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Monday, September 05, 2005

Fashion Will Save The World

Busy has been a byword for me during the past days. I am telling you, I am living in exciting times. I find more freelance opportunities while fearing for my life. I hope I won't get stabbed on the back as I write this blog...I want to live.

We just finished a meeting for our upcoming modeling contest, which was after a press conference announcing the event in front of prominent society press, which was after I finished revising all the cue cards for the creative director to use, which he didn't.

Packed in a North Avenure-bound taxi were five people involved in the event, including yours truly. Words were flying as we recap the minutes of the meeting, and we just couldn't stop laughing.

You see, heading the meeting is the director of a prominent worldwide modeling agency for Asia-Pacific. As the production people were discussing to him the various aspects of the project, from pre-production stage, casting, to finals night, he seemed to have experience a cross-South China Sea cultural shock. Unlike the partying atmosphere of Bangkok, where he is based, Filipino fashionistas are an uptight lot. As the stage designer said it best, trying not to bleed her nose because of excessive English, "They would rather just sit and be entertained." He also insisted of getting a famous soda brand to sponsor the event.

"Because, you see, in Singapore, they are developing this new product in an aluminum bottle. It's half-filled with (the soda) and you can mix it with, like, Bacardi or something."

"That brand hasn't had a campaign this year," one of them lamented.

"Besides," I thought. "Would the Filipino consumers like to see a wholesome product being promoted as an accompaniment to alcoholic drinks? Although they've done it, it's not a good message to send to kids."

What was I thinking? Give me that damn gin-soda.


But what really got us laughing is when the topic of associating modeling with charity was cropped up by the Thai director (who, by the way, redefined the hopes and dreams of several gays during the press con). There is nothing wrong with it, but...

"He was asking what are the problems besetting the Philippines. We said poverty, then he asked 'What else?' I said smoking, drugs, traffic, the impeachment. I would like to tell him, 'You know the problem we have here? Everything.'"

"I mean, would the models oblige to anti-drug cause? Oh I know, they'll demonstrate using a drug and tell the kids while completely wasted 'This is what you look like when you take drugs.'"

"And what about the smoking? When he said that smoking is unglamorous, one of the PAs suddenly put down his cigarette he was about to light."

"And he wanted to started even during the casting stage, like donating to a cause or something."

Then the guy beside me shouted a quotation straight out of a political campaign.
"Sa panahon ng kahirapan, fasyon ang kasagutan!"

In times of poverty, fashion is the answer!

We all rolled into laughter.


Don't get us wrong. We are not dissing the director. It's just that we were blown away by his passion to repackaging models as crusaders against poverty and all other ills that befall in the society. But then again, I guess beautiful people are needed in times like these. With all the ugly politicians we see endlessly on TV bickering over whether to impeach or not to impeach, it's time for some fresh air, and airs.


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