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Sunday, July 09, 2006

House Life: F*ckage

The big box had arrived!

Queen Mother sent us a huge package filled with gifts for all of the members of the imperial family stuck--I mean, living--in the Philippine Islands.

The contents in the box contained the usual stuff: cans of SPAM and Vienna sausage, canned oranges, hand-me-down Prada handbags and Victoria's Secret underwear, ladies' shoes, make-up kits.

What did I get?

An electric toothbrush.

A deodorant.

And a pile of Us Magazine.

Thanks, Ma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came to your blog from Charles as we both are listed there and he is our blog designer!
I'm glad I stopped by becourse you have a great blog too - so hello from Norway then!
How nice of you to share the contant of the big box and good luck with your new brush:-)

Sun Jul 09, 06:50:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aawww.. no Prada handbags and no Victoria's Secret underwear for the empress?? tsk. tsk.

Sun Jul 09, 07:54:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehe... why those three only? Anything else?

I second din-din.

Sun Jul 09, 05:47:00 PM GMT+8


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