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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hot With Fever And Back-To-Back Misadventures

My posts are so delayed, just like my salary.

Go on, laugh.



The world is currently in a frenzy with the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Germany, and its fever is starting to get into me.

I've always been curious about football since college, when I had an invitation to the sport as several classmates and orgmates became part of our Arts and Letters Department's football varsity team, and I began watching some of the inter-college football games (around 2 matches actually). At first, I found football as a really slow sport. It takes too long to score a goal.

I tried watching the English Premier League through cable in the middle of the night, I had a favorite team in form of Manchester United (blame it on David Beckham), but no matter how I watched it, no matter how curious I was to get me interested about this sport, I ended up sleeping.

I mean, I'm living in a nation of midget basketball players, toothless billiards pool sharks, and beer-guzzling, ice cream-stuffing, fried chicken-chomping, wireless karaoke microphone-singing, pawn-shopping boxers. I'm just like any other Filipino who is oblivious about football.

But that all changed recently.

I was watching the last episode of Jewel In The Palace, a popular Korean drama, and while flipping through channels during its commercial break, I stumbled upon a World Cup match between South Korea and Togo. It just started its second half.

So I gave it a try watching a long soccer match. And then, the magic happened.

A free kick opportunity was given to Korea. The kick was long, and...

A goal!

Everybody in the stadium were elated with joy. Some were waving their red banners, some were crying, it was like...wow, that was a good play.

And then I flipped the channel to see Jang-Geum's attempt to perform a Caesarian delivery, unheard of in 15th century Korea.

The show ended and I flipped the channel again to watch the rest of the match.

To make the long story short, it was then I realized what makes the world go gaga over football. Because it was a matter of fair play, teamwork and tactics on part of the teams, while it's a matter of pride and perseverance among the throngs of fans and admirers.

The next evening, I was watching a finals between Ecuador and Costa Rica when King Daddy came home from work. Habitually, he would wanted to watch some late-night movies before going to bed, but I asked him to watch soccer with me. Being a sweet child that I am, Dad allowed me.

My sister was also watching the match and she asked me, "What's the yellow card for?"

"Technical foul," I answered to her using basketball jargon (which my country is so agog at, considering our players are short...duh?). "If he get two technical fouls, he's ejected from the field and he gets a one-game suspension."

And an Ecuadoran striker hit a goal.

"Shoot!" my Dad shouted.

(all FIFA World Cup photos courtesy of afp.com)



Remember the beer-guzzling, ice cream-stuffing, fried chicken-chomping, wireless karaoke microphone-singing, pawn-shopping boxer I told you about? Well, he's here right now to perform his debut single. Please don't laugh...




Queen Mother is currently based in the US and when she funded our imperial family trip to Southern China, she had one teeny-tiny request: that we would shop some things for her, like a set of Lacoste t-shirts in all pastel colors, a Coach handbag, and some pairs of Nike sneakers. All in a total travel budget of US$500.

"Don't worry," my Mom said during her phone call befor we left. "Those Lacoste shirts costs US$20 in Hong Kong."

We were walking along Nathan Road and Princess Six couldn't help but notice my sweats.

"You shouldn't have worn that long-sleeved shirt," she said.

I, in the meantime, insisted that it wasn't summer yet in Hong Kong. Tiis-ganda.

After several minutes of asking around, my sister and I finally arrived at the Lacoste store that was minutes away from closing. The staff were courteous as we were always being mistaken as Chinese. We went straight to the shirts shelf and spotted the pastel shirts that my Mom wanted.

"How much is it," my sister asked.

"It costs HK$560," I said.

We only had HK$500 in our pocket.

We walked two blocks further and saw Coach store in the Peninsula Hotel was closed. We also tried looking for the Nike store, but the location I saw in my map...well, it wasn't there.

I got so tired I started fanning the collar on my shirt. That was when I realized why some passengers at the subway couldn't help but notice me.

The shirt's tag was at the front side.

We took the long subway ride and walked home with nothing in us but a bunch of sweats and a lot of funny memories.

"Did you see that ugly couple canoodling in the subway," my sister asked.

"No, I was busy watching that guy wearing a business suit with two companions holding a plastic bag near his mouth," I said while munching the leftover rice noodles in our hotel room. "I swear he was about to puke when the subway doors were shut."



While the empress takes a break, please relax and unwind yourself with the soothing sound of the Philippine Jazz. Here's Mishka Adams with her debut single, Where Do We Begin.




The next day, the imperial family's misadventure took us to Hong Kong Disneyland, but not before our tour guide Eric took on a whirlwind ride of nauseating shopping.

Instead of describing to us the beautiful sceneries of Metropolitan Hong Kong, he instead inculcated to us what he called "The 5 Levels of Hong Kong," consisting of the filthy rich, the rich, the upper-middle, the middle, and the lower classes. He illustrated our bus driver as an example of the lower class. Our driver's job is solely based on a per-project basis (since Hong Kong, like China, he said, does not have a minimum wage), while the photographer who was with our tour was an example of the middle class since he worked two jobs. Eric, meanwhile, was an example of the middle class since he worked from 8 to overtime.

