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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Another Gay Man Killed...

As I went off to the market this morning, I stumbled upon a scary headline in a tabloid:

"Another gay murdered: SERIAL KILLER STRIKES AGAIN"

I could not believe what I saw! Could it be that Larra's murder could something to do with a bunch of gay-hating idiots?

Reading the news further made my speculation closer to the truth...

POLICE are now determining if the death of a 64-year-old weatlhy
found hogtied and with multiple stab wounds in the
--is a simple case of robbery, the handiwork of a murderer with a
personal grudge,
or even a serial killer who has been hounding gay men in recent months...

The bloodied cadaver was discovered on his bed bound with a bed sheet. His mouth was sealed with packing tape...

I have been thinking about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Larra. Based on what I have gathered during the funeral (now I feel like that anime Detective School Q), the killers are definitely NOT male prostitutes. It was a carefully-planned murder.

I can only speak out this much, since I, too, am afraid of my welfare. I'll inform more about my murder theories once everything is cleared.

If the police are intelligent enough, I hope the killers will be captured in no time without sacrificing another innocent life. We have lost a dear friend and colleague in the broadcasting industry, and they should pay.


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