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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bryanboy and Borkeback...oops!


Bryanboy recently launched his podcast and he asked his readers to post some questions for him to answer in an "interview." And guess what? One of my questions was featured in his latest podcast. I asked him "If you would become Imelda Marcos for a day, what national project would you initiate" or something to that effect.




As my post-Valentine wish, I decided to watch Brokeback Mountain. Alone, as usual.

The cinema was almost filled when I got in line to buy tickets and had to force myself to be contented on watching a movie from the sides. Not a good place to watch a movie (but watching it way in front of the screen is worse).

(Sub-note: This movie was shown in almost all major cinemas in Metro Manila except SM, the largest cinema chain, because of its ban on R-18 films. HOW STUPID IS THAT, SM?)

Ironically, there were more girls watching the movie than gays. Probably because Heath Ledger is a hottie, nevermind the thick accent he does in the movie.

I don't want to spoil the details for those who haven't seen the movie yet, or for those who would rather not watch the movie, but Brokeback Mountain (I tend to mistype that title as Borkeback..., which sounds odd) is a heart-wrenching work. It's too painful for me to watch because the story crushes my heart, broken on several scenes.

The audience were carried away in watching. We would scream at the same instant, swoon on the same quotes (especially that "God, I wish I knew how to quit you" part; I was stabbing my heart on that one). That, my friend, meant that we were watching a good movie.

All that Oscar buzz about the movie was well worth it. Would it win Best Picture? Most likely. Would it make Heath Ledger win Best Actor? Definitely!



1) I promise to stop buying from e-Bay for at least a month. I think I've purchased too many items (including a Spice Girls cassette tape). It's not time to sell.

2) Ever wonder why I haven't posted pictures about my play? My dad doesn't trust me in bringing the min-DV cam without him around. I might lose it daw, but he allowed me to bring it next week. You wouldn't miss that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a great film, I agree. Like you I was a bit surprised it lived up to the hype. I saw it last night and it has stayed with me all day.

Like your blog by the way -- funny!

Thu Feb 16, 04:44:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

TORN -- It's true with what you said (or is it one of your commenters?) that Brokeback Mountain (I'm telling you I'm mistyping the damn title) is not just a movie about gay cowboys. It goes beyond that. The message is universal, the story could happen to anyone.

Sun Feb 19, 03:11:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tue Apr 25, 07:23:00 PM GMT+8


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