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Saturday, February 18, 2006

3rd Times A Charm/ Tourism Booster/ Jewel Preview


Check out my newest blog renter, 3rd Times A Charm. Her site, Stumbling Through Life With Grace, is a personal diary of "a psychologically, analytical, neurotic, closet bitch" (I didn't say that!). A journey and babble of a mother of three, this is one good example that mommy blogs are not a bore to read (and apparently, my humor appeals to mommy bloggers, thank you!). So after you had your fill with my random lives, why don't you check her site as well? Just click on the screenshot at the sidebar.



Pinoy Diva Regine Velasquez has recently launched another stunning campaign on Philippine Tourism. This TV commercial tie-up of Smart Communications and Department of Tourism featured tourist sites even I haven't heard of. Who would have thought the Philippines is beyond Boracay and Siargao?

Every time I watch this on TV, I couldn't help but sing in her effortless falsetto rendition...

"Let's have fun, Let's travel
Know even more
Of the difference
That is Philippines..."



Due to insistent fan demand (I love my readers), I am posting an excerpt of "Si Jewel At Ang Kanyang Dalawang..." play. Apologies to my non-Filipino readers, but the script is a mixture of English and Tagalog. This scene features Jewel's entities arguing over Jewel's crush Edward.

JEWEL: Ano nga pala nakita mo kay Lita?

EDWARD: Bakit mo natanong?

JEWEL: Well, hindi ko pa siya nakikilala. Hindi mo pa naman siya pinapapunta dito sa university--

EDWARD: (sasabat) Selosa siya.

JEWEL: 'Yun ang gusto mo sa kanya?

EDWARD: (matatagalan bago makasagot) Maganda siya. Mahaba ang buhok, seksi ang legs. Noong una ko siyang nakita...tinamaan na ako. Minsan nga, noong birthday niya, niregaluhan ko siya ng kumot.'Yung mga friends niya diring-diri sa regalo. Cheap daw. Sinabi ko na para kapag malamig ang gabi, parang niyayakap ko siya. Tinanggap niya ang regalo. Saya nga niya, o baka sinubukan lang niyang maging masaya. Magmula noon niligawan ko siya...Tama na nga 'yan!

JEWEL: Ay! Lagpas na pala ang recess! Baka ma-late tayo. Tara!

(Tatayo sina JEWEL at EDWARD at tutungo sa pinto. Hihinto sa pinto si EDWARD at haharap kay JEWEL.)

EDWARD: Alam mo, bagay sa 'yo na mahaba ang buhok.

(Aalis si EDWARD at maiiwan si JEWEL sa pintuan.)

JEWEL: (bubugtung-hininga) Ang sweet niya, ano? Ginusto niyang magpahaba ako ng buhok.

UNA: Kasi gusto ni Edward na gumanda ka lalo. Malamang kung mahaba ang buhok mo noong una kayong nagkita, pinalitan na niya ang Lita'ng 'yan.

JEWEL: Minsan nga kinantahan niya ako. Hindi ko lang maalala kung ano’ng kanta 'yun, ang naalala ko lang 'yung "I didn’t know how" sa lyrics. Basta, naka-focus lang kasi ako noon sa ganda ng kanyang boses...Siguro 'yun ang theme song niya sa akin.

SEGUNDA: Edward has a girlfriend for crying out loud! You're ruining their relationship all because of your delusions!

JEWEL: (tatakpan ang tenga) Hindi ako nakikinig...

UNA: (kay SEGUNDA) Kailan ba naging hadlang ang girlfriend sa paghahangad na mapusuan ng iyong minamahal? Hindi pa naman niya asawa.

JEWEL: Makita lang ng Lita'ng 'yan. Madaan lang siya sa campus, magsho-showdown kami. Magpapaligsahan kami sa harap ni Edward. Makikita niya kung kaninong mukha ang mas maganda at kung kaninong katawan ang mas maalindog.

SEGUNDA: You just don't seem to get it, do you?

UNA: Ano pa ba ang hinihirit mo? Hindi na nga siya nakikinig sa 'yo.

SEGUNDA: Edward is just using you.

JEWEL: (mapapakinig) Ano?

SEGUNDA: Edward is using you. You are just his assignment answering dummy as far as he knows. He is taking advantage of your delusions for him.

JEWEL: Hindi mapagsamantala si Edward. Kahit ilang buwan ko palang siya nakilala, nararamdaman ko.

UNA: (kay SEGUNDA) At saka, huwag mo naman masamain ang pagtitinginan ng dalawa. Ayaw mo ba'ng maging masaya si Jewel?

SEGUNDA: Jewel?! Since when did you call yourself Jewel?

JEWEL: (ngingiti) Noong isang araw. Kilala na nga ako sa campus bilang Jewel.

