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Friday, October 21, 2005

Be Stressed In The Coming Days

(image courtesy of bbc.co.uk)

The coming days are hell days, and it started this afternoon.


The production meeting for Kids TV began with an argument. We never run out of arguments. (I guess that's what creative people do.)

Our production manager failed to inform me that the hosts were supposed to appear on an outdoor background on chroma. But since the kid hosts were sitting on a sofa, it would be pretty darn bad if that request is insisted.

As usual, it was the editor who created the mountain out of the molehill, that I should have given him the story board way before, that I should have inform him what kind of background it's supposed to be and all that. I just stood at the corner, telling him that it's our first time to shoot on a chroma. Let's just move on and do better next time.

I know I have my faults as the head writer. Hell, it's my first time to be head writer and I got the job after Larra's murder (I'm still praying for her killers to be arrested, St. Jude has been nice to me). How am I supposed to know those stuff, no one's teaching me.

And tomorrow, our shoot for Kids TV is stress personified. We will shoot FOUR segment shoots tomorrow from 9AM to 10PM. Although the production team was divided into two units, just imagine the effort we do on each shoot. It's not easy.


And right now, I'm sitting all alone in front of a computer in my ex-boss' office to type the finals script for Elite Model Look Philippines. I'm not complaining, but I felt I needed new inspiration in typing the spiels, since the words I'm typing in the draft have been uttered ever since last month (during the semi-finals). I need some quick inspiration.

How about a one-night stand?
Or a quick look at the thesaurus?
Maybe I should eat dinner...
Or perhaps I need to watch TV (there isn't any here).

I need to clear my mind.


It is only this afternoon that I'm beginning to realise the magnitude of the event this Thursday, the Elite Model Look Philippines Finals. Even Errol (my ex-boss) told me that a while go before he left for a meeting.

Errol and I never thought of being part of an event this grand, this prestigious, this glamorous. If not for Elite, Errol would have accepted offers to direct school pageants. I, meanwhile, would have continued to rant about my constant thrift spending with a US$180 salary a month in writing TV scripts.

I thank St. Jude for giving us this opportunity, and we hope this isn't the last Elite competition we produce.



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3) I just found out a great site for you to browse on. It's called
The Indian Lake Project, a mystery blog that involved a metal box, old photographs, and what seemed as a classified military experiment involving children. It got me sooooo creepy that I read all of the back articles.

THIS IS EMPRESS MARUJA. Someday I will rule a queendom somewhere.


Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

Indian Lake Project looks interesting.

btw - i tagged you to keep your mind focussed.

Check out my place.


Fri Oct 21, 11:26:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Unknown said...

I am happy to be linked to you from Grain Valley, Missouri (which isn't too far from Overland Park, Kansas). I find your writing delightful and interesting.

Always a pleasure to see what you have to say.

Best wishes on the shoot.

Sat Oct 22, 12:49:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course we love your blog because you are also the Empress!!!!

Sat Oct 22, 07:28:00 PM GMT+8


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