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Monday, November 14, 2005

Living In Pinoy TV

The staff of Kids TV is near its end.

No, I don't mean that our TV show is about to get cancelled. But our vacation week in Kids TV is about to end. You see, our cameramen were hired to cover a pre-event for the
South East Asian Games 2005 which will be held in capital city Manila (and several cities as well; the events were so scattered among the lush tropical isles that I'm sensing a logistical disaster in the making, but that's another story). That means that for a week, we couldn't shoot an episode or even segments.

So while the cameramen were so busy, the staff in the meantime were engrossed in other activities like editing for last Saturday's episode (where we featured Enchanted Kingdom which my sister has been bugging me to take her and her boyfriend and our brother as well for a pre-Christmas vacation), setting up appointments for upcoming segments (we are cooking up a National Heroes Day episode), and of course watching Eat Bulaga while having lunch (I read somewhere on the Net that nobody will ever beat the longest-running nootime show of the Philippines unless if God Himself makes a variety show).

Here in the Philippines, television is the main medium of communication (what used to be radio but now even far-flung mountain tribes have TV). It is an exciting medium to work on because of the vast audience where you can reach out and the limitless creative output you can present. Even local celebrities are aware that they can become more popular (and more profitable) through mere TV appearances than landing a lead role for a movie (since Filipinos watch less and less local movies over the years).

In Philippines TV, competition is at its fiercest. Unlike in neighboring Asian countries where the leading station is most likely state-run, here it is a battlefield of two networks: ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7. The former had dominated the airwaves for over a decade, but recently it has been taken over by the latter both in terms of overall ratings and profit. The war is so fierce that most of their celebrities are exclusive (they are not allowed to appear at the other network except for a few exemptions), they don't feature other networks for their entertainment news (which American TV does not do), and they change timeslots in a blink of an eye (ABS-CBN is guilty of that primetime shuffling).

Add the other networks and cable TV, the battle for a majority in the audience share is starting to look like a chaotic food fight, and I'm loving to observe it (and to work in it as well).



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we love u empress. yes it is so true regarding the tv network contest.btw, did i blogspotlighted u already ?

Tue Nov 15, 07:29:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Talamasca said...

ABS-CBN and GMA should stop their crappy competition!

Because of that, ABC 5 outlasted them! They won the KBP GOLDEN DOVE AWARDS for BEST TV STATION this year!

Hehe... ;-)

Tue Nov 15, 03:27:00 PM GMT+8


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