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Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Great Game And Then...This

We were watching the UAAP Basketball Finals between former champion De La Salle Green Archers and former runner-up Far Eastern U Tamaraws at the office. Honestly, I was rooting for FEU to win the championship and so were the rest of the guys at the office.

Imagine, a gay guy watching basketball, and it's not just for the sole reason of admiring their semi-hard biceps. I watching it for the game!

Boy, the match was tight. Neither team had gone farther than 10 or so points, and the third quarter ended with a tie of 73. Oh, the suspense. Just defeat the elitist La Sallians and go on with life, I thought as I typed the upcoming segment scripts for our TV show.

The last few seconds were killing me. A rebounding two-pointer by MVP Arwind Santos became the deciding shot that broke the tight game. La Salle tried their best, unfairly and otherwise, to make a three-point shot but the ball missed the ringed.

The competition was so intense you would really expect a fisticuff to ensue.

And true enough. At the end of the ballgame, some trash talking began from the Archers directed towards Santos. The MVP walked away from the maddening losers but then the following events occured...

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Go on...click on the thumbnail...

The commentators called that a cheapshot. Our office messenger called that stupid. It was even featured at the news a while ago.

I just laughed when the moment the fist hit his nape.

Don't get me wrong. Because the green guy, La Salle's team manager (take note, TEAM MANAGER) is acting like he's pacifying a fight and then that? Wow...

That's definitely going to the highlight reel of this season.

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