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Monday, August 21, 2006

Longer, Thicker, Easier to Swallow

I've had enough!

Enough of the short and boring posts!

From this day forward, The Random Lives of Empress Maruja is now LONGER, THICKER, yet EASIER TO SWALLOW.

Geez! That's like every gay man's fantasy! haha!


LIFE LIFE: Texting is a my new exercise

I am very much ashamed to tell you that my phone was slashed from my bag two weeks ago. (NOTE TO SELF: Never carry a leather bag, especially if you're in Quiapo.) How did I lost it? Honestly, I forgot what white lie I told my Dad and sister. They were like, "So what else is new?"

In what seemed like God's punishment, I lived two weeks without even having a cell phone with me. I was completely isolated from my friends and contacts. Boy, it felt like some form of withdrawal syndrome. I was planning to set an alarm for a wake-up call and then I remembered that I used my cell phone as my handy alarm clock.

And what seemed as an insult to injury, my Dad would remind me without fail to text him once I'm back from my work. My response would always be, "Dad, as if I can text you."

Anyway, I got my new phone last Saturday. My TV show colleague sold it to me. It's an old Nokia 8310, that only runs on Smart, complete with a Sun Cellular SIM.

In order to get started on my new phone, I joined my sister in buying a new SIM card and accessories for my not-so-new phone. I replaced the gray casing to a stylish glaze black cover and chose a catchy, easy-to-memorize phone number.

However, here's the catch: the keypad in my new cover did not my major problem in my new phone. The keys are so tough to type. Texting "D2 n me, wer n u?" (Me here, where you?) sheds 100 calories off my fingers.

Another hassle is that the phone does not sound at all when it receives text messages, despite how many times I adjusted and re-adjusted the settings. I would be away for a while and when I checked it out again, lo and behold, a new message. Magic!

Oh well, my sis told me not to worry. With my new job, I would probably buy a new phone in no time. She reminded me to make sure not to lose it again.

(The Empress can now be contacted through +639206423332.)


OPINIONATED LIFE: A Voice Among the Silent

"The badings and the tibos will save our country." -- a commentor at bryanboy.com

My favorite newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, published an opinion column by a former Philippine Supreme Court justice about his dread towards the world's gaydom.

In his article "Don we now our gay apparel," Mr. Isagani Cruz displayed his fears that the Philippine population be flooded by a bunch of pansies (I'm paraphrasing his use of words here). That today's gays, influenced by the like of "Brokeback Mountain," "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," and "The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros" (in contrast to his "macho" sons), are a compromise between the strong and the weak. He further asked his readers whether they should let the country be "converted into a nation of sexless persons without the virility of males and the grace of females but only an insipid mix of these diluted virtues."

His stirring words of hatred and condemnation towards gays and lesbians are limited, or so he claimed. He wrote that his observations do not include those "who have conducted themselves decorously."

Reading his column, I was silent. I personally didn't know what to react. Is he only expressing his right of free speech? Should I just brush off the opinion of an 80-year-old man who reminisced the times when gays were mauled? For once, I didn't have the answers. But if I say something, would he listen?

But the gays gods have an answer, indeed.

Two days after Cruz's column was published, a political analyst from the same newspaper gave a voice for among the silent. A grandson of a former president, Manuel Quezon III came out of the closet and announced his condemnation against Cruz's display of primitive hate through his article "The Grand Inquisitor." According to Quezon, "Cruz demands the elimination of a diverse and rich culture--one that is as much a mirror of society's larger complexities as it is an alternative to some of the worst instincts and features of the broader culture for which he has stepped forward as spokesman--because the minority displeases and disgusts him."

Then came the grand exit from his cobby wardrobe: "I find that disgusting. I find it neither reasonable nor acceptable. I do not even find it understandable. Cruz does not understand us, does not want to, would be unwilling to. Yet he says he hates only some, not all, of us, and expects "some of us" to embrace and thank him?"

And finally: "I will respect anyone's convictions, but only to the extent you will respect mine. Goodwill inspires the same; tolerance results in cooperation. But I will not be told whom to love, whom to be friends with, what culture to represent, what mannerisms and interests to adopt and, much less, discard. I will not modify my behavior or limit my pleasures merely to please Cruz or bigots like him. The respect gays, lesbians and transgendered people experience is a brittle kind, but hard-won."

He sacrificed his credibility as one of the most-sought-after political analyst and writer just to defend all those who have no voices to speak. Those who are afraid that they themselves become scorned and persecuted. Gosh, I'm crying now...

Can I take a hanky break?...

After reading that article, I so wanted to reach out and hug Mr. Quezon. He truly stood up for the little ones.

Now it's time to do my part. I wrote directly to Inquirer that because they let a primitive and hateful message be published, I cancelled my subscription to their newspaper (as much as it hurts me). It's the least that I can do, and so will you.


INTERMISSION NUMBER: The Great Gender Benders

Since we are on the subject of gender bending, here are some great clips that I wanted to share with you.

First is from a Japanese children's show. Again, it's from a children's show. How I wish our local TV be this quirky.


Second is a clip from Philippine Idol auditions. Take note of the last person to audition, the one with killer heels and flawless legs who goes by the name Kenneth Paul. Enjoy!



RANDOM HOT MEN: Twilight Dancers

You know you missed worshipping at hot men as much as I do. Now we don't have one, not even two, but five men to ogle.

These are the actors who will appear at an upcoming film "Twilight Dancers." My crush back in StarStruck's Batch 1, Tyron Perez (below, right), lead the roster of hot actors. This is taken from an exclusive X-Ray Magazine cover. Now I have every reason to buy this issue. Start salivating!



1) Just in case you haven't read it yet, my new phone number is +639206423332. I'll be personally message you guys through other online means. But in the meantime, since my online time is kindofa running out, I'll be doing so the coming days.

2) The Recommendation is still open. If you want your site to be featured in "Maruja Recommends," just leave a comment in the chatbox or comments section. Anyone who leaves his or her site's URl are eligible for the promo. Deadline will be Wednesday 5 a.m.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh no! so sorry about your phone. donchaworry your pretty little head - am sure you'll be able to afford a new one soon. hassle lang sobra no?

as for the ignoramuses who think that stepping on other people's rights and disrespecting the way people want to live their lives just for the sake of publicity is the way to go, let's just pray that they are able to face our maker without shame come judgement day.

lastly, i am sooo loving philippine idol now because of you...;)

Thu Aug 24, 02:06:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your phone. My god Yova sings very well. Go girl! And yes sexy men!!

Fri Aug 25, 03:42:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ai dear. I also wrote a bit about that old fool who wrote that kind of article. It really irks me that a national newspaper like the Inquirer published it as well

Fri Aug 25, 03:43:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! found just been pipmed by Queer Chefs blog comments!

Fri Aug 25, 03:50:00 AM GMT+8


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