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Monday, April 17, 2006

Post-Easter Fun


The four-day weekend (also known as Holy Week) has ended and its back to life as we know it. Back to politicking, back to traffic, back to rampant crimes, back to work. How I wish everyday is a Holy Day here in the Philippines, commemorating Jesus' death every Friday, waving palm fronds every Sunday, so we won't have to worry much about politics and crime that litter in this part of Southeast Asia.

But what's better is that it's back to normal blogging of your dear empress, that's a good thing Filipinos should be proud of.

Here in the Philippines, Holy Week is equivalent to American Spring Break. I know, I know that statement would raise some eyebrows, but the throngs of visitors to the sunny beaches of Boracay and Subic during this weekend are so undeniable. Tell me, how many of you attended the Pasyon these past days? I didn't.

While my Dad and younger brother went to Pampanga to attend a birthday party, and my younger sister went to Subic with her boyfriend, I was left here at home reading books and playing PS2.

I became the household's designated security guard. How degrading for an empress.

Now that they're all back for Easter, it's my turn to go out starting today (Monday). I'm also in need of some summer fun, of course.

I'm planning to watch a local movie titled Moments Of Love, which is a mish-mash between Somewhere In Time, Frequency, and two Korean movies. It's about a guy from the present and a girl from the past communicating through the means of an old rotary phone. I've heard that the movie is great, never mind if the plot's taken from certain foreign movies. After all, ALL movies have similar plots anyway.

So how did you spend this weekend?



You have probably heard of commercial spoofs, more notably on Saturday Night Live. Here in the Philippines, spoof advertisements are the highlight of comedy shows, most notably on Bubble Gang.

What makes Filipino ad spoofs unique is that we don't have to invent a product, we spoof an actual product.

In fact, companies would pay huge amounts just for their products to be spoofed.

I wanna illustrate an example. Here's an actual commercial of Pop Cola, a popular soda brand. The story is about a woman who is coming home from a very long journey.

Here is an actual spoof of Pop Pola, as seen in Bubble Gang. To understand the punchline, just listen to the last line the "daughter" would say here.



He has got to be one of my favorite local actors, and one of the underrated in my opinion. I actually watched his debut movie (Gangland), which he played a street gang leader. Now, this bad boy has become badder as he posed for the first issue of X-Ray Magazine. Drool and enjoy.



1) THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Yup, I'm out of the film project. No, I'm not sad about it, considering the people that firm tried to retain. This means that I'm concentrating on my TV job once more, although how I wish our producer would not delay our salaries (and end up earning only an episode's worth every month...grrrr).

2) Just downloaded the forms need to join a nationwide literary competition. This would be my third time to join, and hopefully I'd win this time. Crossing my fingers (and toes) on that.

3) Your empress is, technically, sick. I'm suffering from tinnitus, a constant buzzing in my right ear. I've researched about it and found out that it's because of my cerebral aneurysm. Sigh...what a bad time to get sick.


Blogger Manzkee said...

ONIM - Oh No It's Monday! Meaning back to work. Have a nice day!

Mon Apr 17, 11:21:00 PM GMT+8


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