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Thursday, March 09, 2006

StarStruck: The Road To Finals (UPDATED)

WARNING: My StarStruck post is laden with videos that can cause addiction and sleepness nights. You have been warned. For maximum experience, it is recommended that you play the video first before reading the preceding texts. Ready?


Two days from now (make that three days from now; I thought I was blogging on a Friday), StarStruck will unveil its Finale and announce the Sole Survivor for its third season. This is different from its two previous seasons when they used to choose one male and one female winner.

It has been four months since StarStruck 3 introduced to the public 14 teen survivors from all over the Philippines, from a pool of over 40 believers and from thousands of dreamers.

And as the final days draw near, only four teen superstars, all talented (well, that can be debated) and having huge fanbase, remained in contention for the grand prize totaling ten million pesos worth of management contract, endorsements, and other perks showbiz personalities get.

A lot of speculators think that Marky Cielo would win this celebrity search, not only for his ethnicity (being a member of the Igorot Tribe) but for his talents in acting and dancing, which I think is his top asset. His "Machete factor", this unexplainable animal appeal, has slowly endeared a lot of girls (and definitely several males). And since he has not been "pasaway" (hard-headed) during the whole season, he did not stir hatred or apathy towards the viewers, who will make a bulk of the Final's decision.

Jackie Rice is the newly-celebrated poster girl. She has earned new appreciation from the press, and has shown to the viewers that she can battle Iwa Moto head on. In the latest live presentation, she said to the judges, "Iwa may be beautiful, but her personality is a different story." This half-American, half-Filipina lass from Olongapo has struggled through the difficult-to-please Douglas Nierras, the computer leakage controversy, and her seemingly-unsupportive father. But with the recent praises from the press, and since a lot of viewers got turned-off to Iwa's recent "tantrums," she may steal the Femal Survivor Title from the early favorite Iwa. Who knows?

Gian Carlos had been criticized for having one talent: playing the guitar. But what had him continuing the StarStruck journey is that he is improving, especially in acting. From a shy boy in Iloilo who strummed his way to Final 14, viewers have witnessed his evolution into a teen heartthrob worthy of Marky's competition, especially when he (and his fans) pulled out an upset Final 4 slot over Chuck Allie of Davao. However, his chances of winning the Male Survivor plum is close to nil. I think he is facing a wall that he would not crumble.

Iwa, Iwa, Iwa. What have you done Iwa? You display one hell of a fit when you were interviewed in Davao. You were supposed to be asked about your Stepdad's house that was burned. Or why you cried when your sister gave you a card? Why the sudden lash of emotions? Why the shower of hatred towards your competitors? Before you, or any of my fellow Iwanatics, answer, let me say this: In showbiz, plasticity is the best policy (grabbing a quote I found recently). You get to work with people you hate, and mingle with them, too. Now, you got flak, a lot of flak actually. If you will lose this Sunday, I know why. I won't question the judges' decision. I won't question the viewers' voting. I won't even question the network's seemingly conspiracy theory to put you down. I'll just ask you: Why? Despite all that, I still support you. May you have a flourishing showbiz career, but I doubt you could bring back the trust of over 50 million Filipinos who watched the interview.

If you ask me my overall perception of StarStruck's third season, it can be summed up in three words: EXCITING, RUTHLESS, HEARTLESS.

It is an EXCITING time to watch 14 teenagers become the third batch of phenomenal teen stars. No doubt that they will be as famous as most of the candidates of first season, which include...

FHM cover girl Katrina Halili.

Product endorser Nadine Samonte.

Teen comedian (and F4 clone) Rainier Castillo.

Hitmaker Yasmien Kurdi.

And the most popular love team (then separated then reunited then re-separated then starting to reunite) that is Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado.

Forget about the second batch. Even the winners were bland, just my honest opinion.

StarStruck 3 is RUTHLESS. They spare no-one when it comes to eliciting controversy, beginning with one candidate tearing a rosary apart after being eliminated from the Top 40. This season has the most controversy, the most tabloid frenzy, and the most cutthroat competition.

And finally, this season is HEARTLESS, ironic from the network's "Kapuso" tag. The show spares no-one when it comes to giving punishment to erring candidates. The judges gave Iwa and her controversial interview a score of 0 during the Final 6 judging. The show dug really deep into the computer leakage controversy, resulting to the elimination of Arci Munoz. After Iwa's interview, the show featured a lot of dismaying footages of the Las Pinas bet. But then again, that's Reality Television. It's bare, daring, no hold barred, crazy at times, still patronized overall.

I can't wait for this journey to end, but I am reeling to witness these fourteen stars venture their showbiz careers outside StarStruck. Questions begin to pop in the viewers' head: who will have the first endorsement? Who will have the first movie? Who will have the first hit record? Who will become more famous than the other? The competition of teen superstardom does not end in StarStruck. It's only just beginning.

Many thanks to Pinoy Rickey.



1) I can't believe that I blog for three hours. And now that the mall where I'm blogging is about to close, I forgot what to put in my footnotes. I hate when things like these happen. Basta just keep on reading my blog and tell me your honest comments. I'm democratic naman eh.

2) Now I remember what to say...I feel so sad after learning that Kids TV's Vigan shooting coincide with the day my play would be performed. No, sad is not the right word. I was devastated. I had to ask the director to videotape the play for me to watch on a later date.

3) Congratulations to University of Santo Tomas for again bagging the overall championship at UAAP Season 68. As a tribute to my alma mater, here's a video of one of UST's pride: The Salinggawi Dance Troupe. This is their winning routine in last year's UAAP Cheerdance Competition (I was there at the stands!). A reminder to the US readers, Philippine Cheering is somewhat different to the American style of cheering. Ours focuses less on difficulty but more on flair and dancing. I'm sure fellow Thomasians Yuri, Geng, Rain, and Paulie would like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello my dear empress! WOW that was the longest post i read so far. you are definitely a fan of this starstruck series. too bad i cant relate since i havent seen a single of those series yet.

Fri Mar 10, 05:29:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Neil said...


"Plasticity is the best policy"

Maybe you are using my uploaded vids from Kuya Rickey's site! Hihi!

I'm neilalexandro. Hehehehe.

That's my variable 'universal' motto. Just change the first word then add the rest of the phrase. Like "Senescence is the best policy" for my old classmates, and "Generosity is the best policy" for my thousand-peso-weekly-allowance classmates. Hehehe

Wed Apr 05, 03:23:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

batch 1 is still the best... i dunno why but it seems like nobody has proven that they can beat SS 1 yet..i mean marky is good at dancing and can be compared with mark herras...but something's missing in his personality that makes mark herras still the better one...i dunno what it is though...and no comment for the second batch since i relly didn't have the chance to watch it because PTV wasn't available yet when they had it...good thing i was still in the phils when they showed starstruck 1..hehe..

Sat Aug 05, 09:24:00 AM GMT+8


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