led to her murder. I cannot divulge the details as of now, but we were very sure that the murder was carefully planned. We hope that the police will not be misled by some of the evidences. Larra's colleagues from the bigger TV network are determined to have this case solved, especially that her death is a blow to broadcasters whose duty is to expose the truth against the wicked and corrupt.

We treated ourselves to light lunch, after which Larra's urn was to be transferred to her hometown. Tita Malu and I were about to leave until Larra's sister offered me to carry my friend's urn. I obliged. She was heavy.


I just received a text message that our production team cannot attend to Larra's burial this Tuesday and will have to proceed to our production meeting as scheduled. There was nothing we can do, we have an TV show to produce. We know that Larra will agree.


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