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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Maruja Radio ver.1.21/ He's Gay/ Kiss Me

Maruja Radio ver.1.21

At last! I've found my banner song for this humble (and sometimes humiliating) blog of mine! This will be my battle cry in many days to come, as long as it is not being played on Love Radio and become a staple tune among cab drivers and housemaids.

Sandwich is one of the most successful cross-over bands in The Emerald Isles. Last year, their lead singer/ guitarist/ songwriter Marc Abaya (who is also an MTV VJ), left the group and was replaced by former Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan, whom I thought was an excellent choice. The band recently released their fourth album entitled "Five On The Floor" and its carrier single, Sugod (which means "attack"), is a catchy one. I couldn't help but to stand up, raise my hands, and start a revolution.

"Brothers, let's attack
Let's stand up and unite
Wave the banner high
Rock and roll 'till the early morn'!"


Okay, He's Gay. So?

I know this news bit is about Pinoy Big Brother (and you know I don't like Pinoy Big Brother), but this is worth your interest...

Finally, Rustom Padilla, former action star turned husband turned game show host turned annulled turned US exile turned skin care products owner turned Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition contestant and lead actor in the movie Maruja (with his then-future wife Carmina Villaroel), has admitted on the reality program about a bunch of has-beens locked in a house for 50 or so days, what we have suspected all along.

He is gay.

This would have been okay, if only the show didn't exaggerate its reaction or treatment to his admission. He was branded by Big Brother as a hero, his brother Robin (another action star) called him "more macho".

Wow. Good for him. I hope they build a monument for his "heroism."

I opened up to my Dad and I'm still a fag who is not treated seriously in showbusiness. Here in showbizlandia, gays are the supposed comedians, the supposed laughing stocks, the supposed molestors of aspiring male stars, the supposed screaming drags and fags, the supposed beauty gurus, the supposed tabloid talk show hosts. We are always branded as someone else we are not.

Sorry for those PBB fans, but not everybody likes that show, your Empress included.

Since this is about coming out of the closet, let me tell you on how I came out.

My family is somewhat aware that I am different even when I was a child. I acted effeminately, I like to wear my Mom's high-heeled shoes, things like that. But my being gay was not discussed openly. I remember an aunt of mine telling me when I was 12 to take care of my white legs because "those will be your assets."

Well, I didn't become as beautiful as him.

Despite that "flaw," I still managed to wear short shorts and tease on the boys in our neighborhood back in my teenage years. Some guys fell into my charm, I guess I was irresistible then.

One night my Dad came home drunken mad. I was the only one awake since I was supposed to wait for him before I close the doors. He kicked the dog from the doorway, held my shoulders tightly and said, "If you flirt around like a slut, I swear I'll kill you."

I wasn't crying, just shocked that he said that.

The next day he asked me what happened when he came home. In all bluntness I told him word for word that quote. He said sorry and hugged me.

Wait, I didn't tell him I'm gay yet.

Years later, when I was in college, my Dad and I were watching a local talk show and its topic was "My child, are you gay?". During the commercial break, Dad asked the same thing.

"Son, are you gay?"

I stared into his and told him with all honesty...

"Yes, sir. Why?"

He laughed.

No, he didn't laugh out of disgust for gays. He laughed because his favorite son might not give him a grandchild.

Until now, our relationship is tight. People around me are quite baffled that I'm closer to my Dad rather than my Mom, like most gays are. Well, I don't know how to answer that.

At least I opened up to him. That alone, without much hype, pomp and circumstance, is enough.


Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Me!

As the finals of StarStruck Season 3 draw near, the Final Four underwent a baptism of fire in showbusiness. Each finalist was paired with a previous winner of StarStruck 1 and 2 whom they will kiss on-screen. These short features, aptly called "Kiss Flicks," were the Final Four's first kiss on the small screen. Iwa Moto locked lips with Mike Tan (male winner of StarStruck 2), Gian Carlos smooched with Ryza Cenon (female winner of StarStruck 2), Marky Cielo pecked Jennylyn Mercado (female winner of StarStruck 1), and Jackie Rice gave an intimate kiss to Mark Herras (male winner of StarStruck 1).

In my opinion, the best kissing scene would be that of Jackie's and Mark's. They look so good together, aren't they?



1) I'm really really tired after our Kids' TV press conference. (Notice the aposthrophe, as commanded by our Executive Producer.) It was a blast. I never expected that some prominent entertainment writers attended the event. I hope this would generate new interest among our audience.

2) Since StarStruck 3 Finals is near, I am planning to compile the best and worst of this exciting yet ruthless competition. If you'll see it in other blogs before me, you know what that means.

3) JUST ASKING: What do you want to see more in my blog?


Blogger Kiss My Mike said...

IMO, the gay stereotypes there are more rampant than over here in that if you're gay, you either work as a beautician or a comedian or any of the stereotypes you mentioned.

I'm not sure how Rustom acts when not in front of camera, but if he acts masculine, then he could be symbolical in proving that not all gays are the screaming type. Thus, helping break the stereotypes.

Sun Mar 05, 10:29:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Talamasca said...

Ugh. Pinoy Big Brother. I super loathe that show. I was able to watch some of the "challenges" that Big Brother was imposing on the celebrities and man, these are just a bunch of parlor games. PBB is their new Magandang Tanghali Bayan. A looooong parade of variety show segments. Sheesh. Everything that ABS-CBN does, they sensationalize. Who cares? Oh yeah, the housemaids and drivers you're talking about. Hehe.

Mon Mar 06, 01:40:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats nice that ur close to your dad and also i listen to the music and its quite nice my dear empress!!! well i want to see more pics of yah and ur adventures!

Mon Mar 06, 05:47:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello your highness!

my dear empress, i would like to express my deep appreciation and amazement to your entries most especially to the latest one.

i congratulate you _madamme_ that you managed to keep your good relationship with your family; your daddy.

my verdict: this is a come-see-and-be-back blog. addictive. guess i'll be here day after day. mind if i link you? hope not.

Mon Mar 06, 10:57:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

KISS MY MIKE -- Rustom acted, well, "soft" in recent months, especially during the launch of his skin care line, thus fueling more speculation.

TALAMASCA -- I agree, it was so birthday party parlor game show to me.

CHAS -- Kids TV will be going out of town in the coming days. Do watch out for those pics!

LORDLANCE -- I chanced upon your blog and it was endearing as well. Thanks for the link. I'll add you in my blogroll.

Mon Mar 06, 07:26:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, greetings from England.
Under the photo of a very pretty girl you've written:
"Well, I didn't become as beautiful as him."
Could you please tell me who that lovely girl is please. where can we find more photos of her?
best wishes, George

Mon Mar 06, 10:09:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*bows* request naman. update for starstruck.. what happened na? who won?

Wed Mar 08, 02:13:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PBB ewww! KAPUSO tayo.

Napadaan lang po ulit.

Wed Mar 08, 12:36:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

GEORGE -- Hi! I just read your e-mail. Please check out my answer. Thanks!

YURI -- The Finals will be on Sunday. I posted a full analysis just above this entry. Hope you like it.

LORDLANCE -- Ewww talaga. Hehe...

Fri Mar 10, 07:31:00 PM GMT+8


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