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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yellow about Changes, Birthday Presents, and that Darn Swimming Pool

I have been suffering from common cold these past few days. It was only these past few days that I realized how yellow phlegm (especially if you release streams of it through the nose) could smell nasty.

At first, I thought my man-eating days were taking a toll for my health (read: AIDS). Gosh! I hate it when my mind would act like that.

I think I need more love and chicken soup to get well.


WORK LIFE: Che-che-chaaaaange...

Aaah! Don' t you just love change?

In my outsourcing job, I was assigned to a new workstation since the one I was occupying was actually for supervisors. However, transferring to the new desk wasn't smooth flowing.

On my first night, the bottom of my desk had bottles of mineral water and the PC was very dusty. Being a Virgo that I am, I had to wipe the computer clean with a napkin and threw every thrash there was while waiting for my files to be transferred there. However, it seemed that person who occupies my desk during day shifts was a total pig. The next night, I found potato chips--including the bag--scattered at the floor below my desk. It felt really uncomfortable working, I had to complain to my supervisor because I don't want to act like a janitor a pick them one by one from the darn floor. Grrr...

All while having my PC being removed of all pirated software. You could just imagine how much delay I had before I actually work. Good thing my job doesn't involve selling.

Next month, the company would move office to Ortigas Center, at the building where the film company I applied for is currently housed. Sigh...it's a small world.


LIFE LIFE: Birthday Sharing

I celebrated my birthday last week, but it was only yesterday when my Mom had my "big" birthday present delivered since I was supposed to share it--again--with my sister who celebrated her birthday two days ago.

It was a birthday party package from Goldilock's composed of chicken barbecue, fresh vegetable rolls, palabok noodles, and a big Red Ribbon cake for me and my sister. The food was so sufficient for us, my sister had to give some of it on her boyfriend's birthday party.

That's economics, we celebrate each other's birthday to save money. Yeah, it was all good.

And I'm still stuffed.



Kenneth Paul "Yova" Alonzo should have been in the Top 24, even in Top 12. Still, his performance in the "Kakaibang Idol" special was so great, it makes me proud for her.

Mabuhay and kabaklaan!


THE TOKEN TAGALOG POST: Kasalanan ng Swimming Poo!

Kakapanalo lang ng San Beda Red Lions sa nakaraang Men's Basketball Championship ng NCAA Season 82 at binabati ko sila sa kanilang pag-atim ng tropeo pagkatapos ng 28 years na tagtuyot.

Hindi man ako nag-aral sa San Beda, minsan naisip ko na sana nag-aral ako doon. Anuba? Wala ba ako karapatang mangarap?

Pero seryoso, paminsan-minsan naiisip ko kung ano kaya kung nag-aral ako sa all-boys school na 'yon noong high school? Kaka-graduate ko lang ng elementarya sa paaralang inilagak ko mula kinder at tinanong ako ng mga magulang ko kung gusto ko raw lumipat ng school, at siyempre isa sa options ang pag-aralin ako sa all-boys school. Ang sabi ko huwag na lang.

Bakit? Kasi gusto kong maabutang maitayo ang swimming pool sa aking school.

Malamang kung napadpad ako sa San Beda noong high school ako, malamang reyna ako doon. Ang laman ng pantasya ng bawat binata.

Hoy! Hindi ako basta-bastang hadadera. Girl ito, neh! Actually, daig ko pa ang gerl sa ugali. Daig ko pa noon ang kanilan hinhin at lambot.

At malamang kung nag-high school ako sa San Beda, malamang nakilala ko siya nang mas maaga. Malamang naipakita niya sa akin kung gaano niya ako minahal nang hindi natatakot na baka kastiguhin siya ng lipunan. Malamang naglampungan na kami nang maraming beses at siguradong mas nanaisin niyang ma-dyug ako kesa sa mga kyokpok na nakilala niya.

Punyetang swimming pool kasi.


INTERMISSION NUMBER: Atlantika Music Video

Atlantika is an upcoming fantasy series on GMA. Here's a music video of the show, which made me curious on watching it. It looked soooo beautiful for a Philippine TV show.


RANDOM HOT MEN: Cosmopolitan Philippines Bachelor Bash 2006 (Men Galore!)

I'm telling you. This event has never been catered to girls. Cosmo Bachelor Bash is created for the gays' satisfaction.

And instead of hiring elusive celebrities and models who back out on the last minute, Cosmopolitan organized a massive go-see featuring average guys with above-average looks. Doctors, call center agents, grad students, you name it, there are bound to be the hotties and they were all housed in one roof.

Again, all for gays' satisfaction. Enjoy!



1) Maruja Radio is temporarily unavailable, mostly due to my fault. I forgot to log-in to my myfilehut account within 30 days, so...zzzt...all of the files are gone. Will update the radio as soon as possible with new tracks.

2) Check out my newest recommendation. Enter the Laughter is not your ordinary mommy blog. It's a funny way of looking at life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oi belated happy birthday again! Yova really rocks and too bad that he didnt manage to be on the top 12 or something.

Tue Sep 26, 03:37:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Yova: Malditing! I like her.... wish she'll be given a break.... as an entertainer, nakaka-iba (even considering anton diva)

On Atlantika: It looks like Battlestar Galactica than The Little Mermaid in Atlantis.

On Your Random Hot Men: Aaaaay. I love Cosmopolitan talaga!

Maruja, get well soon and enjoy your new office!

Sun Oct 01, 03:12:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

belated hapi burdei po :) 1 buwan po kasi akong di nakablog kaya medyo nadelay ako sa pagbati.

hehe, natawa naman ako dun sa sinabi mo na reyna ka dun if ever. malamang nga po :)

Sat Oct 07, 07:41:00 PM GMT+8


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