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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Greatest Performance Of My Life

I still have the chicken legs. I couldn't stand up straight, my thigh muscles are aching as I walk, and my knees are getting wobbly.

All because I have done the greatest performance of my life.

I performed a sing and dance number last Saturday. I sang on an average microphone and dance the hop-hoppity bop-bop dance routine I learn from tutorial videos. The routine ran for an hour.

But me and my duet could not seem to reach the high notes in our performance, so we ended up getting the consolation prize.

Even our hostess, Mama Tanya whose parlor I used to hang out in college, was baffled by the hour-long number. I gave out my rants and raves about the performance.

My duo was drunk that time. And you know what happens to guys when they are drunk, their dance performance gets affected. You will be forced to danced for hours until the music stops.

But boy was he a good dancer. He reciprocates my every move and groove by his rough whispers and hard grips on my flesh and skin.

Yet still, the fact that the song and dance number lasted for a hour can be tiresome for both of us. Besides, we had issues. I would rather sing, but he insisted on dancing, but I wasn't in the mood for dancing so he forced me to.

I can tell what will happen when I come back to the parlor. A blaring headline will announce my forthcoming as: MARUJA MAKES HISTORY, RUNS A MARATHON OF SONGS AND DANCES. Oh, the embarrassment of being teased, just like in college years, would surely come back like a persistent ghost suitor.

However, I'll try to keep cool with the situation and instead blare out another headline: RESEARCH SHOWS MARUJA STILL VIRGIN. Although honestly, that was a lie.

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