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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm working 9 to 5 (am)

My definition of an ideal job is not being confined in the office for eight or nine hours a day and all do is letting your hatred for the job grow on you. I prefer working where I get to go out of the office. You know, so you don't have to see that same office space every day. Aside from which, I always preferred a job that doesn't suck the energy out of you.

That is why I've been a model agent and now a freelance writer.

I currently work for a production company where we create a children's show (entitled Kids TV for obvious reasons), which we broadcast on a local TV station. My dad referred me to the job, he is the show's director. I've worked my way up from researcher and was promoted to become a segment producer (at the cost of our nutty ex-employee who really created a scene before she was sacked; I'll tell you about it some time) and now I'm working as the show's head writer (after Larra's murder).

Things were going fine in the workplace until two events opened the new chapter of my life, which is October 2005. First, my dad left the country to spend his second honeymoon with my mom who already lives there (dad told us that mom used to tease him on the phone that she's still menstruating and fertile at 48; and you know how children, even though older, will react...ewwww). He'll be there for a month so we've taped some advance episodes to lessen the hassle of directing the show without him, since the executive producer decided (after much lobbying, of course) that she will not get a replacement and instead relegated me and the new segment producer to direct the show temporarily, which is cool.

But the second situation stepped in. I accepted a writing job from my ex-boss last month for his latest venture, the local version of Elite Model Look competition and now, the series of fashion events and tours leading to the finals are beginning to pick up and its beginning to take a majority of my time. So much that an inquiry or command would be received on my cellphone while I'm busy typing the scripts for the upcoming episodes. I've finished one script for the competition's many mall tours late at 5 am (or make that early at 5 am), slept for four hours then went to my TV work, leave after 2 hours because I have to be at the modeling contest mall tour.

My schedule became a wreck. I failed to attend my TV boss' daughter's birthday party, which I was supposed to host because of an urgent meeting at Elite. My TV superior was calling me on my cellphone, asking me if I could make it to the party. I said I can't. But I'm sure the boss will be disappointed on me.

I'm not complaining though. It's just that I never knew that having two writing jobs can be a throbbing pain in the head and can cause a heavy dizziness on your eyelids. But I need the jobs, I need the big money, so I hope prayers help me in balancing my time.

After all, the modeling competition job will end two weeks from now and by that time, I have all the time in the world writing new scripts for the kiddie show. That is unless if I accept the lifestyle writing job being offered to me.


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