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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Grenn Pess and Philippine Idol Updates


I received a text message from a colleague inviting me for a writing job at a low-budget afternoon variety show. It sounds pretty tempting, considering that people behind variety shows are paid on a daily basis.

But after deep thoughts and evening coffees, I decided to turn down the offer. Considering that the show is low-budgeted, I fear that I might be paid in sponsor products, particularly in bags of green peas.

Or as the show's main host would say, "Grenn Pess."



No, I'm not talking about this Philippine Idol. Gosh, what gall for him to call himself such?

I'm talking about THE Philippine Idol, the Philippine franchise of worldwide phenomenon Pop Idol, and it is starting to create a wave of curiosity among potential auditioneers and fans as well. A lot of news have been circulating over the past weeks, and so far, here are the updates, speculations, and rumors about the country's version of American Idol...

1) The show will have three judges and two hosts. One music icon has been confirmed to sit as one of the judges. Ryan Cayabyab is one of the most popular composers in the Philippines. His works include pop songs, film scores, even full-length ballets. Mr. Cayabyab is a respected figure in the music industry and he will definitely make the viewers listen to his criticisms and admirations on the contestants. Before the auditions are barely starting, he has been labelled as the Randy Jackson among the three judges.

2) Another names that has been confirmed to become part of Philippine Idol is Ryan Agoncillo. This TV host has had a string of successful shows and has been known in the entertainment circuit for having a great command on-cam. This is definitely his biggest break so far, adding to a string of successful shows he hosted. Although contrary to certain naysayers, I don't think he would become a Ryan Seacrest clone.

3) Now, will there be a Simon Cowell-type judge in Philippine Idol. Most likely...not. The masses would consider such behavior as "bastos" (rude).

4) But what is this I am hearing? Rumors have been spreading that another TV network wants to enter the picture. ABS-CBN 2, the country's largest network (although I would like to add that it currently holds a dismaying #2 spot in Metro Manila ratings), is said to have been negotiating to ABC 5 (currently a #3 network and the holder of the Philippine Idol franchise) for a co-production of Philippine Idol. It may sound as a good juicy offer, but considering ABS-CBN's history when it comes to business deals, I hope ABC would not take the bait. ABS-CBN denies the report...yeah right.

How will Philippine Idol fare with so many singing competitions on Philippine TV? Let's wait and see.



I realized that this blog has not only become my avenue of thoughts, ramblings, and what-nots, it also has become a source of inspiration from other bloggers as well.

My post about my sad experience with a film company was featured in Torn and Frayed, a blog about two foreign journalists covering beats in the Philippines. Torn has expressed his sympathy over moi and his take on the issue of a "potential" plagiarism. It was very well said.

That post also inspired another blogger, Asiatic Neil, to share a similar story in the comments section. A schoolmate of his entered a local scriptwriting conference and won second place. His screenplay was about a fantasy world of warrior fairies. He was shocked to see months later that his concept became a reality, in the form of a TV series bearing the title of his script, Encantadia. He was silent upon witnessing it and was mum about it for months until the writer showed his proofs to Asiatic Neil that Encantadia was plagizrized from his work, from the script, to the names of the characters, even the map of Encantadia which the writer himself painted. And in what I think as his way of avenging, he now works at another TV network.

Upon reading the story, only one question surfaced on my head: "Why didn't he sue?" I guess the answer is all up to him.



I have no idea who he is. But then again, would that be important?

If you think you got what it takes to be featured in Random Hot Guys, just send me your photo showing off your hot body for us to worship through my e-mail address empressmaruja@gmail.com.



1) As you may have seen, I have added a new feature at the sidebar replacing my blog renter. Maruja Recommends features blogs that I actually read and admire. Our buena mano is no other than Tenchu. Do check him out, it's worth it. If you want your blog to be recommended by no less than the empress, please leave a comment on my site so I could check your site out.

2) CELEBRITY BOO-BOO: "I would like to thank everyone who buyed my album." --Yasmien Kurdi

3) De La Salle University has been suspended for one season in all sports in this year's University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) after finding out that two of their basketball players have faked their high school credentials to be in the team. As a protest, DLSU is mulling on a possibility of pulling out of UAAP. I say, cheer up Green Archers! There's always next year. To boost your school's morale further, what better way to do it than with your own pep squad. Let's hear it!

4) UPDATE: Check out my latest additions in Maruja Radio. I wish to spread fun and happiness, so I decided to put on some commercial jingles, TV soundtracks, and several spoof songs. Put a smile on your face...make the world a better place. Sumusunod...sa galaw mo, sumusunod...sa galaw mo.


Blogger yuri said...

OMG, heard about la salle... now they'll forever be tagged as cheaters. Go tigers!!! watch think empress?

re: plagiarism - it must have hurt him a lot to see his work done yet not at all credited. that's just too much. he should've sued and reaped all the millions that show earned. now that's y i don't like GMA, they seem to be goody-goody two shoes but in reality, they're just as bad as their rival network.

Tue May 02, 06:27:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger pseudo-artist said...

again, i'd like to thank you for featuring my site. it is an honor.

more power to your wonderful blog, empress.


Tue May 02, 09:56:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello my dear empress! send me your password and your username so I can just give you a temporary template which is still very nice. Just look for my email addie on my blog.

Wed May 03, 09:06:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way, the random guy is hot!

Wed May 03, 09:07:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger ribbiticus said...

i love your eclectic music selection, my dear empress. sandara's song is now my lss for today - hahaha!!! :)

Wed May 03, 11:48:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so sad i couldn't see that Philippine idol (sobs!) Sounds fun pa naman ata!

Fri May 05, 12:34:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Neil said...

My little birdie told me:

Just like Palanca "daw", once a participant submits his/her piece to the contest, the pieces shall be claimed as "theirs" daw.

But then, Palace still places the authors of their literary works underneath their titles.

Naku, connected na naman ang La Salle dito 'coz the confab was conducted in La Salle Dasma.

Asked him before. He cannot claim 'daw' his rights for the scriptwright. Either his claims will be guised as hoax by the network or the people, or he will be paid for his work without his proprietary mandate.

Poor Kuya toot-toot.

Fri May 05, 02:28:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

YURI -- sorry for my la sallian readers, but i think this issue has "further" branded their school as a UAAP cheater.

TENCHU -- *chika-chika* you're welcome

CHAS -- i'm still thinking of a decision, since the password is well...maybe if i create a temporary one?
or maybe if you just send the code instead, then i'll fix it myself (so it wouldn't be much of a bother).

RIBBITICUS -- thanks. i meanwhile am so into the "datu puti" mode, and will probably proceed to the "rejoice" mode tomorrow.

NAO -- philippine idol is starting to take shape and so far it's interesting. check out its official site at www.philippineidol.com

ASIATIC NEIL -- that's sad to hear

Sun May 07, 12:16:00 AM GMT+8


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