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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

La Reina De Sablay/ The Webcam Mishap


I was battling in my head on whether or not to post an interesting random life. The problem though is that it is a bit embarrassing on my part.

But then again, what the heck?

I've put myself in a lot of embarrassing situations whether I meant it or not.

I slipped on our classroom's newly-waxed floor back in 6th grade and landed on my butt...

...I walked out of my senior high school class in the middle of an exams, went straight to the toilet and vomitted what seemed as mucus and semen...

...I blurted quotes like "I wanted to play the guitar but I can't, I wanted to play basketball but I can't" during a bonfire...

...I waited for five hours at a fastfood joint for somebody who never came...

...I danced during class upon command...

...I dressed up as a roast pig during a college parade...

...I dressed up as a Russian journalist during our Baccalaureate Mass...

...I slipped again on some wet office tiles and landed on my butt again, and broke my tail bone.

That's Maruja, La Reina de Sablay (Queen of Mishaps), and making a fool out of myself is one of my colorful random lives.



What's the random life in contention, you ask?

Yesterday afternoon, I was left in the house at my lonesome and I started to chat online with my webcam on.

I got in touch with a Filipino-American living in California (just like most Filipinos in Bushlandia) whom I met days ago. I'm telling you, his looks are as hot as his chat nickname, and for the sake of his privacy I'm keeping his photos. (They're mine, all mine....hehehe...)

Our chat was in a "getting to know you phase." He was born and raised in the States. He's into the retailing business. Visited his parents' hometown four years ago. Loves sports like football, lacrosse, and basketball. Goes to the gym thrice a week.

Then suddenly he typed, "Can I see more of you?"

"More of what," I typed back.

Apparently, he wanted to see me in my naked glory.

"It's too early for me to get horny," I chatted.

"Come on babe..."

With that persuation, how couldn't I refuse?

I asked him if he have some naked photos of himself. Of course, for some "inspiration." He did, and showed the glorious pics to me.

I told him what I would do in actual love making, on how I would treat him, and on how I would enthrall his senses. That made him hard.

And just as I was about to show myself...

My internet got disconnected.

Dammit! My pre-paid internet credit was maxed out.

Now I'm trying to apologize to him for that unfortunate incident. Hope he's OK.


Blogger Manzkee said...

Life isn't perfect. Just keep on moving and enjoy every single minute of it!

Thu Feb 02, 12:31:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Unknown said...

Happy Groundhog Day!
I found a hilarious groundhog picture!

(Sorry for the blatant plug - I'm having a really hard time getting readers back after the original blog died)

I hope something wonderful ‘pops up’ for you today! LOL

Fri Feb 03, 04:19:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

MANDZ -- Thanks for the kind words. Life indeed isn't perfect.

MARTI -- I feel so sad that your original site was downed. I really do hope you could rebound.

Fri Feb 03, 11:24:00 AM GMT+8


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