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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The La Sallian Punch!

Remember this post?

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It became internet fodder the whole night after the incident happened. Hundreds of threads were created at Pinoy Exchange, a popular Filipino forum. Irate FEU fans, as well as anti-Archers, and even La Sallians thenselves, posted a barrage of hatred towards the guy in green and the whole De La Salle community in general.

Some of the notable posts include:

"Just goes to show how much class some La Sallites have. Ruined a great game. Shame, shame. I smell a big fine coming up."

"Whatever respect the DLSU team has garnered for themselves throughout the season has been greatly diminished by that cheapshot..."

"A cheap shot from a cheap goon from a cheap team form a cheap school."

and "Even if DLSU wins the UAAP championship, the ignominy of Mr. Manny Salgado's act will linger on for the next few years... what shame has he brought to our DLSU community?"

The day after, the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Board Of Directors have decided on the harshest punishment in its history.

De La Salle Green Archers Assistant Team Manager Manny "The La Sallian Punch" Salgado is banned. For life.

He is no longer allowed to watch any UAAP games, including chess, or participate in any UAAP teams, including National U.

That is despite his efforts to thwart control his personal crisis by appearing at a morning show and apologized to MVP Arwind Santos, and De La Salle University publishing a public apology.

But at least he has a great way of ending the career of former Games and Amusement Board Chairman. His name will be embedded in UAAP history as the most embarrassing moment.

At least he can have a career in boxing. How do you think he has labelled as "The La Sallian Punch"? But I think he will have a handicap, having a penchant for punching at the back of the fist.

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