We first went to Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong's version of Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you could also see a statue of Bruce Lee. It was rainy, so that pretty much spoiled our visit. But we took pictures anyway.

Eric then took us to Harbour Centre, where somewhere in there was a shop filled with t-shirts, toys and supposedly -Disney souvenirs, not to mention hundreds of dried plum (champoy). We had our fill buying stuff not only for ourselves but also to our kiddie show's bosses, staff, and crew. He told us beforehand to always state to the counter that our tour guide was Eric. Apparently, he received commissions depending on how much his tour group spent on shopping.

On our way to Disneyland, Eric even offered a set of 6 souvenir keychains being sold by our bus driver for HK$50. And he also brought out our photos in Avenue of the Stars attached in microwavable plates for HK$150 each (our family had 4).

It was still darn raining when we got to Hong Kong Disneyland. Eric left us to enjoy the afternoon and we would get to meet him on closing time so he would take us to Mainland China.

I'll tell you what happened in Hong Kong Disneyland on my next post.



I never knew that footballers are worthy of being worshipped.

Landon Donovan of Team USA

Carlos Bocanegra, also from US Team

Fabio Cannovaro of Italy

And, of course, no soccer hottie list would be complete without Captain England, David Beckham.

I would like to believe that my male readers are the hottest guys on the planet. Prove to me that your body deserves to be worshipped. Send you hot photos to empressmaruja@gmail.com.



1) Thank you for reading through my blog and I hope you come back for more. Don't forget to leave your message of love through the comments or at the chat box. Also, spread the imperial decree (my blog, that is) to your friends and colleagues. That would be truly appreciated. (bows)

2) This movie quote is bound to become a classic:

"Oo, inaamin ko. Sila ay mga yakal, lawaan, apitong at narra. At kami ay saging lang. Pero maghanap kayo ng puno sa buong Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso...Saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang!” — Mark Lapid (Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar).

Roughly translated as:

"Yes, I admit it. They are the oaks, the cedars, redwoods, and pines. And we are only banana trees. But among the trees in the Philippines, only the banana tree has a heart...Only the banana tree has a heart! Only the banana!" -- Mark Lapid (Fire in the Heart of Samar)


Blogger Dindin said...

Good Morning! Good Morning!

what salary? you're supposed to be working pro bono. =P

ako din dati hindi ko trip ang football kasi ang bagal talaga (chaka ayaw din ng mga kasama ko dito sa bahay), tapos minsan ang "ending" pa eh 0-0, wala man lang kahit isang goal. hanggang isa sa mga prof. ko eh pina-pili kami, manood ng isang game or ituloy ang exam? tapos ayun.. dun na nag-start yung "hilig" ko sa football, mejo hirap din iwasan eh.. dito kasi they practically worship football.

pansin ko lang, bakit pag-sumikat ka na sa pilipinas automatic pede ka ng singer at may single ka na agad?
(kelan kaya ako sisikat sa pinas?)

mura naman mga tinda sa HK.. kumpara dito mamumulubi ka.. i think i don't like eric. heheheh.

atlast, kilala ko na ang iyong "RANDOM HOT MEN". =)

mukhang natalo na yung,
"You're nothing but a second-rate trying hard copycat!"
sorry for the long comment but you DO have a long post. =)

Happy Father's day to your King Daddy!

Sun Jun 18, 07:47:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

DIN-DIN -- Hello! 'Yung pro-bono ay 'yung bagong show na dine-develop. Pero 'yung kiddie show, may suweldo ako.

Nagkamali lang siguro si Queen Mother sa pagkuwenta ng presyo sa HK, kaya hayun, mali rin ang budget.

You know what's so ironic? Mas sumikat pa 'yung movie quote na 'yun kaysa sa mismong pelikula.

OK lang 'yung long comments, noh? Binabasa ko 'yan lahat :)

Sun Jun 18, 11:54:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger vina said...

1.haaaay, Hon. Mark Lapid, eh hindi nga po puno ang saging eh. but i guess you didn't know that, huh?

2.delayed post because of delayed salary? i really, really, have to laugh! genius, just pure genius your Highness!

Sun Jun 18, 12:43:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger yuri said...

galing ng interpretation ha.lol anyway, girl, being the thomasian that i am, i was able to play football too during my pe days and i kinda like it but i was thinking its awkward for me to join because im gay and also my sched wouldnt permit me too (medtech). toxicity is the term. i was sumwer also watching the togo-sk match, jumping for every goal sk made. hahahaha. the man still lives within me.

love the football players ha.. men they all look so hot and CLEAN.

Sun Jun 18, 09:59:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger ribbiticus said...

world cup fever has got me in its clutches too - dang! david beckham still rules the roost in my opinion but those were some hot guys there!

so mark lapid is now a name, soon a legend? hahaha!!! ;)

Sun Jun 18, 10:18:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, I got exposed to football in my early years since that's the main sport while I was a seminarian. I love it actually but now I somewhat I forgot how to play that sport. lol!

And oh my god why did they allow me to sing! And also that Mishka Adams girl is quite cute and the music is really nice!

Mon Jun 19, 05:52:00 PM GMT+8


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