UNA: Alam mo, bagay na bagay sa 'yo ang pangalang 'yan. Jewel...Jewel in the Campus...ang Jewel sa puso ni Edward.

SEGUNDA: I say, it means...Jewel, The Glittering Fool...delirious yet gullible...obsessed about a love that never was.

JEWEL: Hmph! Inggit ka lang!

SEGUNDA: I'm not envious, especially to someone who wears (tatanggalin ang wig ni JEWEL) fake hair!

(Tatakbo palayo ang SEGUNDA dala-dala ang wig. Hahabulin siya ni JEWEL.)

JEWEL: Uy! Akin 'yan!

SEGUNDA: It doesn't fit you!

UNA: (sasama sa habulan) Ano ba? Pinapaiyak mo si Jewel!

SEGUNDA: His name is Joel!



1) Until now, I do wish that the killer of my friend Larra be caught. It seems that the investigators are having a hard time catching the culprits because Larra was a secretive fellow. But I could feel that the killers will have their end. And if that happens, I'll throw out a party.

2) JUST ASKING: How do you treat your blog haters?


Blogger Unknown said...

Hope you and all you care for are safe - heard of terrible landslide down there.

Best wishes

Sun Feb 19, 06:17:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Unknown said...

Lost my internet connection, I meant to also say that the best way to deal with angry people (like blog haters) is to either just ignore them, or be extremely polite. The world is full of angry people, and they are always looking for someone to vent on. You're a sweet, charming and intelligent person. Don't let them get to you...if anything feel sorry for them because they are so filled with acid and bile.

Sun Feb 19, 07:04:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Blog haters go where they belong...into cyberspace!

Michele sent me here.

Sun Feb 19, 07:11:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignore the blog haters, they're not worth the hassle.

I hope you're OK and enjoy the weekend.

I'm off to visit your friend.

Here via Michele's :)

Sun Feb 19, 07:22:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Viamarie said...

Hello fellow Pinoy. Just surfed in and found your site. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I've lost 2 really good friends to senseless killings also. I will pray that justice be served to your friend's killers...

Sun Feb 19, 07:30:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger carmilevy said...

I use comment moderation to catch the idiots who visit my site.

I'm a journalist, and I blog and publish under my real name. That makes me a bit of a target fo crazy people. Moderation really helps, because I never have to worry about my site being hijacked by evildoers.

Sooner or later, they give up and go away.

Mon Feb 20, 01:00:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello empress! the video of regine is wonderfully done!

Mon Feb 20, 01:03:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

MARTI -- It feels so sad to hear two consecutive bad news about the Philippines in a month. I feel so sorry for the victims of the landslide down south. Thanks for the kind words.

JEAN-LUC PICARD -- I sure hope so.

NIKKI-ANN -- Thanks a lot. Your site is nice by the way!

VIAMARIE -- My friend died six months ago and until now I can't go to places where we frequent because the "killers" might see me, after hearing an investigation that her killers are within her area of residence.

CHAS -- Lovely, isn't it? I aways say that al gays can sing like Regine. Why don't you try it?

Mon Feb 20, 10:10:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

CARMI -- I, meanwhile, uses the tracking program to see how they got into my site, because I found out that my haters woud come from my comments from other blogs.

Mon Feb 20, 10:12:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Talamasca said...

Nice script... Agawan and showdown pala ang drama ha... Hehehe... Una? Segunda? Wake up to reality, baby? Hehehe...

Haters? I don't mind them. I just blog well. It's my greatest revenge. Hahaha...

Mon Feb 20, 12:05:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger ribbiticus said...

regine is definitely doing a great job in advertising the philippines. kudos to her and smart for coming up with that concept!

as for your blog-haters, yup, just ignore them. if you don't answer them back, they'll give up and find some other blogger to harrass...:)

Mon Feb 20, 11:39:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Manzkee said...

I didn't know that Regine is still hot! (LOL)

Tue Feb 21, 03:08:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

regine. wow. was never really a fan but that was cool.

hey, listen to my first podcast. hehe. ;)

Tue Feb 21, 03:29:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

TALAMASCA -- Thanks for the kind words! It's basically about what battles a gay guy undergoes, both in society and self. I'm still perfecting the script, though, particularly in grammar.

RIBBITICUS -- Apparently, DOT is using a multi-prong approach in promoting Philippine tourism. Regine is promoting domestic tourism, while Taiwan, Korea, and Japan have their own celebrity endorsers for the Philippines. I realized that arguing will get you nowhere. Haters will STILL hate you, so yeah, ignoring them is the best option.

MANDZ -- Yup, she's still hot, but her lovelife isn't that "hot" lately. Oooh, how I would love to type things I've heard, but I might get sued for libel.

MIKHAEL -- Will listen to your podcast once I get access to a faster connection, perhaps this weekend. :)

Wed Feb 22, 02:10:00 AM GMT+8


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