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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Larra's Murder Update: Someone Was Sacked

I got a text message from Jojo on my way to the Elite Model Look Philippines semi-finals at a huge mall (a mega mall), where I work as one of the writers.

"Can you text me the name of the ABS-CBN employee who was sacked regarding Larry's murder? Please text back."

Before we continue, I would like to you to meet Jojo. He is Larra's friend in her hometown somewhere in Laguna Province. I met Jojo when we went to this quiet rural town during their town fair, which we featured in our TV show.

Now back to the program.

I replied that I had no idea. I'm not working at Larra's other TV station, how on earth would I know.

I texted Jojo as to why the employee was sacked?

He replied, "He/She is under investigation."

The plot about Larra's murder is starting to thicken. I should pray harder to Saint Jude. It's Thursday tomorrow.


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