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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Tale Of Two Doors

Just when I thought I am taking the path for the rest of my life, another path is laid upon me.

A crossroad is ahead. My Mom is prodding me to be with her in the US. With the latest memo from the US Immigration that they are in need of 200,000 new teachers every year, they need all the aspiring US citizens they could get.

Yes you are right, I have two doors in front of me. Lucky me, yey... But if I take one from another, I might cannot take the other...forever.

Although I miss Mom and would want to be in the US and work as an English teacher, the promise of Summer 2006 remains echoing in my mind, like a carrot dangling on the rabbit.

I told her that I'll be with her in the US, but she has to wait since I have to finish some errands until next year.

That started another round of argument in the house. "You have US Visa but you still don't use it," my Dad would rant. "There are a million people in the Philippines who would do everything to get what you have right now."

With the points of argument being reapeated over and over for the past months, I have become numb to Dad's take on me sticking in the Philippines.

Don't get me wrong. It's not because of my semi-patrionism. If I could leave the country and settle abroad (legally), I would. But 2006 is nearing, I have to stay here for a couple of months.

I hope Mom would understand, I hope Dad would not mind.

I need your comment on this. If you were to choose, which would you take: an opportunity to mingle with powerful people and eventually become famous, or an opportunity to settle abroad and eventually earn a lot of money. Fame and fortune doesn't mix in my scenario, so take your pick. I'll be hearing from you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is holding you back my dear empress?

Wed Nov 23, 10:28:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Rocky said...

My best advice would be this: Make the decision so that you would have no regrets later on in life. Do what you really want and it will be the right decision. Maybe you can even end up doing both?

Wed Nov 23, 10:59:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Me said...

The answer is in your heart, if you'll only be open and true to it.

No amount of words from your parents or other people can (nor should) change what you really feel in your heart to be the best thing to do.

Thu Nov 24, 09:03:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Talamasca said...

Dilemma time!!! Damn it!!!

It just sucks that people have to choose between two different yet good stuff and you have to give up the other one for another one. I hate this situation. Sheesh.

But, as what the rock-chic-turned-dancing-whore "Jewelle" just mentioned on her song: Follow your heart, your intuition. It will lead you in the right direction

Thu Nov 24, 03:13:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude. you're gay. it doesn't matter.

Fri Nov 25, 01:08:00 PM GMT+8


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