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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Becoming A Butterfly, The Hard Way

I'm trying to be as vague as possible, thanks to the confidentiality agreement.

In my first day of working for my new client, I've always told myself to adapt as quickly as possible since (he/she) speaks so fast. But with my litte effort, I seem to have impressed my client. (he/she) took me to dinner and spoil me like (his girlfriend/ her boyfriend). Although my client would try the best of making me belong, I try my best not to get carried away. I don't want to appear too eager, and apparently the client is noticing it.

But I'm telling you now. My work may seem a breeze but I can smell a storm of stress from afar. Besides, I'm not yet reaping the fruits of this labor (I can't wait for Summer 2006).

Until now, I could only shake my head and exclaim to myself, "What have I done to deserve this? I feel so blessed."

Oh well, in the meantime let me share to you this list that I made during the chrysalis phase...

1) BE HAPPY. Always appear happy even when you are sad. Don't let people realize that you are hiding sadness in your soul. People are happy when they see other people happy.
2) BE NICE. Courtesy is the name of the game. Amiable and gentle people are noticed more in a crowd of craziness.
3) LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH. Even until now, Spanish is viewed in the Emerald Isles of the Philippines as the language of the rich and elite. You can be rich and speak Chinese, but if you're poor yet can speak Spanish, you can go for miles.
5) WHAT SAYS IN THE OFFICE/ CAFE/ VAN/ HOUSE, STAYS IN THE OFFICE/ CAFE/ VAN/ HOUSE. That's my remedy for me not to be so obssessed about the non-disclosure agreement. Besides, I now realized that being forgetful sometimes help.

Now I have a feeling that you are having an idea of what I am going through right now. Comment everything that you speculate, but I don't want to cause further trouble.

But I'm telling you now, whatever happens here...I will not let it go easily.


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