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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Problem With Too Much Anticipation

Remember when I told you that my sister and I planned on bringing our little brother to Enchanted Kingdom for his birthday? The one thing all of us sibling were anticipating about? We'll, we did it last Saturday.

But we didn't managed to get in.

We all woke up early since the trip to Santa Rosa, Laguna, where the theme park is, takes two hours. My sister hates the idea of a crowded theme park where people fall in line for an hour at least just to get a ride. She also hates the idea of going to the theme park during Christmas vacation since by now, it would be full of eager people.

So by the time her boyfriend arrived at our house to join us on our trip (a bit late actually), off we go to the shuttle that will take us there (and it costs pretty hefty).

When we get there, we were so shocked to learn that we can't get in.

No, the park was open.

No, no-one fell off the Space Shuttle and died.

"The park's exclusive today for Shell (gasoline) employees only," the park personnel informed us bunch of shocked visitors.

I tried to be cool despite my seemingly fuming anger.

"It's my brother's birthday. I have work on Sunday. My sister insisted on not going here on Christmas vacation. My brother does not want to go here on a weekday. And you tell us that the park is only for Shell employees today?"

The personnel tried to comfort me with an ease of public relations. "Don't worry. We'll open to the public at 6p.m."

I pity my sister's boyfriend. That would have been his first time to actually be in Enchanted Kingdom.

My sister and I decided not to wait for evening to come. We headed home instead and rescheduled it on Thursday (Dec 8) since my brother doesn't have class on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I told them not to anticipate much. Anticipation kills, that would be our new motto. True enough, we have read in the news that an actor's daughter is celebrating her birthday on Enchated Kingdom with a bunch of orphans.

This Thursday.

Better call the park tomorrow just in case.



1) Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment.

2) Congratulations to the Philippines for winning the overall championship in the just-concluded South East Asian Games in Manila. No, this is not a note of sarcasm. Good luck to Thailand who will host the SEA Games in 2007. I wonder if they themselves will cook up some Macanese Cuisine?

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Blogger Manzkee said...

Nakakabad-trip minsan noh! anyway, it could happen to anyone, and in a situation like that there goes our emotions on how to control or at least to remain calm. There's nothing we can do but laugh!

Wed Dec 07, 12:16:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger amiah said...

sure no prob!

I can't wait to see lovely ladies... :D

Wed Dec 07, 01:16:00 PM GMT+8


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