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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hey, Big Spender!

My dad is set to leave to California this afternoon, local time. My mom, who currently lives with our eldest brother somewhere in its Republican arms, misses dad dearly and she wanted him to spend a month in the rolling Freedom Mountains together with other relatives on both sides of the family.

This means that the remaining three siblings will have to endure a month of keeping the house clean and sane, while I have to endure the new responsibility of providing my sister and brother their allowances for internship and school respectively. And to think that my salary is good enough for me to spend it in three to five days flat.

Spending is a big problem for me. My money would have been gone as swiftly as it would land on my hand. Now you're wondering, where do I spend my money on?

Most of my salary goes to food. No, I don't eat a lot of food. I eat expensive food like Pad Thai, Japanese buffet meals, spare ribs in paella. Name it, as long as it's over 100 pesos, that's fine with me.

A big part of the money also goes to entertainment. Just like most Filipinos, I demand to be entertained, but unlike most of us who indulge in watching in cinemas, I prefer going to the arcade and waste my time playing Soul Calibur 2 (aside from the fact that it features a Filipina character, Talim, Ivy is a bitch if not a whore), Dance Dance Revolution (I'm still the traditionalist 4-pad person; that dance game with 5-pads is too much IMO), and Para Para Paradise 2 (you should have seen how kids here dance the Para Para, it's crazy).

I watch movies twice a month, that's why I tend to make sure that I watch a really good one. The last movie I've watched is The Skeleton Key. A really twisted horror. Two-thumbs and a pinky up.

Six-hundred pesos is always set aside for the phone bill and the newspaper subscription, the only bills I pay in the house. And now my Dad's away, I will face the responsibility to be a good elder and provide an ample amount of allowance for me siblings. In Pinoy terms, ample allowance is an understatement. My sister demands a 1500-per-week rate while my brother must have 150 pesos everyday. I tend to feel the reluctancy as I give away money other than for my personal consumption.

Why? It's my money...Daddy will have to pay for that once he comes back.

I'm beginning to deal with it. Thank God I have another job for the month of October. Now I have to buy a new shirt, a new pack of coffee, and anticipate those horribly expensive taxi rides. That salary, too, will be gone in quite a while...starting now.


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