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Thursday, October 13, 2005

An E-Mail From Bryanboy

Last Saturday, I received an e-mail from Bryanboy, the country's blogging demi-god.

Thanks, sweetie!

Your pic is going live today - Happy Saturday!

I adore Bryanboy. I'm a regular reader of his blog because of his no-nonsense idolatry of the branded and the elite. His famous (or infamous) cam-whoring featuring pictures of himself brandishing expensive handbags are just crazy. He has a lot of readers, both here and abroad. One of the site's sections encourages his readers to show their love and appreciation for him by sending him pictures of themselves with the phrase "I Love Bryanboy". I've submitted one myself, and what do you know? It's posted here.

I encourage my readers to read Filipino blogs. Because we're so darn beautiful... and crazy.


Blogger ribbiticus said...

hi, i love bryanboy too. kudos to you for your cool blog. will be back soon, promise! :)

Sat Oct 22, 08:08:00 PM GMT+8


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