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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Decision Has Been Made

First of all, thank you for the kind responses to my dilemma posted in "The Tale Of Two Doors". It definitely filled my heart with warmth. Again, thank you.

After posting my dilemma about whether to opt for fame over fortune, it reminded me of how I've decided over the ages. I remember after graduating from grade school, I decided to stick with my school rather than transferring to an all-boys school. Why? Because I wanted to see the school pool being built. When I reached high school, I only got to use the school pool twice. Just twice.

Yup, my decision making was as shallow as the pool itself. Probably that also contributed on why I decided to come back to the Philippines during my stay in the US. (I could have opted to become an illegal immigrant, you know.) I told my parents it's because I wanted to finish college, but deep inside me, it's because I miss Mike. Well, he's a goner now.

Over the years, I grew up hating the process of making decisions. Just the thinking process that comes with it makes my head ache and in the end, it tends to result in a failure. That is why it's not unusual for me to include "making the right decisions" in my prayers to Saint Jude Thaddeus, the patron of the desparate cases.

And now, I am stuck with two option. What should I choose?

After careful thinking and soul searching, I have decided that I would opt for...


I have decided to make the most out of being a scriptwriter/publiscist in the Philippines while it lasts, and by the middle of next year...well, let's just save that for next year. It might end up in failure...again.



1) Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to comment. Sorry guys if I have to moderate the comments in the meantime. Just browse the site and you will understand why.

2) Tell your friends and your blogging friends about me, the multi-tasking multi-media personality who as a child thought that Comedy King Dolphy was his uncle who goes by the name "empress maruja." You'll be reading a lot of stuff in the coming posts.

3) I've finally realized what "maruja" means (after 8 years of being labelled as such). "Maruja" is apparently a Spanish slang for "a good wife." Yeah-yeah, funny. Funny funny to the haha.



Blogger Talamasca said...

St. Jude? Wow, he's like my savior. Yes, he is the man. Hehe.

Nice entry. And goodluck with your decision.

Wed Nov 30, 12:39:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately. There are no screenshots but I will just placed a link on ur name so they can still jump on ur blog on the post where i acknowledged you

Thu Dec 01, 02:49:00 AM GMT+8


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