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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This Could Be Empress Maruja's Longest Post, So Far...

Or maybe not.



I finally decided that I shall once again embark on a difficult and treacherous journey. I will look for another job.

Yes, no more waiting for the manna from heaven (also known as delayed salary) to trickle down to my bare pockets. It's time to leave all the previous quest boo-boos and take action once more.

I already worte several letters of application to notable companies and I hope that I could take an unbeaten path to imperial glory.

Wish me luck.



So, while preparing for the embarkment of yet another career journey, I had to do my best in making my current work in the children's show a breeze (and less pain in the neck).

The production team went to a local recreation center called Kidz World (yes, with a "Z"). It mainly boast of its golf complex for kids and a huge wave pool.

Our episode is a continuation of our show's Kiddie Amazing Challenge, which is a series of games played by our hosts. This time, it only consists of three games: a wall-climbing challenge, a shoot-the-balloons-in-a-pool game, and a treasure hunt-slash-obstacle-course.

To make the long story short, it was a fun shoot filled with laughs and tears (courtesy from the losing team). And while we kill time, the staff and hosts lounged around the huge wave pool (and that also means HUGE waves).

But as the day ends, I realize that the shoot was also our head writer's last episode as the HD since he preferred venturing into the variety show he once offered me. That means, I would have to take the cudgels (I mean, the responsiblity) of being the head writer for the show's future episodes.

Sigh...if only I could ask for a raise...



Just when I thought I have completely gotten over you, I lie on my bed to sleep and then, deep in thought, your face appeared in my head...again.

Why can't I forget you? I guess that angelic face is so hard to resist and I tend to end up thinking of what have you been doing. Wondering on the life that you are now leading. And just as before I close my eyes into deep slumber, I whisper to God to send my regards to you. I hope He catches my whispers and plant it in your thoughts.

You once told me, in that brief phone call years after not seeing each other, that you finally tracked me to my house (a friend called you a stalker but I didn't mind). Walking along my neighborhood, I wondered that you probably stepped meters away from my house, looking back and see that "FOR RENT" sign hanging in another house nearby. You probably thought of moving in, so you could see me more often. So you could, finally, be with me.

You would probably make friends with my Dad and my Big Brother (before he went to the States), have drinking sprees even during the most petty of celebrations. Whereas I would play coy and be the hostess, offering you bunch of drunkards more beer bottles and platefuls upon platefuls of peanuts and what-nots.

As I would serve to the table, I would probably take brief glances towards your eyes (oh, how I miss those eyes) and give out a smile. While you, like you always do, pretend not to see me, relying on your peripheral vision just to catch me.

We would probably be introduced by my Dad and pretend that we meet for the first time. We would say "Hi!" to each other and smile, as if we are getting to know each other all over again.

That would have been cool, but then again, probably not.

Damn, you're so hard to resist.



Your empress will take a break and while I'm taking my evening coffee, please give a warm Filipino welcome to my special guest...American Idol Season 3 contender Jasmine Trias together with...uh...Jasmine Trias!



I gotta be honest. You are still a mystery to me.

And until now I still can't figure out if I let you slip away from my grip.

If I had been insensitive, I'm sorry.

I wish I could hug you now, wrapping my arms around your warm body in this time of gloom. I want to comfort you, but you seem so distant now. I want to assure you that everything will be all right, but I wonder if after all of these, you let go of my arms and walk away.

And as I stare at your disappearing figure, I breathe freely and tell to the winds, "Thank you for being my number one fan."



While taking a break, I received a meme from Nao asking for my 10 simple pleasures in life. Well, here are mine:

1) TV. A TV geek since kindergarten, I have been enjoying watching television (both the educational kind and the sleazy kind) and it has become my comfort tool.
2) INTERNET. Whether I am posting a forum, chatting with friends, or searching for hot guy pics, the Internet is my brand-new pleasure. I could be online for hours and still don't go tired.
3) WRITING. My passion since high school, and until now I polish my writing skills through this site as well as on paper.
4) COFFEE. Anytime is a good time to have a warm cup of coffee.
5) LAUGHING. With all the crazy stress on work and other aspects, it feels good to let out a hearty laugh.
6) CHIT-CHAT. Small conversations with friends can stimulate one's mind and further enforces friendship.
7) MARUJA RADIO. The sounds of Manila have never been so good.
8) INSTANT PANCIT CANTON. A habit I am now controlling, but a little "snap" won't hurt.
9) BOYS. Why is this at the bottom of my list?
10) PAD THAI. My comfort food. The smell, the taste, lovely!

And with that I am passing this meme to 10 other bloggers, namely:


Happy meme-ing!



To help you solve the secret message encoded in Da Maruja Code, I allign the letters in the cryptogram and provide several keys to the puzzle.

Again, the first to post the secret message in the comments section will be humbly recognized at the Recommendations section, which will run for four weeks.

Here is the secret message:


Now, here are some of the keys to unlock the puzzle:

A = Y
B = P
U = I
E = A
K = G

Can you solve the secret message?



