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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life Life: The Agony...THE AGONY!

Why do I have the pleasure of torturing myself?

I discovered that one of the blogs I linked with has a particular song in his MP3 player, and I was so squeamish but at the same time excited to press the PLAY button and listen to that old...old...love song.

The song is Kenny Rankin's "Hiding Inside Myself," about a love that is never express, and at the same time often joked as a gay anthem. Yes, my dearies, that song had some sort of a significance in my life, back when I was an innocent and naive peasant (meaning, back in college).

I don't want to drown you with the details. Let's just say someone sang that to me, and being coy about everything, I only thought it was just that...a song. It was only too recent too late for me to realize its true meaning.

Hearing the intro all over again was a mix of joy and agony. I was smiling yet shedding tears. Basilio? Crispin? Just kidding.

Each part of the lyric speared right through me, but the only part I was anticipating was at the end of the song. I never heard the song until its end before. Did Kenny Rankin whisper something?

The answer appeared in a very faint voice

"I love you."

He did.


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