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Friday, March 03, 2006

Maruja Radio ver.1.2

I just updated maruja radio, still keeping true to its line-up of Filipino music, mainstream and underground.

Press PLAY and nod your head a little with
Radioactive Sago Project. Their brand of spoken word/ rap/ jazz/ punk was not sacrificed on their journey to mainstream pop and had become a staple in local movie soundtracks. Of all their songs, my favorite is Astro, which is an expression of love towards a cheap cigarette brand.

Next in line is
Christian Bautista with his latest track, Invincible. Undoubtedly, he is currently the most successful young singer in the country. His songs became uber-popular in Indonesia and since then he had appeared in the finals of Indonesian Idol, countless talks shows, a musical TV special just for him. And now, he is becoming popular in Thailand, slowly crawling his way to Asian superstardom.

We begin to slow the pace a bit with another relaxing Filipino lounge track courtesy of Elkiko's Way. Little is known about him, except that he is a "student of life." But what I know is that he makes good, mind-numbing music, perfect for after-office hours. Check out his track, Should We Always Have To... .

And we suddenly highten the ante with DJ MiRU and his trance track Dark Heaven. He first dabbled in creating electronic music in 1998. Back then, he uses MTV Music Generator for the Playstation (who says video games are not educational?). His musical influences include Everything But The Girl, Moby, Alice DeeJay, Basement Jaxx, Telepopmusik among others.

I hope you like the line-up. I'm currently looking for some Pinoy rock songs I've heard lately and will put them in maruja radio once I've found them.

In the meantime, make yourself a cup of tea and relax.

Just relax.



1) I had a terrible headache these past few days, prompting me to become a bit lazy in work. I mean, even typing words in this post required a lot of will power on my part as if I'm pushing a rock. A big rock.

2) I've been also scaring myself these past few days. For a while, my endless bout of sweating was a symptom for AIDS. I prayed to God before going to sleep and promised him to be monogamous and practice safe sex. Uhm, on the second thought, I might ditch the former.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Empress,

Hola! Your Highness!

Just chanced upon your blog while searching podcasts from my projects of 2004 n 2005. Its really an honor being part of your radio.

Thanks for patronizing my music.

Feel free to listen to my other works from that genre at this site "http://odeo.com/audio/207673/play"


Elkiko's Way

Tue Mar 11, 11:44:00 PM GMT+8


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