I used to have a huge showbiz crush on Marc Nelson. When I used to work at a modelling agency, I often bump into him at several events projects, but I never managed to chat with him. Sigh...he's so dreamy.



1) I would like to invite once again my fellow Thomasian bloggers to help me compile a directory of blogs wrtten by students, faculty, and alumni of UST. Send me an e-mail at empressmaruja@gmail.com containing your blog URL and course/major.

2) CELEBRITY BOO-BOO: "Can you repeat that for the second time around once more from the top?" -- Melanie Marquez

3) NOTE TO A CERTAIN NEPHTALINA: Courting a girl named Rica doesn't hide your fishy smell.

4) What?! My activeness in the Philippine Idol forums has caused certain people to supposedly "stalk" me...scary...


Blogger i am nobe. said...

nicey blog!


Wed May 24, 08:23:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow dear! sobrang entrtain ako chuva nitong blog mo ever (andaming ingredients!) Thanks sa paggawa nung tag ha. Lovin' all there (except for number 9) (papatayin ako ni mister!) (bwahahaha!)

Wed May 24, 09:18:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

at ang OPEN LETTER to M ha.. ka touch.

Wed May 24, 09:19:00 AM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my dear empress *bows* you have a lot going on ha.. hope ur ok. wish u all the best.

Wed May 24, 06:39:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw the meme yesterday, and worked on my answers! I put a new category in my sidebar for "Memes" and the answers to yours are on a special page of their own!

Hope you have a terrific weekend - thanks for thinking of me!

Wed May 24, 08:58:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello empress thanks for the tag. I got tagged by a same meme as well but will do it on my next post!

Wed May 24, 09:59:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on your job quest! Thanks for the tag as well. BTW, you might want to check out fire-incarnate.com if you haven't yet. She's my friend and a Thomasian.

Wed May 24, 11:53:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Neil said...

That was so groovy of you.

By the way, Kidz World? I mean Kidz World in Pala-pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite?

Ang mahal naman ng membership nun. Ginto. ^_^ Though lifetime, i'm not a kid anymore. ^_^

Thu May 25, 12:16:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger ribbiticus said...

no worries, my dear empress. i will be answering your tag, hopefully by tomorrow. ;)

Thu May 25, 12:28:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger pseudo-artist said...

Naloka ako sa comment mo ha. hehe.

I like your new template, pero i prefer the old one, kasi kita na lahat ng contents, hindi naman ganun ka-cluterred eh. And mas nakilala ka with that layout.

pero in fairview, kei pa rin naman ng entries mo, sadyang mahusay ka talaga magsulat :)

Thu May 25, 01:27:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger *eLLe* said...

blog leaping..i like your blog. very nice posts. keep it up =)

Fri May 26, 03:20:00 PM GMT+8

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey girl,
pede ba mag request?
kung pede lang ha..
can you please record in tape the "Story of APL" for tomorrow night's episode in MALAALA MO KAYA? buzz me later, thanks in advance dear!

Sat May 27, 01:17:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger . said...

Goodluck on your jobhunting. Alam mo, reading your entries constantly reminds me of a job I once dream of having. Haha. Keep on writing dude, yours is a treasure to many people.

Sat May 27, 10:22:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger ribbiticus said...

finally answered your tag. sorry for the delay. :)

Sun May 28, 02:24:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger duke said...


I enjoyed reading your posts and I agree taht Marc Nelson is a hottie!

Mon May 29, 07:35:00 AM GMT+8

Blogger Empress Maruja said...

NOBE -- Hi! I've read your blog and it's very intersting as well! Will add your link up in a few days!

NAO -- I'm so glad you're entertained with my blog. BTW, I can't upload videos to youtube yet (I'm very very low tech, you see), and by the time I read your comment, I have already missed that episode. Hope you understand.

YURI -- Thanks a lot. Hope all is well with you.

MARTI -- I'll check out your entry this week. Happy Memorial Day!

CHAS -- Thanks! I'm still looking for the right header pics, although what happened during the weekend stalled that search a little.

DEMENTIA -- I'll check out her blog this week. Thanks for the referral.

ASIATIC NEIL -- Yup, it's Kidz World in Dasma, Cavits.

RIBBITICUS -- Thanks for answering to my meme! :)

TENCHU -- Ay! Na-touch ako doon :) Salamat!

*ELLE* -- Hello new reader! Hope you like your stay with my blog!

PUNK -- Ano ba? Ayokong ma-flatter masyado :)

DUKE -- Hello also new reader! Did you know that Marc is actually in his 30s already? Damn! To think I'm into older guys! :)

Mon May 29, 11:10:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Gayzha said...

ola empress,

i'm so impressed!!! what a hot hot blog u got in here girl! keep ug the good work....

Tue May 30, 08:30:00 PM GMT+8

Blogger Kiss My Mike said...

OMG Michael V cracks me up!

Thu Jun 01, 08:14:00 AM GMT+8


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