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Monday, December 19, 2005

The De-Blossoming Of Empress Maruja

God, I hate it when this happens.

The computer where I'm typing my post suddenly had stalled, forcing me to end it.

I knew I should have drafted it since it was getting pretty long enough.

Now I have to type it all over again, which is a pain, really. It's like forming a jig-saw puzzle where just as you are about to complete, and of a sudden your brother put the pieces in disarray, bringing you back to where you started, with nothing.

So, forgive me as I try to remember everything that I've typed my supposed post...

Here it goes...


As every gay guy in the Emerald Isles would do, I went to the cinema to watch "The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros". The movie, done in digital form, is about a 12-year-old gay boy Maxi (played by Nathan Lopez) who belonged to a family of small-time criminals falling in love for the first time with a much-older policeman (JR Valentin, who reminded me of an older version of heartthrob Dennis Trillo).

I went to Glorietta Cinema alone as usual, aware of the fact that my "film buddies" back in college are so immersed with their respective careers. Since the movie was about to end, I decided to wait at the lobby bench. I'm not like most Filipinos who tend to watch movies during the middle of it and leave just as the scene they first saw appeared again.

I have a lot of expectations about the movie. I've heard a lot of raves about it, it being included in next year's Sundance, which is not bad for a director's debut movie.

It wasn't too long that the audience began to leave. The viewers--mostly women for some weird reason, families with their children tugged along, and a handful (?) of gay guys--were all smiling and giggling. I could eavesdrop at their conversations, all nothing but more praises and raves. I hope I enjoy the film too.

And true enough, "The Blossoming" was a fun movie. Maxi's subtle movements reminded me of my outlandish teen years, when I used to walk in our old neighborhood with hips swaying and wearing the shortest of shorts (that I struggled to fit in). But more than the ongoing debate as to whether it is a gay movie or not, I think that the gay boy is a mere surface of the story.

"The Blossoming" is the story of one's first love. At one point, I found myself being teary-left-eyed, a drop of fluid barely hanging. The movie reminded me of my first love, of how I used to sigh whenever I see his face in class. How I used to carress my hair everytime we talked about Philippine Politics (he was into those "Intellectual Discussions"). How I used to help him in even the simplest of tasks (although not all the time). And of how time flies so suddenly. Now you find yourself...alone, like how I've started.

Seeing myself now, I still deny missing Mike. Denying the fact that sometimes I long to see him, even for a second, no, even for a blink of an eye. I know that would be impossible. In a sea of 10 million people moving endlessly in this vast concrete metropolis, what are the odds of seeing him?

The problem, though, is what if I did see him again? How would I react? Would I act coy, smile and greet him as if nothing happened? Should I smile shyly and turn away? Should I turn myself into a TV drama actress, get teary-eyed, drop all my bags and run towards him with my arms wide open? Or maybe an simple "Oy!" will do?

The movie ended bittersweetly, with the policeman now pursuing for Maxi's affection. So does my story of my first love. It ended neither happy nor sad. We still do not have a certain "closure"



1) Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I truly appreciate it. Tell your friends and your blogging friends about me, cause I believe this site deserves more readers.

2) Honestly, that Anonymous guy who kept on commenting "Dude, you're gay. It doesn't matter" had finally gotten into my nerves. He commented that same sentence again in my recent post (which I rejected), prompting me to track the dude. I mean, it doesn't sound good if you read that particular comment over and over.

3) Last Saturday, December 15, we shot Kids TV's last episode for 2005. Coincidentally, that was also Larra's birthday. I still miss that bakla, I hope her killers get caught.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am quite curious to see that film. Anyways, I miss yah empress and also advance Merry Christmas!!!

Tue Dec 20, 04:46:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Unknown said...

Awww, I am glad you decided to retype it (I hate when that happens)

Your story was very sweet and touching. And universal - for straight or gay, first love is like that.

I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately, been terribly busy with auctions. I've missed staying in touch with all my blog friends.

Always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

Trying to make it to everyone on my blogroll this week to wish them a Wonderful Happy Merry Joyous Christmachanukwanzaa! LOL!

Peace and joy to you!

Tue Dec 20, 08:45:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

thanks for the comments...

chaz, you can check out the official site of "the blossoming",

Fri Dec 23, 12:01:00 PM GMT+8


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