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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Wave And The Blossom


Oh no! I think I'm gonna "kwy" again...

GMA-7 has decided to re-broadcast (for the third time) Endless Love 1: Autumn In My Heart, the first Korean drama that became a huge hit in the Emerald Isles. This series is a heart-wrenching story of two siblings whose lives and fates become twisted after finding out that the sister was actually switched at birth.


The first time I watched it, I cried. The show was just so...sad. My eyes let out a wave of tears over a man and a woman whose love is forbidden since their parents consider them as brother and sister.

It was then I realized, I became swayed by the Korean Wave. I became an addict for Korean dramas. I watched Endless Love 1 until its tragic end and anticipated for more. Perhaps it's because of the beautiful storylines, or the good-looking actors, or even its majestic cinematography (which completely pales in comparison to local dramas).

But overall, I think the plotlines in Korean dramas are parallel to the supposedly conservative Filipino culture and it possesses a universal appeal.

It's no wonder the Korean Wave is starting to spread across Asia and even North America with a deluge of Winter Sonata, All About Eve, Full House, Lovers In Paris, Jewel In The Palace among other Asian television greats.

But that does not mean the Filipinos are doing nothing about world domination.



There is more the Philippines can offer to the world aside from maids and caregivers.

"The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros" will have an Australian premiere in no less than the historic Sydney Opera House as part of The Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival. It will be the first Filipino film to be shown in the art palace of Down Under.

Although I'm still saddened by the fact that the Philippines failed to submit an entry for Best Foreign-Language Film in this year's Academy Awards, I hope this simple, low-key, low-budget, low-tech of a film continues to warm the hearts of every viewer in every country.

Another Philippine pride is "The Promise," a drama series that was shown in ABS-CBN for two years (soap operas here used to last for years). This undying love story became a hit in South East Asia, even beating the highest ratings posted in Indonesia.

I personally think that in order the local TV dramas continue the tradition of international prominence The Promise has lead, networks should stop focusing on casting and instead focus on the story and technical aspects. It is undeniable that The Promise has one of the best cinematography in local TV history and I think it can be repeated. This also goes to the film producers who have yet to regain its once glorious reign.

On a peculiar side, did you know that a Filipino sex comedy "Liberated 2" actually premiered in Korea? One of the lead actress, Francine Prieto, apparently once worked as a sexy model in the Peninsula, appearing as a cover girl in Korea's FHM Magazine.

The Filipino Blossoming is slowly taking form. However, most producers are adamant in going international. I say, the international market is actually a bigger market.

I wonder what they are afraid of...



Half-Filipino, half-Briton, all manly. This hottie recently won in a spokesperson competition for Century Tuna. The photo (courtesy of MabuhayBeauties.com) was taken during his appearance at last year's Bachelor Bash organized by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Drool, sisters, drool...



1) Coming next week, I'll be featuring a new site in Maruja Recommends. Will it be your blog?

2) I found out that Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow (of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle fame) recently endorsed Philippines' pride San Miguel Beer. The TV commercial was shown in China and Hong Kong. Check out the video below (although you have to squint your eyes a bit for the subtitles).

3) LESSON FOR TODAY: In the world of entertainment and media, charm is your best weapon.


Blogger Talamasca said...

I haven't seen all the episodes of EL 1, sad to say. But the first Koreanovela that really hooked me was the second installment of EL, the winter edition thingy.

Thank God for the globalization of Korean dramas.

Thu May 11, 03:13:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Neil said...

OMG. I am so exited to watch it again.

I'm not so sure. I think they've replayed it for the 4th time already.

Yes, that melodrama is really mellow--and tragic. Brrr. It is so sad, so sorrowful, so poignant, my mom never failed to cling a Good Morning towel or two on her shoulders each time we watch it. And she weeps very painfully. Same went with the mothers of my highschool classmates back then.

Yes, that melodrama is quite paralleled to the conservativeness of our being Filipino. We're both Asians, that's why when the Taiwanese Fever raged few years ago, no wonder how the Kimchi overthrew atsara today.

But seriously, Autumn in my Heart has one of the stereotypical Korean melodrama plots ever existed. You know, there's a girl who had a puppy love, and then they'll meet again unexpectedly, and then one of them dies with cancer. Always with cancer. And they was always end it bad.

And then they evolved. Produced more 'quality' melodramas for network competitions' and globalization sake. From tragic to comic. Then to the most unusual, like not-good-looking ladies hooking demi-Gods, heaven and hell, etc. Unlike here in the Philippines where networks are just quarelling for TV ratings, sacrificing the quality of their production. Craps like Darna, Mulawin, and Majika just to name a few.


I haven't watched And Pagdadalaga ni Maximo. I dunno, I never had a chance to watch such quality movie.


O yes, unbelievably Pangako sa 'Yo overhelmed Malaysian and Indonesian (I dunno if Thais were moved) televiewers.

The Promise was absolutely great, I agree. But it's not the only reason why these Southeast Asians drooled for it.

Literally, yes, Malaysians and Indonesians drooled for Filipino stars. Sabi nila, buti pa ang Pilipinas at maraming 'good-looking people'. They quoted how hunkable Jericho Rosales and how gorgeous Kristine Hermosa are. I can't believe Filipinos would be really good-looking for them. As in, guwapo at magaganda daw tayo. Kitams!

Ehem...it's true naman talaga. ^_^

I once remembered when PGMA visits Malaysia. I dunno if I should laugh, but instead of the Prime Minister to ask PGMA about the political and economical status of our country, he instead asked if Jericho and Kristine are still doing well and if they will be getting married. Lol.


well, Liberated 2 created quite a commotion for a while. Maganda daw mga P'hil-i-ppi-na.


Medyo nagsusugal pa ang Philippine TV and movie industry kung kakagatin nila ang works natin. Kaya ang nangyayari ngayon, para walang regrets, hinihintay na lang nila ang ibang bansa to voluntarily approach us.


No wonder sisikat ang Encantadia sa Southeast Asia one of these months.

Thu May 11, 04:49:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember seeing my cousins crying while watching the Korean telenovelas. I am also a sucker for telenovelas before since almost everyone in the family watch it. But i hate the fact that sometimes the story becomes a bit stupid and jumbled and also they have to kill some of the characters in the story since a.) the transferred to another tv station b.) got feed up or something.

Fri May 12, 05:16:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Miguel Enrico Gonzales said...

hi! just a small comment. the pic posted isn't of jon mullally. that's of marvin wijanco.


Fri May 19, 09:36:00 AM GMT+8


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