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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Jeepney Karma

Before going to my ex-boss's condominium which is the meeting place of all the models and staff for the Elite Model Look Philippines bar tour, I made a routinary stop to a local PC rental shop to blog for tonight, aware of the fact that my PC at home is a prehistoric fossil.

I waited for a jeepney on the roadside, taking my handful of 5-peso, 1-peso, and 25-centavo coins for me to sort out my fare. I took a jeepney to Cubao district and immediately gave the driver my 7.50 pesos. When I got to Cubao, I immediately walked along the roadside (I'm in an hurry to post a blog before my co-staffers text me with "wer r u na?" messages) and noticed that the jeep is following me.

I turned around and the driver told me that I have yet to pay the fare.

What? I've paid already, but he seemed adamant that it was otherwise. So without much argument, I pulled out my coins from my tight jeans and gave him the measly 7.50 pesos worth of the ride.

I totally remembered that I already gave the fare, but I guess it's my karma tonight. God is making me pay for the times I intentionally did not pay the jeep fare to save money.

It was all about the attitude, not being able to pay the fare and walk away with it. When I was in first grade just after our Christmas Party, I realized that the school service left without me. So with an empty Tupperware of what used to be Mom's spaghetti and no money in my pocket, I walked five kilometers to school, since at that age I already had a sense of direction.

Mom was worried when she saw me hours later, appearing tired and all smogged-up. "You should have asked the driver a favor of taking you ride for free," she told me.

Obviously I followed her advice, but not the asking part.


Blogger amiah said...

its a good thing you were not mugged along the way.

Sun Oct 16, 01:17:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

I don't think robbers would take interest on a 7-year-old boy.

Tue Oct 18, 02:01:00 AM GMT+8


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