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Saturday, January 14, 2006

What Lies Ahead?

To tell you with much honesty, I'm afraid of uncertainty.

Taking a first step into a certain decision sends chills in my spine. Where would this road lead to? Am I going to end up with a smile on my face or a stab at the back?

To aid with my decisions, I either flip a coin or use my sister's Magic 8-Ball.

Luckily, while browsing through my blogroll, I found dementia's post that detailed the Chinese horoscope for 2006, the Year of the Fire Dog.

Here's what my 2006 would be like:


Your Career Outlook

This may be a frustrating year for you in terms of your career. Try to focus on fulfilling your roles and responsibilities well. Be down-to-earth and take one step at a time. Do not be impatient with your progress or be discontented with your achievements.

This may be a good time for you to upgrade yourself by picking up new skills and knowledge so that you have more career options. Even if you are not thinking of switching jobs, equipping yourself with relevant skills will allow you to perform in your current position more effectively.

Favourable months to make major career moves include April, May, September, and December.

Your Wealth Outlook

Try not to make any decisions that may jeopardize your present source of stable income. For example, do not quit your current job before you find a new one. Stay off speculative activities such as gambling as your chance of getting a windfall is low.

Manage your finances well and do not make any major investments especially in the monhs of February, March, August and November.

Your Health Outlook

Your health may be weak in 2006 and you are more susceptible to illnesses. Make sure you see a doctor when you are ill to avoid your condition from taking a turn for the worse.

Try to maintain a positive outlook. Stress and depression will only affect you adversely emotionally and physically. Do not tire yourself out and make sure you have ample sleep.

Your Romance Outlook

You may be feeling vexed and lousy about yourself because of your run of bad luck this year. You have to try your best to lift up your spirit. Do not take your anger out on partner. This will only alienate you from him or her.

This is a difficult time and you need an understanding and mature partner to help you through. Your relationship may be in jeopardy if it is not built on a foundation of love and trust.


This year is not a good year for Monkeys. Sad. Well, at least I have something to blame when I get frustrated on my job and lovelife.


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