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Sunday, January 22, 2006

StarStruck Pictorial/ My Dad's Favorite Photo

I promised myself that I will post regular updates on StarStruck, my favorite celebrity search to date. (But of course, you'll read more of my colorful life in the coming days.)

Nine Dreamers (that's how the show calls their candidates) were remaining and they were divided into groups of 3, each of which will be handled by a prominent talent manager for a week. One of their activities was a series of photo shoots, which will be distributed to the press. I have to say that Vivo (the guy on the right) looks hot for a 15-year-old (as I promise myself not to venture into a sexual offender preying on cute 15-year-olds).

StarStruck viewers may predict an early elimination for Vivo, but I'm still standing on my beliefs (naks, beliefs) that this guy will compete in the Final 4. He may be accused as talent-less, but hey, there are a lot of talented celebrities in the Philippines that are yet to be given a decent break. He may be struggling, but he is trying his best. And he has a lot of fans.

Marky from Mountain Province is the guy to beat, viewers say. He has talent, charisma, and ethnicity to boot. So far he was awarded as the Best Dancer and had a lot of girls (and some guys) drooling over his music video where he was singing in the rain...shirtless. I'm actually afraid that he would take that precious StarStruck Ultimate Survivor title from my Vivo.

Arci could be eliminated tomorrow. You see, she was involved in a scandal. No, nothing of the perverse kind. Last week, she (along with Jackie and Jana) were accused of peeking into a computer which contained the script file for the live elimination show hours before. Caught in a nasty web of lies, alibis, and security cams, as to which of the three is telling the truth, Arci got the mother of all sanctions. She gets a score of 0 from one judge, and will rely on fan votes to stay in the competition.

Iwa was spared from the controversy, as she was asleep when it happened. So far, she is the front-runner. The press likes her, the photographer likes her, directors voted for her, and many fans adore her. What I am bothered by her is that with all such admiration, she might fall into the trap of leniency, and feel uber-confident that she will win the competition hands down.

Aside from my fearful prediction for Final 4 (Vivo, Marky, Arci, and Iwa), I would like to add two "dark horses" into the prediction fray.

Chuck Allie hails from Davao City. A dean's lister and a taekwondo black belter, Chuck's handsome looks and intelligence makes a lot of girls (again, and some guys) fall into their knees.

Jackie Rice is from Olongapo City. Half-American, she has a good singing voice (but needs a lot of refinement). Although also involved in the "computer scandal," I don't think her fans will turn away from her.

The Eliminations will be shown live tomorrow, and I hope that my script analysis meeting would not take too long.

(all StarStruck images courtesy of Pinoy Rickey.


When my Dad returned from the United States, he claimed that he had a great time at the Staples Center. Here's why...

Before you say "Wow!", he actually had it photoshopped. My sister and I were laughing at it.


Blogger Onotheo said...

They all seemed to be good-looking. Were looks a part of the criteria? Is this on ABS-CBN? We don't have GMA here.

Sun Jan 22, 12:49:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

they all look good actually and also the pic with ur dad there looks so real! and also i've done the tag already!

Mon Jan 23, 02:39:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

EUIAN -- Yup, it's one of the criteria in StarStruck. Sorry, but the show's only on GMA, but you can get updates through Pinoy Rickey site.

Mon Jan 23, 02:39:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

CHAS -- Yup, my Dad's photo could be mistaken for a real thing. Thanks for doing my tag. You desk is more decent than mine.

Tue Jan 24, 02:58:00 AM GMT+8


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